vrijdag 27 februari 2009

Astrology chart Ruth Rendell

Neptune and Pluto, I said it before on Astropost.blogspot.com, often have a starring role in the charts of authors of detectives. As an example I named Agatha Christie. In her chart, that you can see on Astropost (click the link), Neptune and Pluto are on top. I found another great example: Ruth Rendell.

The midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven in her chart is 3d45m Pisces. Neptune is situated on 2d19 Virgo (opposition Asc/MC, Neptune is the apex of a midpoint 'yod', the finger is pointing at Neptune). Pluto is on 17d47 Cancer (semi square Neptune and related to ASC/MC.Venus is 157.5 degrees from Neptune/Pluto and Mars (ruler 1) is opposition Neptune/Pluto for a passion (Venus+Mars) for mystery (Neptune/Pluto). And there is even more Neptune/Pluto in her chart. Neptune is 112.5 and Pluto is 157.5 degrees from Sun/Moon so that she is in heart and soul mysterious:)

Pluto is (on his own) the symbol of power, influence, money and politics. Ruth Rendell is a member of the House of Lords for the Labour Party. Please see Saturn on the Midheaven for the importance of ambition, status, administration and career making.

Now take a good look at her chart and see which planets are prominent. Mars is oriental (= rising before the Sun). Pluto has a crucial spot down under. Saturn is on Midheaven. The combination Mars, Saturn and Pluto is the combination of unnatural death, danger of death and violent death. It is what she writes about.

The artistic pattern is made by Moon, Venus, Neptune and the signs they rule (Taurus, Libra, Cancer and Pisces), in connection with Midheaven (for the career). We see Venus in Pisces in her chart. We see the Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus). Venus is opposition Neptune. And Neptune is 112.5 degrees from Sun/Moon and opposition Ascendant/Midheaven.


And why is she a writer? Because Mercury is the most elevated planet in this chart.

Astrology chart Dustin Hoffman

On this blog Art&Astrology I show the astrological pattern of artistic talents in the charts of artists. This pattern relates Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven and often one of those are in the signs ruled by Moon, Venus and Neptune. These signs are Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Pisces. In the chart of Dustin Hoffman, Venus is in Cancer. The pattern is as follows:

Venus in Cancer, ruled by Moon
Venus quintile Moon
Moon conjunct Neptune
Venus quintile Nepune
Venus trine MC
Venus in aspect with Sun/Moon
Moon releated to ASC/MC

Mercury, dispositor of 'Lettres' and symbol of the messenger (using the voice or the pen) rules the fifth house of games, plays and (pro-)creativity and is final dispositor of the Midheaven. The Moon and Neptune are trine Jupiter (sensitivity harmoniously linked to success and popularity going together with art; having a lot of fans).

I also like to point at the position of Pallas, on the Ascendant. Pallas, symbol of patterns, is often angular in the charts of artists.

BTW The quintile aspect has the meaning of 'creativily linked to'. So Venus quintile Neptune says that talents are creativily linked to empathy, arts and ...movies. Neptune symbolizes the world of the amorph and the movies are part of that world.

woensdag 25 februari 2009

Astrology chart Joan Miró

The picture above, representing the natal chart of Joan Miró, is a clear one to those who visited this blog before (and of course for those familiar with the language of astrology). This blog shows the pattern of artistic talent in the charts of artists. This pattern of Moon, Venus and Neptune (the trio of artistic talents), related to Midheaven (symbol of career) is present in the chart of Joan Miró, too. You see Moon in Cancer (square Aries Point), Venus in the artistic sign Taurus (rising before the Sun without Ptolemaic aspect in orb 5 degree!) and Neptune in aspect with Midheaven.

Astrology chart Dante Alighieri

Neptune had not been discovered yet, at the time that Dante Alighieri was born, so there is little chance that his chart is corrected to fit the 'frame' of an artistic author. Neptune has a crucial spot in his chart (opposition Midheaven), while Mercury is conjunct Ascendant (another important spot in a chart). Mercury and Neptune together symbolize 'telling tales' as they combine the symbol of communications and the symbol of fantasies.
The artistic pattern is completed by the aspect of the Moon 105 degrees from Neptune (a minor aspect) and by the semi quintile between Venus and Neptune.

