vrijdag 31 juli 2009

Appreciated blogs...

A queste in the world of bloggers led me to site where I remained more than a while. I like to tell you about those site and I told the owners that I have given their blog a 'stamp' of appreciation and why! Here you see the list of six selected sites that are worthy of paying a visit!:) Go see them!

http://www.cafeastrology.com/askannie.html Ask Annie and she will give you a top quality answer, just like that!

http://thewhitefarmhouse.blogspot.com/ See the artistic pictures of summer gardens...

http://juancastanedo.blogspot.com/ I like the atmosphere and the Spanish poetry.

http://verdadesqueasoman.blogspot.com/ This site is also a Spanish beauty!

http://blog.seniorennet.be/christiend/archief.php?startdatum=1246399200&stopdatum=1249077600 The site of Dutch Christien contains a number of touching poems.

http://cova-do-urso.blogspot.com/António Rosa has un untamed drive to keep the bears cave going!

Of course there are many other blogs that deserve attention! So I will be back! Thanks to António for his initiative to shed a sunny light on appreciated blogs!

woensdag 29 juli 2009

Astrology chart Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947 in Graz (Austria) and is now the Governor of California. Who would have imagined that in the time that he was a body builder and actor? There is a clue in his chart. The midpoint Sun/Moon is making aspects with Mercury, Saturn and Pluto and the combination of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto is reflecting the strategic mind that (apparently) is needed for politicians as most of them have such a combination in their chart. But where is the pattern of talent needed to be an actor? It is in...

1. Midheaven in Pisces, square Mars (muscles)
2. Venus in Cancer (ruled by Moon)
3. Neptune sesquisquare AC/MC (and Pallas 67.5 degrees from AC/MC)
4. Venus doesn't make major aspects and that means that Venus is 'calling' (Venus symbolizes style, beauty and diplomacy: esthetics!)
5. Venus is quintile Neptune for creative artistic talents
6. The Moon is in a (wider) square with Neptune
7. Venus is trine Midheaven for a career related to esthetics
8. Neptune is quindecile Midheaven (a strong focus on the amorphous world of cinema, for example)
9. The Sun is the final dispositor of Midheaven so that this Leo can draw attention as a star AND as a leader
10. Sun sextile Neptune for a vivid imagination
Mercury conjunct Ascendant shows the crucial importance of communications and language (maybe even his accent:)!

Arnold Schwarzenegger's popularity in his home land Austria vanished when they found out that he is strongly in favor of the death penalty. Where does thát preference come from?
Look at Saturn conjunct Pluto with the midpoint half semi square from ASC/MC, for example. Mars is semi square Sun and septile Saturn-Pluto. He is really the kind of person who is inspired by doing it the 'die hard way', just like in the movies. And maybe that is what makes him controversial (Uranus square Midheaven).

With Sun conjunct Venus in the progressed chart his star was rising (Conan the Barbarian) in the world of entertainment. As from 1984 (when in the progressed chart Saturn and Pluto were conjunct Ascendant) he presented himself as an active Republican, but he had been a Republican since 1968, when he entered the USA and heard Mr.Nixon*) speak, a President with Mars inconjunct Saturn and opposition Pluto, so with the same 'die hard' combination in the chart as Schwarzenegger. And what he said appealed to him...

zondag 26 juli 2009

Astrology chart George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw was a dramatist (a writer of drama or plays). He was also a socialist and a feminist. (Three female symbols are important in his chart. Venus is conjunct the Sun. Juno is conjunct Midheaven. Pallas is conjunct the Ascendant.) He died in 1950 but you can see him walking and talking on YouTube.

The astrological pattern of artistic talent*) in his chart is like this:

The Moon is in Taurus (sign ruled by Venus)
Neptune is strong in Pisces
THe Moon is sextile Neptune
Neptune is square Ascendant (elevated)
Moon quintile Venus
Venus sesquisquare Neptune

This can be read like this:

A man with empathy and fantasy (an idealist or artist above all), who has a creative sense of style and beauty and artistic talents.

In addation:
- Mercury is half semi square Sun/Moon (for being motivated by communications i.e. writing).
- Mars doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That is reflecting activism.

*) The pattern is constructed by aspects of Moon, Venus and Neptune (and the signs that belong to them: Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces) related to Midheaven.

