vrijdag 6 april 2012

Chart of Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman's chart is here to show you the pattern of professional artistic talent and to let you know that her progressed Sun is conjunct the Midheaven of Grace Kelly, now that she will act as Princess Gracia in a next movie. They have the same Ascendant Scorpio.

The pattern of artistic talent in the chart of Nicole Kidman is:

Moon trine Venus
Moon half semi square Neptune
(And Venus 97.5 Neptune).
Sun is calling! (drawing attention at any possible level)
Sun is biquintile Neptune for a creative fantasy
Moon in the 2nd house feels the need to show off in a professional way
And what more do you need? Success? Jupiter is also 'calling'! With Sun and Jupiter prominent there is a lot of self confidence.

Astropost: From Grace Kelly to Princess Gracia

On Astropost: From Grace Kelly to Princess Gracia: about the chart and character, the horoscope and the situation. Together they created a Princess Gracia. But it is also about the pattern of talent in her chart and contains a link to Astrology & Love for more about the transits and progressions on her wedding day.

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woensdag 4 april 2012

Chart of Barry Humphries (Dame Edna)

Perez Hilton recently interviewed Barry Humphries, better know as Dame Edna, who announced to sort of retire a bit after the shows of this summer. And Mars is opposition Neptune, just like in Barry Humphries' chart. So time to have a look how the chart shows that he is in show bizz (he is a comedian, artist, author and character actor). Here is the chart and what do we get? I’ll show you where the talent, motivation, vocation and ambition is.

First there is the usual pattern of artistic talent: Moon sextile Venus and trine Midheaven; Venus inconjunct Neptune, Moon 157.5 (sesquisquare + half semi square) Neptune. These aspects connect to construct the pattern of artistic professional talent. Moon, Venus, Neptune (and Midheaven) aren’t in the signs ruled by them (Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces). Sun/Moon is in artistic Pisces, conjunct Mercury and Pallas in Pisces. And maybe I should include the minor aspects of Midheaven with Venus (68.7 a wider semi sesquisquare) and Neptune (binovile) to complete the picture of an artistic career.

That means that he is being motivated to be a messenger (communicating, writing, talking). Mercury is in Pisces and that makes it easy to tell tales.

Fun, that is Venus. I am happy to see that  Venus in his chart doesn’t make major aspects in sign or within an orb of 5 degrees. That is what I name a ‘calling’ Venus. People with a calling Venus have a sort of a vocation for what is beautiful, charming, diplomatic, nice or …fun! So now we have the chart of an ambitious person with artistic talent who wants to entertain at any possible level, somehow, anyhow! 

Barry is a comedian and Dame Edna is part of the comedy. Aquarius is frequent in the charts of comedians and Barry is an Aquarian. Uranus biquintile Midheaven is reflecting the creative ‘shock’ for the public. Purple hair IS a shock!:) Dressing up like a lady is always shocking or fun (depending on who watches it). Uranus is the recipe for controversy. But I also like to point at Sedna biquintile Neptune ruler Ascendant and the artist name resembling Sedna: Edna. (Mercury is in Pisces now that I write this blog post and conjunct my Node, sorry, but than you start seeing what rhymes!:)

Barry Humphries is still working at age 78 and that is rather special. The Aquarian Sun in aspect with Jupiter and Uranus (and Jupiter in aspect with Uranus) there is some understanding why: Humphries’ chart has some of the positions of those who reach a more than average age (see Astromarkt: age and astrology). He didn’t do much for it. I read that he did what he had to do as a Mars (in the 1st house) opposition Neptune  (in the 7th house!*) person in the 60s: he drank a lot and that ruined his first marriage.

He married 4 times and his chart has all of the indications for it: Mars semi square Uranus, Venus inconjunct Neptune, Moon semi square Saturn and 157.5 Neptune. Those are all of the 4 possible signs of divorce in a males’ chart! Gender neutral is the opposition between ruler 1 and 7 in this chart. Yes, Barry Humphries’ chart got what it takes to get divorced.

Barry Humphries’ chart shows that he is ambitious (Saturn rises before the Sun) and that his parents were important for who he became later (but not by following into their footsteps,, but by taking another road). It is interesting that his father was a construction (Saturn!) manager (Saturn!). Another way to express Saturn’s prominence is of course: getting old. And maybe (but I’m just guessing) he is much more serious in what he does than we expect a comedian to be.

They say that there is humor in Capricorn and Saturn.

Right now Transit Neptune is semi square the midpoint of natal Asc/MC. That is often an indication for a moment of retirement. Mind if I point at transit Saturn trine the Sun and square Progressed Midheaven in September? Saturn ends, just like this story.


*)PS Results of the poll about Mars-Neptune on Astropost.blogspot.com:


One of the possibilities might also be working in disguise!:)