Mercury and Neptune are corner stones of this chart and Jupiter is prominent because he is rising before the Sun. Notice that Jupiter is related to the midpoint ASC/MC and to Mercury/Neptune, so that international success was integrated in the concept of telling tales.

Neptune is 67.5 degrees from Mercury/Jupiter, Jupiter is 45 degrees from Mercury/Neptune and Mercury 22.5 degrees from Jupiter/Neptune. This midpoint combination of Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune tells us 3 times that he was communicating with a devoted audience, that he was successful in telling tales and that he was a great communicator of visions or fantasies.

Dante Alighieri wrote La Divina Comedia (the holy comedy) that is still read all over the world. His grave is in Ravenna, as his home town Florence banned him in 1302. In that year transit Neptune was inconjunct his natal Sun (ruler of IC, symbol of backgrounds and home). The inconjunction is a symbol of lost. He never returned. In the natal chart the distance between Sun and Neptune is within orb of the minor aspect of 67.5 degrees (45+22.5), That explains the impact of the transit. In a way he was forced to become the traveller who is indicated in the natal chart by the position of Jupiter, rising before the Sun...
For more about the inconjunction, see Astropost.

For more about the charts of authors, click the label 'writer' below.

zondag 22 februari 2009

Astrology chart James Dean

James Dean was an actor. Here is the artistic pattern: Venus rules the Ascendant and is trine Neptune and conjunct Sun/Moon. Moon is trine Midheaven in Cancer. Mercury was unaspected to show the importance of communications. It is not a very strong pattern, but that is compensated by the fact that he has Venus in the cool sign Capricorn, just like other famous and handsome guys. Read more about that in my post on Astropost.blogspot.com...http://astropost.blogspot.com/2008/09/male-attraction-venus-saturn-taurus-and.html with Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt as examples.

James Dean had Sun inconjunct Pluto and Moon inconjunct Uranus. He needed tension and sensation (but...had little experience) and he was disproportionally living on the edge. So he crashed. But let us read his chart step by step.

a. Calling Mars (related to ASC/MC)

b. Calling SunJupiter on top

c. Moon ruler 10 in mutual reception with PlutoUranus crucial on the Descendant

There you have all of the ingredients for the adventure of his life.The success (Sun, Mars and Jupiter; Sun Jupiter Pluto) and the accident (Mars Uranus Pluto).

Notice that the Sun in Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and the Moon in Scorpio by Pluto and that the ruler of Moon is inconjunct Sun and the ruler of Sun is inconjunct Moon. Uranus-Pluto combinations describe being impulsive and having to deal with the consequences. Unexpected dramatic challenges might come your way with this combination. And see how two of the inconjunctions (one of Moon with Uranus, one of Sun with Pluto) complete the picture.

Inconjunctions show the possibility of misbalance and losts. Moon inconjunct Uranus reflects the need for sensation and tension in a disproportional way. Sun inconjunct Pluto reflects the will to live life the intense way, but with no balance. There are even more indications, like Mars related to Uranus/ASC and Uranus/MC. And there is a third inconjunction (Venus ruler 1 inconjunct Mars*). But let us see what astrological conditions there were on the day that he died.

On September 30, 1955 he died. There were several risky aspects at the same time:

1. Uranus was conjunct natal Mars (the combination of accidents).

2. Uranus was conjunct his progressed Midheaven (a shock).

3. Neptune was conjunct his progressed Ascendant (weakness, neglect).

4. Neptune square his progressed Mars (perhaps he was mistaken or confused).

5. Neptune square natal Mercury (for miscommunications or misunderstanding).

6. Saturn was square natal Sun (for having bad luck).

Those are six hard aspects producing dangerous combinations. Neptune is telling us about the circumstances. Neptune is in aspect with Mars and Ascendant for a fatal (Neptune) injury (Mars-ASC). Uranus with Mars/MC is reflecting the situation or conditions at the time (high speed, going too fast). And Saturn shows what effect there was for his health.

*) Venus inconjunct Mars reflects disproportional passion or losts related to passion. Venus rules the Ascendant (is ruler 1). That is a potential danger, since it says 'Ruler 1 inconjunct Mars' and that means 'misbalance between situations/presentations and anger, agression or 'the concept of what a man is'. Without trying to be a psychologer, I think this might be the key to his 'angry young man' behaviour.