Astrology chart Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr is an actor, a writer and a comedienne (a stand up comedian). Last night I saw a dated show that ended with her dancing like Madonna in a sort of a ballet suit, never minding her weight, to show that there is no need to be afraid:)

Roseanne Barr has been overweight all her life. In the early 80s she became famous with an overweight stand-up comedy routine. Her overweight is part of her identity. Jupiter in Taurus is inconjunct Venus in Sagittarius. Both signs like what is nice and ask for more. The inconjunctions shows that there is little balance when it comes to a party and an extreme love for 'a lot' of candy. Jupiter in Taurus (the one that makes you bigger and/or great) is also sesquisquare the crucial midpoint AC/MC, promissing success and growth (in whatever direction).
More about obese and astrology on this blog in the post 'Why we are fat and what part of the chart can we blame for it'...

Artistic pattern
Roseanne Barr has the Moon sesquisquare Neptune. Venus is 112.5 degrees from Sun/Moon. Neptune is semi quintile Midheaven. Moon is opposition Venus/Midheaven and Neptune is semi square Venus/Midheaven.
The fact that minor aspects and midpoints are relating Moon, Venus and Neptune might mean that there is talent behind the woman on stage (preparations for example).

The elevated unaspected Sun shows 'show' (to be above all in the center of attention somehow, anyhow). I think that it is that this is very important, seen in the light of her career.
There are more indications for a career in the world of entertainment, like the position of the Midheaven conjunct Sun/Venus and 112.5 degrees from Jupiter/Neptune (for the fans and the audience).

More observations
In her chart Neptune rises before the elevated, not aspected Sun. Venus doesn't make major aspects either. The tightest major aspect is Mars trine Jupiter. The tightest minor aspect is Sun 112.5 degrees (square + half semi square) Uranus.

This shows that she is first of all an idealist or an artist with talents and a great drive, who is likely to draw attention at any possible level, anyhow. The aspect between Sun and Uranus reflects that she is (often) a controversial person, different than others, special, causing upheavel. She mentioned that she was an outsider always. (Also notice Mercury sesquisquare Uranus for controversial opinions - and changing your mind, btw -).

Uranus affliction with the Sun is one of the aspects that shows a risk for divorce (or being a bachelor) in the chart of a woman. Another sign is an affliction between the first and seventh house. Her Uranus rules the first house and the Sun is dispositor of the seventh house of marriages. Add this with Venus and the Moon in the double bodied signs Sagittarius and Gemini and with Pluto in the seventh house (turning relationships into challenges) conjunct Sun/Moon and there is the picture of a three times divorced celebrity who is now living on her own.

I read that she had a child in 1971 and that she arranged an adoption. In 1971 she had progressed Midheaven opposition Ceres (symbol of motherhood). In the progressed chart Mercury (natal ruler of the 5th house of procreation and of the 4th progressed house of family) was conjunct Midheaven. There were signs of changing times:
- the progressed Sun was changing sign to Sagittarius.
- in the solar return chart for her birthday in 1970 in Denver, Uranus is opposition Midheaven

Midheaven 'calling'
There are no aspects of Midheaven within 5 degrees orb or within sign, so Midheaven is 'calling'. That means that her career, status and position can reach any level (up or down) and will strongly be influenced by others or by opportunities symbolized by transits and progressions. The Midheaven receives one minor aspect: a semi quintile from Neptune, the symbol of the artist.
(Perhaps the unaspected Midheaven has a role in the syndrome of DID, because the identity is fluctuating?).

Venus is 112.5 degrees from Pluto (square + half semi square). The combination of Venus and Pluto is the combination of the beauty and the beast (and of earning money). More about Venus-Pluto on Astromarkt...She also has Mars biquintile Pluto, expressing a creative way to use influence (and perhaps also a creative way to deal with the power and force of males). The combination of Venus-Mars-Pluto shows intense passion and drive.

DID and Michael Jackson
Recently Roseanne Barr wrote a public letter to Michael Jackson's children in July 2009. She said MJ asked her to call him the day before he died and she didn't call him back soon enough. She mentioned DID (dissociative identity disorder - more than 1 personality: notice the Moon in a double bodied sign, afflicted by Saturn and Neptune) as a result of her youth. Here is the link to Examiner.com...

One thing for sure: she cannot sing the national anthem. See YouTube...
See her on stage on YouTube and watch the comments: they love her or they dislike her!

dinsdag 21 juli 2009

Astrology chart Bono (U2)

Bono, the lead singer of U2, was born May 10, 1960 in Dublin with a 'cool' Capricorn Ascendant conjunct Saturn. He is rather small (less then 1.70 m) but he is also great. How does that show in the chart?

