woensdag 29 april 2009

Astrology chart Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin's astrological pattern of artistic talent is very clear:

1. Taurus Midheaven (sextile Jupiter, ruler of the 5th house of creations)
2. Elevated Venus, ruler of the Midheaven (public career realted to taste, style, entertainment or art)
3. Venus square Moon (orb 2.5 d; meaning is 'sense of art and style')
4. Moon opposition Neptune (orb <1 degree; meaning is 'sensitivity')
5. Venus square Neptune (orb 1.5 degrees; meaning is 'artistic talents')
6. Jupiter 67.5 Venus/Neptune (success in the arts)

He died on May 8, 1903 (the consequences of syphillis and a heart atack) with Jupiter square his Sun (being helped or going away) and Mars inconjunct his Pluto (disproportionate struggle) and in the progressed chart Ceres was exactly conjunct his Ascendant (back to the roots). Transit Saturn was opposition progressed Sun (end) and inconjunct progressed Midheaven (misbalanced status of condition). All of these indications together were just too much. Saturn is in his eight house (of life and death) in the natal chart.

Astrology chart of Veronica Lario

Veronica Lario (wife of Berlusconi) was an actrice before she married Silvio. The pattern of the artist is in her chart:

Moon tightly in opposition with Venus
Moon sextile Neptune (orb 5 degrees)
Venus trine Neptune (orb 5 degrees)
Sun, Mercury and Neptune on Asc/MC
Moon and Venus in aspect with Jupiter/Pluto
Neptune, planet of photo, movie and romantic ideals is elevated

These combinations are reflecting sense of art, style and beauty, artistic talents, being a communicating artist or idealist, and great charm and popularity.

Veronica Lario didn't act any more after her marriage with Silvio Berlusoni on December 15,1990 (when her progressed Sun sign and thus her life style changed). About the relationship between her chart and his, see Astropost.

zondag 26 april 2009

Astrology chart of Christian Farla (Merlin Award)

Christian Farla has won the Merlin Award, for the second time. He is one of the top illusionists of the world. He was born May 5, 1970 in Rotterdam.

Illusionists are artists with special abilities. Is it an art? I think that it is creative! The positions on his birthday are pointing in the direction of art.
The Moon is in the artistic sign of Taurus. 60 Percent ! of his positions are in Libra or Taurus. Those signs are ruled by Venus, planet of the arts and of entertainment.

Magic is a combination of illusion and being influenced. That is the combination of the 'silent force', discretion and secrecy: Neptune + Pluto.

Illusionist Hans Klok (22 februari 1969, Purmerend, The Netherlands) has Neptune conjunct Mars, rising before the Sun. And Pluto 'calls' (does not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). See his chart on my other blog Astropost...

The midpoint Neptune/Pluto in the chart of Farla is connecting Mercury (157.5d), Mars *135 d), Jupiter (conjunction) and Uranus (22.5 degrees). The Sun is quindecile Neptune, symbolizing a strong focus on what is hidden and what is secret.

More examples in the post about Neptune and Pluto...on my other blog Astropost.

Astrology chart Sammy Molcho (mime artist)

Sammy Molcho is an Israelian mime artist. I found his chart in the files of my computer program 'Astrolab'. Here is the astrological pattern of artistic talent:

Moon is in Cancer
Moon is on Midheaven
Moon is square Aries Point
Moon is quintile Venus
Venus is 'calling' not making major aspects)
Moon is 75 degrees from Neptune
MC is 75 degrees from Neptune
MC is quintile Venus

Moon is semi square ASC/MC
Venus is semi square Sun/Moon
Midheaven is conjunct Venus/Neptune
Moon is conjunct Venus/Neptune

The Moon and Midheaven are in aspect with Venus and Neptune. The Moon is the symbol of acting (pretending, imitating). But what is the symbol of silence? The chart of Molcho has no placements in air signs (only the Ascendant, in Libra). That tells us that communications is important, at any level. And the Sun is conjunct Uranus for the will to be special, exceptional. And mime is an exceptional way to demonstrate acting skills.

