woensdag 16 september 2009

Astrology chart of Vera Lynn (no HOB)

Vera Lynn is number one in the British charts with 'We'll meet again', 70 years since she recordreded it, nos that she is 92! There is no available hour of birth, but it is easy to see that:

- her progressed Sun is changing sign
- transit Pluto recently was conjunct progressed Sun (referring to a come back!)
- transit Pluto also was inconjunct her natal Sun in the latest years
I guess that life has been more intense (again) than ever. She is in a period of transformation to another life style. Such a period can be very difficult
- Mars is rising before the Sun and conjunct Sun
- transit Uranus is about to reach natal Mars
- transit Saturn will soon be opposition natal Mars
Those are indications for restricted energy and excitement at the same time.

But, let us see why her album is such a success throughout the years.

Very Lynn´s songs became popular in times of war. Mars, the ancient god of war, is rising before her Sun and Mars is in the artistic sign of Pisces. She has Venus in Pisces, too and that is a good placement for an artist as ist means that there is enough sensitity and a chance of artistic talent or being appreciated as an artist. Venus is conjunct Mercury, so that this talent goes together with communications (the voice or the pen). This combination of indications is valid for all those who were born on her day: 20 March 1917, including the ' calling ' Ceres (in the 12th degree of Virgo, not making any aspect at all)). When Ceres is important roots are, too. Transit Jupiter is now inconjunct her progressed Ceres, so that she benefits from her roots in an extraordinary way

Probably Dame Vera Lynn has important angular placements and/or combinations of Sun/Moon and/or AC/MC with the planets of success and entertainment. We can only guess without hour of birth. And that leaves us with an incomplete pattern of artistic talent, as there is only Venus in Pisces perhaps within 2 degrees orb biquintle Neptune, reflecting it. I like the reading on Bristol School of Astrology, see this link http://www.bristolschoolofastrology.com/

zondag 13 september 2009

Astrology chart Agatha Christie

On September 15, 1890 one of the greatest authors of detectives was born: Agatha Christie. It was in Torquay, at about 4:30 a.m., when Neptune and Pluto were on top together, Saturn was rising just before the Sun and conjunct Ascendant and Mercury didn't make any major aspect within 5 degrees. Secrets, discretion, hidden danger and suspense would mark her life and that is in line with Neptune-Pluto.

In 1926 'The murder of Roger Ackroyd' was a successful mystery and so is the fact that Agatha leaves her husband for about 12 days within giving notice of her whereabouts. That year she has progressed MC inconjunct Jupiter for success, but....(not happy). A divorce follows in 1928. That is when the progressed Sun is changing sign to indicate a different kind of life or another lifestyle. She meets another man and marries him.*)

But how about the writer in her chart? Here is the pattern of talent:
Moon in the sign of style, Libra
Neptune is elevated
Moon is trine MC
Neptune is conjunct MC (translation of light by the Moon)
Venus inconjunct Neptune (artistic talent and romantic feelings, but...not well balanced)
Moon trine Neptune
Mercury (ruler of the MC) is in Libra, without aspects!
In other words: Neptune (on top) is connected to Venus, Moon and Midheaven in the sign of communications (Gemini) and that is a complete astrological pattern of artistic talents! In addition, Saturn is angular and Saturn rules the 5th house of entertainment (even though Saturn gives it a serious touch:). Mercury is the planet of communications (writing, talking, transport). Her career (MC) is defined by her communication skills. And those skills can reach any level (because Mercury has exclamation marks - no aspects!-).

The Moon trine Jupiter in the 5th house gives and astrological explanation for the reason why she loved to travel. Venus, Neptune and Pluto are in aspect with the Ascendant. Perhaps that is the perfect statement for mysterious pleasures and entertainment connected with her name?

*) Indications for more than one marriage: Sun square Mars, Mars 105 degrees from Saturn, Saturn in the first house square ruler 7 (Neptune).