Astrology chart Luis Buñuel

Luis Buñuel was a director. Neptune is on his ascendant, reflecting arts and movies. The Sun was conjunct his Midheaven for directing (and being in the center of it all, performing). The pattern of artistic talents is constructed by Neptune (ruler Midheaven) related to Moon and Venus by minor aspects. The importance of interaction between communications and arts/sensitivity is being reflected by the mutual reception of Mercury and Neptune (they are in each other's sign). Luis Buñuel was born on 22 February 1900 in Calanda at 12:15 GMT with Neptune 157.5 degrees from Sun/Moon for the reigning need to be an artist.

Central theme in the movies was atheism. Jupiter's tight semi square with the important Neptune is telling us that 'the devoted audience' was an important issue in his life. Jupiter-Neptune is related to stages and religion...His Sun is in Pisces and Moon in Sagittarius, reflecting the combination of the rules of their signs (Neptune and Jupiter) for another indication of the influence of religious convictions.Also, in the equal house system the Sun is placed in the ninth house of convictions. That explains the importance of religion but not the aversion against it.

The Sun is square the Moon and that is (part of) the explanation. The Moon is in the 6th house in Sagittarius. There is a strong need to be critical as well as a spiritual conviction of importance (Sun in Pisces in 9th equal house). And the two of them colide (square). As he became a marxist while he was born in a rich family, this conflict included a conflict with the family.

woensdag 18 februari 2009

Astrology chart Jeanne Moreau

Actress Jeanne Moreau has some interesting placements in her natal chart. She has Moon conjunct Mercury on top, reflecting the need to communicate above all. This conjunction shows curiosity and 'keeping memories alive' (Moon) together with (conjunction) communicating (Mercury). The Moon is also semi square Venus for sense of style and beauty.

Venus and Neptune are trine, but it is a wide trine. Both Venus and Neptune don't make a major aspect within 5 degrees. They are 'calling' (extra strong). This means that there is a vocation for arts (Venus-Neptune) at any kind of level. Neptune is more important than Venus is, as Neptune is on a crucial spot (square Ascendant). Neptune is the symbol of the movies. And Neptune is in aspect with Midheaven. Neptune is biquintile Midheaven. The biquintile symbolizes creativity.

Jeanne Moreau has the pattern of artistic talents in her chart and this pattern is constructed by the importance of Venus and Neptune, by the Moon on top conjunct Mercury and by Neptune biquintile MC and (wide) trine Venus with Venus semi square Moon.

zondag 15 februari 2009

Astrology chart Maria Callas

It is the unique voice that made Maria Callas a star. Venus quintile Uranus promisses creative sense of rhythm and the Sun on the Ascendant (conjunct Antares): fame. Venus is connected to Midheaven conjunct Moon. Neptune is semi quintile Midheaven. There is a pattern of artistic talent in her chart. But when we read the chart at first sight, we see an entertainer, an international star in the first place. The Sun (the star) is on her Ascendant, reflecting that she drew attention and was in the center of it all (performing, dramatic presentations). Jupiter (the international) is rising before the Sun. With the Moon in top emotions were important in her style.

There is a article on Astropost about her relationship with Aristoteles Onassis.

zaterdag 14 februari 2009

Astrology chart of Mata Hari

Was Mata Hari a dangerous spy? We will only know in 2017, when the files are openend. But we are sure that she could dance and act. And that talent is shown in her natal chart, like this:
- Moon in the artistic sign Pisces
- Venus in the sign of the actor, Cancer
- Venus semi sqaure Sun/Moon (for charm and talent in heart and sould)
- Neptune on an angle (for prominent empathy)
- Neptune half semi square Sun/Moon (together with Venus semi square: the artist in heart and soul)

Pluto rises before the Sun. Together with Neptune Pluto shapes the Astro I.D. The planets are important (ruling Moon and Ascendant) and another indication for the 'silent force' (the issue of discretion, secrets and mysteries) is the fact that the Sun is square Neptune/Pluto. In those days (the first World War) oriental dances and vales were seen as highly mysterious...and suspicious. Mata Hari died as a spy. You can read more about that on Astropost.

woensdag 11 februari 2009

Astrology chart Rihanna and Chris Brown

The pattern of artistic talent is clearly visibile in the astrology chart of the positions of the day of birth of Rihanna (February 20, 1988 in Saint Michael Barbados). This pattern is created by Moon, Venus and Neptune. In her chart Neptune is the first outer planet to rise before the Sun and that is reflecting an not materialistic (idealistic or romantic) orientation (such as artists have). The Moon is conjunct Venus for sense of style and beauty. Both are square Neptune (for sensitivity and artistic talent). And watch Mercury sextile Venus for the beautiful voice.