Astrology chart Bea Arthur (no hob)

Bea Arthur, one of the Golden Girls, died April 25. Here are some observations, with the limitations of not knowing her hour of birth. Her individual chart would show angular placements, the midpoints Sun/Moon and ASC/MC: all that made her different from the rest of those who were born on May 13 1922, like:
- Rudolf Sitte (German sculptor, who also died this year)
- Otl Aicher, graphic (died September 1, 1991)
- William A. Gabor (basketball player, still alive)

These are the observations:

Without the exact position of Moon and Midheaven there is only part of the artistic pattern in her chart to be observed:

Venus sextile Neptune and square Uranus (artistic talent and aspirations)
Venus sesquisemisquare Jupiter/Pluto (success as an artist)
The calling Sun in Taurus (ruled by Venus)indicates the will to be in the centre of attention on stage or as a leader. Taurus is one of the signs involved with the astrological artistic pattern (more examples on this blog).

Uranus oriental
Air signs
Movable signs
Those are 3 of the indications that help getting old (and staying alert). To be social (air signs) to move (movable signs) and to be exceptional (Uranus).
See the article on my site Astromarkt about getting old.

Sun not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees ('calling' Sun): performance, drawing attention, being in the centre of it all or leading at any possible level

Venus 67.5 (sesqui semi square) Jupiter/Pluto: this combination says that she will have success in love or as an artist

Saturn not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees, at Aries Point: the importance of ambition and age

Uranus rising before the Sun (oriental) is frequent in the charts of people who get old (the exceptions; she was still on stage at age 80)

She was in her 40's when she became famous for her role in sitcoms.

Venus is square Uranus
Venus is in Gemini
Moon is in Sagittarius
Mars is in Sagittarius

Read the post about 'how long your relationships will last'...on my blog Astropost.

Progressed Sun near conjunct progressed Neptune (being weaker than before)
Transit Saturn square Mars (terminating energy)
Transit Uranus square Mars (sudden attack)
Transit Saturn square Venus (parting from loved ones)
Transit Venus opposition Saturn (dito)

PS Ptolemaic aspects are major aspects like conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition.


woensdag 15 april 2009

Astrology chart Mel Gibson

On Astropost there is a post about Mel Gibson and his marriage. In that post I mention the astrological pattern of the artist in his chart.

The astrological pattern in the charts of artists involves the Moon, Venus, Neptune and the signs that they rule (Cancer, Libra, Taurus and Pisces), related to Midheaven. This is the pattern in the chart of Mel Gibson:

- Moon sesquisquare Venus (sense of art and style)
- Venus 'calling' (vocation for style, beauty and entertainment)
- Moon in Libra (sense of art)
- Pisces MC (career in the media, religion or 'empathic' business)
- Neptune quintile Sun and Midheaven (creative fantasy, double identity - pretending to be someone, like actors do -)
- Moon semi sextile Neptune (sensitivity)
- Sun/Moon in aspect with Mercury and Neptune (the reigning need of telling tales)
- Sun opposition AsC (for drawing attention)

More than 10 midpoint combinations reflect possible success.

PS Forgot the link to the post on Astropost...

zondag 12 april 2009

Astrology chart David Cassidy

David Cassidy is a singer and an actor. His natal chart shows why:

1. Pisces on Midheaven
Pisces is the sign of the amorphous, the arts and the movies. Pisces is one the signs of the astrological artistic pattern. (The others are Cancer, Taurus and Libra).

2. Ruler of Midheaven is Neptune in Libra. Venus (ruler of Libra) is in Pisces. Venus and Neptune are in each other's sign, in mutual reception and final dispositors of the Midheaven routing. The combination of Venus and Neptune shows artistic (Neptune) talent (Venus).