The pattern of artistic talent in this chart is made by Venus in Taurus, the final dispositor of Midheaven, opposition the elevated conjunction of Moon and Neptune. Also there is a prominent Pallas on the Ascendant (not uncommon in the charts of artists).

There is a kite figure in the chart. The kite connects the artistic pattern (see 1) with the combination of success (Jupiter and Pluto). It is a great astrological statement that says great success (Jupiter and Pluto) with artistic talents and style (Moon, Venus and Neptune).

There are no placements in air signs and that refers to communicating at any level. (BTW Mars is 'calling', conjunct Aries Point and in the romantic and artistic sign of Pisces in the third house of communications. Mars is rising before the Sun. Bono is in the first place an activist, full of energy. And he uses his profession to be that activist. Every show contains a message. In Amsterdam he referred to Iran, for example. Bono is has influence.)

Mercury and Juno are in hard aspect with Sun/Moon and ASC/MC (and Sun/Moon in aspect with ASC/MC). Motivation is of crucial importance. And Bono is motivated to communicate (sing, speak or write) and to be attractive (Juno).

On this blog Art & Astrology I show you the patterns of the artists and other strong indications for fame and talent. Bono also has a very strong will and he is a realist. He has 60% of the positions in his chart in earth signs and 60% in fixed signs. Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Taurus. Taurus (and Venus, ruler of Taurus) is part of the kite figure in the chart. In other words: there is a very strong pattern in the chart of Bono!

About kites: see the explanation on Cafe Astrology

maandag 20 juli 2009

Astrology chart J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter)

There is no writer in the world who achieved what J.K. Rowling did. She is a million seller! For all those who want to follow into her footsteps: here is her natal chart. Let us see what it takes to become as famous as she is.

The Sun is the most elevated object in the chart (square Ascendant).The Sun doesn't make major aspects in sign. That signifies that she will draw attention at any possible level.

Jupiter is rising before the Sun, for a positive attitude, success, travelling (the international; she was married to a Portugese man in the 90's).

Jupiter is also sesqui semi square Sun/Moon and semi square Sun, square the Moon and sextile Midheaven. The combination of Sun, Moon and Jupiter comes back 3 times (Sun/Moon 67.5 Jupiter, Sun/Jupiter 67.5 Moon and Moon/Jupiter conjunct Sun. This combination promises success because the nativity is motivated by optimism, growth and development.
Mercury, the planet of communications, is 'calling'. Mercury is conjunct the midpoint Sun/Moon. That makes her in heart and soul a writer (someone with a message).

Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are prominent in her chart and they are connected by hard aspects. The Sun is half semi square Mercury and semi square Jupiter. The Sun is also semi septile Pluto. This combination of Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto is a combination for many many words and great success in communicating.JUPITER, NEPTUNE and MIDHEAVEN
Mars, Jupiter and Neptune are in aspect with Midheaven. Neptune is square MC. That strongly relates fantasy, empathy and vision to the career. Many astrologers say that Neptune-MC aspect reflects a negative attitude to the profession (and gives a tendency to run away from the usual job).Perhaps, but it is also a strong indication for artistic talents. Jupiter and Neptune together, related to Midheaven, show 'the believing audience', the fans and the followers. Mars-Jupiter makes highly productive. Mars-Neptune however points at wasted energy (or: energy used for a fantasy:).

The Moon is tightly square Jupiter; that is for growing popularity and being used to successes.

She finished her first book in 1995 (with progressed Mercury conjunct Midheaven and progressed Sun conjunct Venus). A year later she found an editor (progressed Midheaven conjunct Moon and progressed Uranus conjunct Pluto are two signs of change).

In June 1997 the first Harry Potter was printed. Transit Uranus was opposition Sun at the time and Jupiter trine Jupiter. Later that year her progressed Midheaven was square Jupiter (the planet of editors and success). That is when she became famous. The first time that she thought of writing about Harry Potter was in 1990, with MC conjunct Pluto. From 1990 to 1997 she lived between Pluto and Jupiter, the combination of great success, but she was not aware of it. In December of 1994 she returned, divorced and depressed, from Portugal to Edinburgh and that was exactly in the middle of the period from the start of her 'vision' till the moment that the book appeared. (There were thorns on the rose bed: J.K. Rowling had a bad time after her divorce. Mars inconjunct Saturn is the reflection of that. The Mars-Saturn combination is the combination of energy ending, of death and of a blockade.) Even that dark period was a period of inspiration. She 'invented' the Dementors...