Unfortunately there are also indications for the importance of the theme of violence in her life. Observations: Mars is semi square Pluto and close to Saturn and Uranus. Look at the importance of Saturn conjunct Uranus (square Aries Point), both sextile Sun. Breaking free and limitations of freedom are to be important in her life.

Mars with Pluto reflects the issue of using or abusing violence (sometimes as a victim). Mars is also 105 degrees from Venus (for passion). Pluto is inconjunct Venus for the disproportional price she has to pay for love and fun and for earning money.. Venus and Mars related to Pluto tell us that passion is a problem.

Chris Brown (born 5th May 1989 in Tappahannock) has Moon and Venus close together in Taurus and just like Rihanna an oriental Neptune. His Pluto is square her Mercury and ...inconjunct her Pluto. So he is the price she pays. Or better said: men of her own years are to be avoided.
Also, his Mars is semi square Venus/Pluto (remember? her Pluto is connected to Venus and Mars, too. It means intense passion). Pluto always intensifies and sometimes makes life a drama.

There is another violent item that they share. Chris Brown's Mars is opposition Uranus for the short tempered guy. Rihanna has an out of sign conjunction of Mars and Uranus.

Conclusion: the violence in this relationship is reflected by the astrological birth data.

Read about the combination of Mars and Uranus on Astromarkt. Or about sharing the same kind of aspects...There is also an article about Venus and Pluto.

Astrology chart Celine Dion

Void Moons are supposed to be bad moons*), but good and talented persons can have them. For example: Celine Dion. She is the vivid proof that the Moon in the final degree of a sign is a Moon rushing into the next sign. She was only 12 when her career started and she rushed to the world stages like her Moon in Aries rushed to Taurus**).

She was born in Charlemagne, Canada, on March 30, 1968 at 12h15 p.m. This moment and place places her Sun close to Midheaven and Mars (ruler Midheaven) exactly square ASCendant, opposition Ceres. Ceres has an important place in her chart. Ceres is the symbol of mother nature, nutrition, roots, genes and seed (the things related to females and nature). Celin Dion is not only a singer. She is also an entrepeneur. She established a franchise restaturant 'Nickels', in 1990. Now she has a perfume line. BTW, business: that is Saturn. Saturn is also the classical way in art.

Saturn is EXACTLY conjunct her Midheaven. Often Saturn on MC reflects a break in the career (or a sudden end). Celine Dion stopped for two years to support her ill husband and to have a baby. I wondered if she will ever sing classical songs, as Saturn seems to reflect the classical way. And yes, I find that she wants to play the role of her idol Maria Callas in a movie (so I added 'actors' on the labels). Rumours say that she will sing with the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra! Anyway, Celine Dion sang about Maria Callas (La diva) on her album d'Elles. She is really a fan of the late soprano.

Now I found a business woman, someone working with food and feminine things, but I did not find the artist yet. Where is the artist in this chart?

The tightest aspect is Jupiter square Neptune; that is a good sign if you want to have listeners, fans and followers (and an indication for having a religious or idealistic conviciton). The Sun (conjunct Saturn and Midheaven) is opposition Jupiter/Neptune, so the Sun is the apex in a midpoint yod of Sun=Jupiter/Neptune. Jupiter is as far away from the Sun as Neptune is (sesquisquare). The light of the Sun says that she is performing or leading an audience. And Mars is also in aspect with Jupiter/Neptune and Sun (22.5 degrees, half semi square).

There is no placement in air signs and that is a good sign for communications at any possible level. It draws attention to Mercury (the planet of communications). Mercury is in the artistic sign Pisces (ruled by Neptune) and tightly conjunct Venus, planet of beauty and talents.

1. Venus is in Pisces and that is a good sign for an artist.

2. Neptune is the oriental planet (the first outer planet rising before the Sun) and that is a good sign for an artist, too.

3. Neptune is square Jupiter, ruler of the 5th equal house and Neptune is in the 5th house. The 5th house is the house of (pro-)creation and performance (plays and games).