3. Venus in Pisces (artistic talent)

4. Moon sesquisquare Neptune for sensitivitiy

5. Moon in the final degree of Aquarius, 'rushing into' Pisces
This position of the Moon combines sense of rhythm (Aquarius) with arts (Pisces)

6. Venus semisesquisquare ASC/MC
This shows the crucial importance of beauty, talent and style

I like to point at the importance of the square between Midheaven (career) and Ceres (roots, genes), as David Cassidy is the son of actors and his career went into the same direction.
More about Ceres on my blog Astropost...

maandag 6 april 2009

Astrology chart Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett is an actor. Her chart looks like that of other artists on this blog. She has the pattern of artistic talents in the chart.

1. Pisces on Midheaven for the artistic career
2. Moon in Cancer
3. Moon on the Ascendant
4. Neptune in a crucial spot, down under in the chart
5. Venus without major aspects ('calling!')
6. Venus and Neptune connected by a minor aspect of 75 degrees

Moon (in Cancer), Venus and Neptune (ruler 10) are important in her chart. Moon, Venus and Neptune are the planets of the artistic talent. And they are in aspect with each other.
Venus and Neptune make a minor aspect (artistic talent). The Moon is sesquisquare the midpoint Venus/Neptune. That midpoint combination of Moon, Venus and Neptune shows sense of art.

zaterdag 4 april 2009

Astrology chart O.J. Simpson, the artist

O.J. Simpson is an actor and his chart tells us why. The signs of the artistic pattern are all involved:

- Taurus on Midheaven (ruled by Venus in Cancer)
- Cancer Sun, Cander ruler Midheaven
- Pisces Moon
- Neptune in Libra, square the midpoint ASC/MC

Also, Venus (planet of entertainment) does not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. Venus is square Aries Point. The fact that Venus rules Midheaven and is 'calling' says that the position in society (Midheaven) can reach any possible level (ruler is not aspected), either up or down...

I have written about the chart of O.J. Simpson on Astropost. Here are the links to two of those posts:

About the chart behind his chart...http://astropost.blogspot.com/2008/09/astrology-chart-of-oj-simpson-actor.html

About the verdict...

Astrology chart Alice Cooper

On this blog you see the astrological pattern of talent in the charts of artist. This pattern involves Moon, Venus, Neptune and/or the sign that they rule (Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces), related to Midheaven.

The natal chart of Alice Cooper has a chain of indications for artistic talent.

1. Neptune is angular, on the Ascendant (and that also explains his 'mask' and his pseudo (his real name is Vincent Furnier)
2. Libra is on the Ascendant
3. Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus is in Pisces
4. Mutual reception of Venus and Neptune (they are in each other's sign)
5. Cancer is on Midheaven
6. The Moon (ruler of Midheaven) is 157.5 degrees from Midheaven. Any midpoint in the 22.5 degree range with Moon is a midpoint with Midheaven and vice versa.
7. Venus (ruler of the Ascendant) is 112.5 degrees from Midheaven, another marking point in the 22.5 degree range.
8. Moon is square Venus
9. Neptune is square Midheaven

The Moon connects Venus (by square), Neptune (by 67.5 degree aspect, a semisesquisquare) and Midheaven (by 157.5 degree aspect and by rulership).
Midheaven connects Venus (112.5 degrees), Moon (rulership and 157.5 degree) and Neptune (square).
And so forth...And there is even more...

- Moon, Neptune and Pallas are in aspect with the crucial midpoint ASC/MC, another indication for the importance of acting (Moon), fantasy and art (Neptune) and structures or patterns (Pallas).
- Venus is square Uranus and that is often so in the charts of pop artists. The aspect gives sense of rhythm and artistical aspirations. Jupiter (final dispositor of the MC-routing) is square Venus and Uranus and contributing success to the aspirations.
- Mercury and Mars are in aspect with the important midpoint Sun/Moon AND with Jupiter/Pluto. In other words: Sun/Moon = Jupiter/Pluto ... there is a reigning need for successes.
- And with Moon ruler MC conjunct Jupiter the chances were great to have that success.

So he has the astrological pattern of artistic talent AND indications for success in his chart.