Why is she writing a book for children? I think that it is because of the fantasy. Her works (MC) have an aspect of fiction (Neptune). Neptune happens to be the ruler of the 5th house of games, play, entertainment and ...children. You can read this combination of Neptune ruler 5 square Midheaven as follows: work related to children's fantasy...

She has Venus quintile Neptune (70d04m), Neptune square Midheaven and sextile Moon. Notice the position of Pallas on the IC. Pallas is often angular in the charts of talented people.

Jo Rowling has a BA in French and Classics.

She was talented and telling stories from the start had a good education and was strongly driven and never stopped trying to get her book in the shelves. A Scorpio Ascendant for pushing. She has a very positive attitude (Jupiter oriental in aspect with Sun/Moon; you may notice that her chart is strongly reflecting the positive personality of Harry Potter).. She is a communicator in heart and soul at any possible level and she drew attention (in a positive way)....It will be difficult to copy all thát...

zondag 19 juli 2009

Astrology chart George Clooney

George Clooney was born on May 6, 1961 at 2h58 a.m. in Lexington. On that moment in time and on that place the Sun did not make major aspects, neither did Venus or Mars. That is the recipe for a man who will draw attention anyhow. And for a man with a passion! Jupiter was square Neptune and inconjunct Pluto on that day. That is reflecting success in the movies and a lot of fans, but...it would not come easy, it had his price.

With Venus half semi square Sun/Moon and rising before the Sun he is motivated by (and orientated on) beauty, style and entertainment from the start. Venus is 75 degrees from the Moon and 112.5 degrees (square + half semi square) from the midpoint Moon/Neptune. That is reflecting sense of style and beauty in combination with sensitivity and empathy.

George Clooney moved to Hollywood in 1982 with Progressed Sun square Pluto. That aspect is indicating a moment of dramatic change. As Pluto is in his sixth house, his daily life style changed. He didn't become a success all at once. But in 2000 he was elected Best Actor in a comedy. That year his retrograding progressed Jupiter was conjunct natal Jupiter again, a progressed Jupiter return that showed to be very fortunate. A nasty period in his life was the end of 2004. That is when he had Moon inconjunct Moon and Saturn (in the natal chart there is a conjunction of Moon and Saturn) and Midheaven opposition Mars and conjunct Saturn.

In later years in the progresed chart Venus came closer to the Ascendant and Jupiter came closer to Midheaven (see for example the progressed chart of 1994, the year of ET). George Clooney 'grew' into his role as an actor. Now that I write this, his progressed Midheaven is almost conjunct progressed Jupiter. And that is a sign of success.

For more about Clooney, see Astropost...

Or click here to see the post about Johnny Depp and other beautiful and sexy men. I bet that the position of Juno (symbol of marriage) on his Ascendant is part of his attraction.

You can see Clooney singing in 'Brother where art thou' on YouTube... (Great song, BTW:)

zaterdag 18 juli 2009

Astrology chart Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday was born on April 7, 1915 in Philadelphia PA at 2h30 a.m. EST and died 50 years ago, on July 17, 1959 in New York. Mercury (the voice) is trine her Midheaven (career). Another indication for being a singer is the half semi square between Venus in Pisces and Uranus. I have seen many examples of Venus in aspect with Uranus or Neptune or in the signs that they rule in the charts of singers.

The pattern of artistic talent is like this:

Venus is in Pisces (offering a potential for artistic talent and sensitivity)
Venus is 'calling' (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) (charm and entertainment at any possible level)
Moon semi square Venus (sense of style and beauty)
Venus sesqui semi square AC/MC (crucial importance of beauty, charm and talents)
Moon half semi square AC/MC, too (sense of style is of crucial importance)
Neptune (ruler of Venus) trine MC and angular (on Descendant) links the career to arts and artistic talents as a corner stone of the personality

Also notice that Pluto (ruler of MC) is in the 5th house of entertainment and show. Pluto doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. This 'calling' Pluto tells us that there would be a strong ambition for being part of the world of entertainment at any possible level.

Mercury, Neptune and Midheaven form a grand trine. It is still a mystery whether or not her autobiography 'Lady sings the blues' was fake or real. I don't know it that includes her hour of birth...She tells the story of a woman who was beaten up and abused by men. Perhaps the Mars square Saturn influence? It is one of the indications for a divorce*), separation or for keeping distance when it is about males...