4. The Moon is on the edge of Aries, rushing into Taurus*). Maybe that is a sign for an artist as well.

5. The Moon is 15 degrees from Midheaven and 40 degrees (a novile) from Venus.

6. Venus is 112.5 degrees (square and half semi square) from Neptune

So there we are: there is a pattern shaped by minor aspect lines between Moon, Neptune and Venus (in Pisces). This reflects latent artistic talents to be discovered.And there was a person who discovered it. Her mum.

And that is not all of it, of course. It takes indications for great world wide successes to be the chart of Celine Dion. And helpfull progressions or the right circumstances. This blog is about the artistic pattern only. So I won't go into the relationship with her manager and later husband. But I like to point at the over 17 midpoint combinations for succes in the 22.5 range, such as Jupiter 112.5 Venus/Pluto and sesquisquare Sun/Midheaven. The Sun is sesquisquare Jupiter and 160 degrees (4 times a novile) from Pluto.
(Just one PS: her progressed chart held Jupiter ruler 5 on the Ascendant when her son born.)

*) Read about the Void Moon at the Inauguration on Astropost

**) I like that expression coming from Noel Tyl 'rushing into the next house' and I strongly feel that the final degrees of a sign are reflecting (periods of) change.

zondag 8 februari 2009

Astrology chart Emperor Nero

'What an artist is dying with me' said Nero, at the end of his notorious life. He had a high opinion about his artistic talent as a poet. In his chart you see connections between Moon, Venus and Neptune. These connections are frequent in the charts of artists that you find on this blog 'Art&Astrology'. Moon, Venus and Neptune are related by minor aspects (160 degrees, 15 degrees; not Ptolemaic aspects like trines, for example). These kind of aspects often show characteristics that are not apparent but latent.

In this case there is also an aspect with Midheaven (Moon sextile) and we see Mercury semi square Midheaven and Sun/Moon-midpoint. That shows that he wanted to be a writer in heart and soul. Unfortunately his violent nature was much more prominent in his chart. If you want to know about THAT aspect of the man and the related structure of his natal chart, see Astropost (click on the link).

woensdag 4 februari 2009

Astrology chart Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen was born in Amsterdam. His father is Dutch (and plays the saxophone) and his mother was born on Java (Indonesia). They emigrated to the USA. And now Eddie Van Halen is a world famous pop musician. This blog informs you about the indications for artistic talent in the natal chart. Those signs are there in the natal chart of Eddie Van Halen.

Above you see his chart with the prominent Venus - symbol of entertainment and beauty - and Neptune - symbol of fantasy, vision and art. Uransu is involved in a midpoint yod with Moon and Venus. Venus is biquintile Uranus. This means that he is an artist with a strong creative sense of rhythm.

For the international we see Jupiter related to Sun/Moon. And I count over 10 midpoint combinations for success in his chart, among with Midheaven conjunct Jupiter/Pluto, one of the best signs for progress in life, or should I say, for a JUMP? Click on this link to see Van Halen in 'Jump'!

Astrology chart Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is an actrice and actrices need to have artistic talent. Fortunately, on the day, time and place that she was born,artistic talent (and beauty) was written in the sky. Look at the drawing of the chart and you see that Moon, Venus and Neptune are prominent*) and connected to each other (and to Midheaven in Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus...). That is the same kind of pattern as in the charts of other artists on this blog Art&Astrology.

Katie Holmes' Sun has no aspects. That is great for an artist. She is drawing attention at any kind of level. With Venus and Uranus connected to the Ascendant (the symbol of representing yourself) extraordinary beauty was to be expected. The Moon conjunct ASC ads attraction...

*) Prominent placements are:
rising before the Sun (like Neptune in this case)
without aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees
angular (on ASC, MC, DESC or IC)
on top (opposite top)

dinsdag 3 februari 2009

Astrology chart Ritchie Valens

Ritchie Valens died together with Buddy Holly, 50 years ago, on February 3, 1959. He was only 17 but already famous. Neptune is related to Moon, Midheaven and Venus in Taurus. That is the pattern of artistic talent in his chart. On this blog Art& Astrology you see various charts of artist and 99% of them has such a pattern in the natal chart.