Astrology chart of Raoul Dufy

Raoul Dufy was a decorative painter. The pattern of artistic talents in his chart is clear:
Pisces Midheaven (for an not so materialistic goal in life)
Neptune is elevated
Moon in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) for sensitivity
Moon sextile Neptune
Moon half semi square Midheaven
Venus semi square Neptune for artistic talents
Venus square Midheaven
Pluto oriental (first rising outer planet), ruling the 5th house of creations
Pluto ruler 5 conjunct AC/MC

He made optimistic and joyfull work and that might be the reason for being underestimated. Venus square Saturn is a good aspect for a stand up comedian or for cabaret. For a paintor it is a less fortunate aspect as it says that his style has it's limitations and perhaps the amount of appreciation, too (in the eyes of the artist).

vrijdag 11 september 2009

Astrology chart Andy Warhol

Today various works of Andy Warhol has been stolen out of the house of a friend of his. Time to have a look at the pattern of artistic talents in the chart of the painter of pop art. Watch the Aquarius (modern) Midheaven conjunct the Moon (pop): he had a need to be different than the rest, to be 'new'. The Moon is also in Aquarius in the most used charts of the USA. Warhol's art is strongly based upon the American way of life.

Neptune is in aspect with the Moon. The biquintile aspect is reflecting a creative super sensitivity. That allowed him to see the world with different eyes and to see the art in a can of soup. Venus is square Neptune and that is the combination of artistic talents. It combines style and vision. Venus is 112.5 degrees from AC/MC, making style and beauty of crucial importance. So is the position of Pallas, square Ascendant. Pallas is the symbol of patterns and often placed at an angle or square AC in the charts of artists. Neptune is the first outer planet rising before the Sun (the oriental planet) and that refers to being orientated on the immaterial world of (for example) arts. There is also an important Mars in this chart. It seems that he wanted to become a machine and the working place was named 'Factory', with lots of producing artists in the house. Mars also refers to the scar and the pain of the injury that was caused by a feminist artist who shot him.

Uranus is the planet of controversy and extravagance. Mercury is the planet of communications. These planet don't make major aspects, so that he could become a newsmaker at any level, in spite of being shy.
The Moon, Uranus and Neptune are part of a so called 'golden Yod'. He had a typical behaviour and typical desires. That was his strength and it was his weakness.

woensdag 9 september 2009

Astrology chart D.H. Lawrence

Lady Chatterly's lover was written by David H. Lawrence. Was his book a piece of art, or was it an erotic piece of art? His chart tells us that he had sense of style and beauty and perhaps loved the ladies (Moon conjunct Venus in Libra). Moon and Neptune are ruled by Venus. There is no other connection of the pattern of artistic talent with Midheaven than a minor aspect of the Moon (67.5 degrees, sesquisemisquare). He used to be a teacher (the Moon is also the symbol of children). He died very young of tuberculosis. His health forced him to stop teaching. But his health did not stop him to have 'free sex' (in those days very controversial). His Scorpio Ascendant might be the key to that. Pluto (ruler 1) is in the 8th house of sex, life and death. Pluto is trine Uranus (symbol of controversy and freedom).

D.H. Lawrence was a writer. The Midheaven is ruled by the Sun in Virgo and the Sun is ruled by Mercury - planet of communications - in it's own sign Virgo (the sign of the critic; he worked as a critic, too).

The ruler of Midheaven is conjunct Jupiter and Jupiter is the oriental planet (in other words: the planet that rises before the Sun). Jupiter is the symbol of traveling. The last 10-15 years of his life D.H. Lawrence was visiting various countries in Europe, America and Australia. He wrote several books about his voyages. He died in France.

His most famous work was not appreciated until decades after his death.

donderdag 3 september 2009

Astrology chart Pedro Almodovar

Pedro Almodovar's Venus is 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). Venus is square the Ascendant, at the lowest spot in the chart. That makes the symbol of beauty and style a prominent symbol.

The Moon is strong in Cancer, the sign that keeps memories alive, like actors do. The Moon is the final dispositor of Midheaven.

Neptune is square the Moon (final dispositor of Midheaven) and semi square Venus. Now the pattern of artistic talent is completed! The astrological pattern of artistic talent is made by the aspects between Moon, Venus and Neptune, related to Midheaven.

PS Almodovar is a director, he wants to be in control. Saturn is the symbol of control. You can read all about Sun-Saturn and management on Astropost.blogspot.com. The sextile of Jupiter with Midheaven refers to traveling, to guidance and to the international...