BTW: Neptune on the horizon is also a symbol of a fake name, an alias. Billie Holiday's real name was Eleanora Fagan Gough. Unfortunately Neptune is also the symbol of drugs. Drugs killed Billie Holiday too soon, age 45, with the progressed Sun at 29d26m Taurus, about to change sign. When the progressed Sun changes sign your life style is transforming. And sometimes this critical phase stops not only the way you live but life itself.

You can hear Billy Holiday singing 'How deep is the ocean' and see pictures on YouTube...

*) Signs for divorce (or not marrying at all when there are too much of them) are:

In a man's chart:
Hard aspects between Moon and Saturn or Neptune, Venus and Neptune, Mars and Uranus.

In a female's chart they are:
Hard aspects between Sun and Mars or Uranus, Venus and Uranus, Mars and Saturn.

And in the charts of both genders:
Afflictions between the 1st and 7th house (rulers)

I found that Venus in Aries or Mars in Libra do not make relationships easy. Neither does the placement of Neptune on the horizon in the charts of females. Hard aspects between Moon, Venus and/or Mars illustrate that it may be hard to find a match (and so the nativity needs to compromise).

vrijdag 17 juli 2009

Astrology chart of Madonna

Madonna L. Ciccone was born on August 16, 1958 at 7:05 a.m. in Bay City (83d54W 43d36N). Female symbols are prominently placed in her chart (The Moon and Ceres are angular -on the Ascendant - and Pallas rises before the Sun; Juno is conjunct Sun/Moon). It is clear that the female touch is important in her chart and that is logical in the chart of a female icon in the world of entertainment. From the aspects with Midheaven you can see that she would be a femme fatale (Venus and Pluto in aspect with MC) with great success (Jupiter biquintile, too). The combination of Venus, Jupiter and Pluto with Midheaven doesn't only promiss a lot of money (Venus-Pluto for money, Jupiter for a lot), but also reflects the chance of being a great (Jupiter+Pluto) artist (Venus).

Madonna was born with the astrological pattern of artistic talent in her chart.
The astrological pattern of artistic talent connects the Moon, Venus and Neptune (and/or the signs that they rule) with Midheaven. In the chart of Madonna the pattern is like this:

1. Venus square Neptune for sensitivity and artistic talent
2. Moon septile Neptune for inspiration through fantasy and sense of 'what the people need'
3. Neptune inconjunct Midheaven relates art to the career
4. Venus sextile Midheaven for entertainment and joy

It is not much, I am afraid. I could add Saturn, ruler of the 5th house of entertainment, pleasure and show, because Saturn makes a obsessive and focused quindecile with Midheaven for a strong focus on the the business (Saturn) of entertainment (5th house) as a career (MC). Notice that Venus is semi sextile Pluto and that both are relegated to Midheaven. Earning money is one of the goals. With Gemini on Midheaven and Mercury in Virgo (final dispositor) on the Ascendant communicating (using the voice) was likely to be part of the job.

Another thing that contributes to creativity is that 80% of the placements in Madonna's chart are in fire and earth signs. The combination of fire and earth is a creative combination. Her Sun is in a fire sign, her Moon is in an earth sign and so is her Ascendant. The combination of Moon and Ascendant in Virgo with the Leo Sun makes her the kind of entertainer who strives for perfection in details.

Madonna is perhaps another kind of artist. Her Sun/Moon with Mercury, Mars and Uranus perhaps show us that she is motivated more by making a change and producing shocks by means of communications (singing and speaking).

In 1986 she 'transformed' into a blond girl. That was the year that her Virgo Ascendant became a Libra in progression. Then in 1989 she changed her looks again. The period of changing signs in progression is a period of transformation. It will last from the 29th till the 2nd degree until it is completely over. Also, with the Moon on the Ascendant like Madonna has, a person likes to change the way she looks. And there is another reason: Uranus is the first outer planet rising before her Sun. she wants to be different.

With Uranus oriental and square Mars we expect her to be rebellious, impulsive and controversial and to have a short temper (and a special drive and energy!). Mercury, Mars and Uranus are in hard aspect with ASC/MC (in the 22.5 degree range), reflecting controversial discussions. Madonna is known for swearing, for example. And her shows always seem to shock someone. Uranus is half semi square (22.5 degrees) from Sun/Moon, so that she is probably motivated to shock, change and 'renew' the world.

With Pluto conjunct Sun/Moon there is a combination of Uranus, Pluto and Sun/Moon. Sudden changes, moves and incidents are to be expected when you are strongly motivated by surprises, excitement, transformations and challenges.