BTW Notice that in this chart Mars and Uranus are prominent, just like in the chart of Buddy Holly. Valens's Mars is on the ASCendant and Uranus is exactly square ASCendant, at the lowest spot of the chart. The combination of Mars and Uranus is related to accidents. Read about that on Astromarkt.

Astrology chart Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly died 50 years ago today (on February 3, 1959) in a plane accident and that didn't stop his popularity. He is a legendary pop artist. And how do we see that in the chart?

Notice: Mercury is on top of the chart (square Ascendant) in Libra. Next: Venus and Uranus are 'calling'(not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) AND Venus is biquintile Uranus for a creative sense of rhythm that singers seem to need.
What you see is creative and artistical aspiration (Venus biquintile Uranus), related to the carreer (Venus rules the Midheaven) with a nice voice (Mercury in Libra) above all (on top). Venus also rules the fifth house of entertainment. And Venus is 67.5 (semi square + half semi square) from the important midpoint Sun/Moon, so that he has style in body and soul.

More observations: he used an instrument (Mars is oriental). And he had several cominations that stimulate successes, such as Sun square Jupiter (very tight). The Sun-Jupiter combination is also related to Neptune and that is an indication for having a devoted audience (fans!).

This blog is about the pattern of artistic talent in a chart and not about dying. But the fact that Buddy Holly died so young made him remembered and eternal. That is why I like to point at Pluto square Midheaven, an indication that danger or death is related to the carreer. And I like to tell you about the impact of the prominence of Mars and Uranus. Mars-Uranus combinations refer to accidents, often. Read about it on my site Astromarkt.The prominent Mars and Uranus are afflicted and related to each other by means of midpoint combinations. Mars is in the eight house of life and death, ruling the 4th house of endings. Uranus is IN the fourth house. This refers to possible accidents. More explicit:

This oriental Mars (ruler of the 4th house of life ending) is in the eight house of danger, inconjunct Saturn ruler 1 and part of the midpoint yod of Northern Node opposition Mars/Uranus= Aries Point (known because of an accident together with others that ended (4) life (1)

The 'calling' Uranus is related to Sun/Mars (112.5) and Mars/MC (135) and Mars/Saturnn(22.5) and Mars/Pluto (90).
Translated: sudden - perhaps accidental - and not natural death.

On the day of his death, transit Saturn was sesquisquare his Mars (frustrating end of energy) and at the moment of the crash transit Uranus was 75 degrees from his midheaven (a shock), with transit Neptune septile Sun and biquintile Moon (perhaps unconsciousness). These are not uncommon aspects. But in HIS chart Mars happened to be an important symbol of death, being activated too soon.

zondag 1 februari 2009

Astrology chart Luciano Pavarotti

Tenor Luciano Pavarotti has the Moon connected to Venus and Neptune in his chart. Neptune is the planet rising before the Sun. Venus rules the Midheaven and is 67.5 degrees (semi square + half semi square) away from the crucial midpoint ASC/MC. Here you have such a pattern of artistic talent as there are in the charts of the other artists on this blog. Moon, Venus and Neptune and a connection to Midheaven and/or ASC/MC...

Of course there are many persons in the world with an artistic talent. But not many have so many midpoint combinations that indicate success in the natal chart. Just a part of the list:

Sun conjunct Venus/Jupiter
Sun half semi square Jupiter/Pluto
Moon 157.5 Sun/Jupiter
Moon opposition Venus/Jupiter (this is a midpoint Yod pointing at the Moon, for acting)
Jupiter semi square Mars/PLuto
MC opposition Mercury/Jupiter (another midpoint Yod, pointing at Mercury, for the voice)
MC square Jupiter/Uranus for sudden success
MC 157.5 Jupiter/Neptune (for fans and followers)
MC 157.5 Mars/Jupiter (for successful promotion)
and there are more of those. These midpoint combinations offer chances and opportunities whenever there is a transit or a progression.

Astrology chart Clark Gable

This is the chart of Clark Gable, with the pattern of the artist. The Moon is in Cancer (for reproducing and memorizing), Neptune - symbol of empathy, fantasy and pretending - is not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign or org 5 degrees (Neptune 'calls') and Venus is very important. Venus is the oriental planet on the Ascendant. Venus is in the cool sign Capricorn and that seems to be a very nice position for attractive males. Read all about male attraction on Astropost. Finally: the dispositor of the Midheaven is Pluto and Pluto is in the fifth house of games and play and entertainment.