woensdag 15 april 2009

Astrology chart Mel Gibson

On Astropost there is a post about Mel Gibson and his marriage. In that post I mention the astrological pattern of the artist in his chart.

The astrological pattern in the charts of artists involves the Moon, Venus, Neptune and the signs that they rule (Cancer, Libra, Taurus and Pisces), related to Midheaven. This is the pattern in the chart of Mel Gibson:

- Moon sesquisquare Venus (sense of art and style)
- Venus 'calling' (vocation for style, beauty and entertainment)
- Moon in Libra (sense of art)
- Pisces MC (career in the media, religion or 'empathic' business)
- Neptune quintile Sun and Midheaven (creative fantasy, double identity - pretending to be someone, like actors do -)
- Moon semi sextile Neptune (sensitivity)
- Sun/Moon in aspect with Mercury and Neptune (the reigning need of telling tales)
- Sun opposition AsC (for drawing attention)

More than 10 midpoint combinations reflect possible success.

PS Forgot the link to the post on Astropost...

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