woensdag 31 december 2008

Astrology chart Steven Spielberg

Neptune is exactly square the Ascendant and ruling the Midheaven in the chart of director Steven A. Spielberg and Neptune is the symbol of the movies (things you see that are not really there). Venus is trine Midheaven and ruling Neptune. The Sun does not make any aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. Jupiter is rising before the Sun. How to read that? Like this, for example:

...he has a profession in the immaterial (amorphous) field of religion, fantasy, art or helping people. Fantasy is of crucial importance. There is also internationalism (travelling involved). And the possibility of heaving a believing and devoted audience (fans, followers: Jupiter and Neptune are both important).
The profession is related to style and estetics (Venus). And he wants to be the one drawing attention, leading and directing. Sagittarius (his Sun sign) symbolizes 'knowing better' and guiding.

Steven Spielberg is not acting or shaping material creativity. But you can see that sense of art is needed in his career by the minor and major aspects that the Moon, Venus and Neptune are making with the Midheaven (sesquisquare, trine and binovile). The position that he has (Midheaven) is related to the artistic pattern. The Moon in the 5th house, ruling the ASC indicates that he has a desire to be 'playing' or to be working in the field of entertainment and show, performing.

This is the chart. Notice that Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune are prominent. Combinations of those four are Moon/Venus with Jupiter/Neptune (sense of art + fans) or the successful artistic pattern...Like in all the chart of famous persons with artistic talents on this blog.

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