Astrology students may not be surprised that she had progressed Midheaven trine Jupiter and progressed Jupiter square Venus in 1983, the year of her best seller album 'Madonna'. In the natal chart Jupiter in the second house is biquintile MC (for a creative way to get a better financial position). This aspect was activated in 1983.

There is some correspondence with the chart of Angelina Jolie that shows what in their chart is related to foster parenthood. You can read more about that on Astropost.blogspot.com.

You can see Madonna on stage here...Lately Madonna seems to appear rather skinny. Saturn, the symbol of bones, is in her first house of appearances right now.

For more about Venus and Pluto, see Astromarkt...

woensdag 15 juli 2009

Astrology chart Robert Redford

Robert Redford married his long time friend Sibylle Szaggars this week. She is an artist, so is he. Let us have a look at the chart of Robert Redford and find the artist in the chart.

Robert Redford was born 18th August 1938 at 20h02 in Santa Monica, according to my files (source: Astrolab). Here is the pattern of artistic talent in the chart for that time and place:

1. Moon in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus

2. Venus strong in Libra

3. Venus is 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees)

4. Venus final dispositor of the MC-routing

5. Moon inconjunct Midheaven

6. Jupiter sesquisquare Sun/Moon, Neptune sesquisemisquare Sun/Moon

This chart is reflecting the birth of a person who has style, charm and diplomacy or beauty at any possible level and who is motivated by his fans and the successes in art. The chart has a keen pattern for an artist. when there are more prominent placements and with a double bodied sign like Sagittarius on Midheaven, it is to be expected that there would not be ONE career, however. Wikipedia mentions that he is: an American film director, actor, producer, businessman, model, environmentalist, philanthropist. I see that he was a pitcher once and I notice that Mars is the first outer planet rising before his Sun (for the military, sports, energy or activism first).
Jupiter is sextile Midheaven for the interest in directing (guiding).
Mercury and Pluto are also 'calling' so that communications and politics are important as well.
And I already mentioned the oriental Mars for activism.

The tightest aspect in his chart is Mars square Uranus. This is reflecting a hot temper and a drive to make a change (at once please). This aspect is one of the indications for divorce in the chart of a male. For more about Mars-Uranus, see Astromarkt (link...)

Watch Robert Redford in the trailer of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid on YouTube

zondag 12 juli 2009

Astrology chart Charles (Charlie) Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin made us smile. Where in his chart is the clown, the director and the composer of the music of Smile? And where is the artistic pattern? Why was he the 'little man'?

The artistic pattern is constructed by Moon, Venus, Neptune, (the signs that they rule) and Midheaven for the professional output. In the chart of Chaplin the pattern is like this:

1. Crucial position of the Moon on the Ascendant (popular, being able to 'act')
2. Venus strong in Taurus (possible sense of beauty and arts)
3. Venus final dispositor of Midheaven (field of entertainment)
4. Venus square Midheaven (profession requiring style, looking good or making fun)
5. (Venus inconjunct Uranus for the sense of rhythm).

And that is it (or perhaps I should add Neptune trine AC/MC to the list). It is not much compared to the patterns in other artists' charts that you see on this blog. I think that that is because we known him most of all because of the character (Moon) of Charlie. The Moon is also a symbol of the family (imitation, upbringing, education). The important position of the Moon might reflect the importance of his familiy background. His parents were (poor) artists. His environment (ascendant) contributed to his talent and to the choice of his career.

Also: Charles Chaplin was a timeless and international icon. He is different from the artists on this blog. His performance is more fun than beautiful. To find the key to that perhaps we need to find another pattern. We need to combine the family background, the feeling for style and the strong character. It is that unique combination that made the little man famous. Ambition and drive were very important to get to the top.

First let's see how his Astro I.D. looks like. The Astro I.D. is the combination of the key positions in the chart. In his chart the calling Sun, oriental Jupiter, angular Moon and elevated Saturn are the keys. They tell us about the ups and downs of a man who was in the center of attention and who knew what the people wanted. They wanted a smile:)... See the specification of the Astro I.D. below.

His chart has Sun in Aries, Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio...That is the character of someone who is using force and influence with intense energy. It is a strong character. And he needed to be strong. He also had Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Leo. He was confronted with the disadvantages of his efforts and had to fight a lot of barriers (even the real ones). He was the little (Saturn) man (Mars)...

MARS SQUARE SATURN (the little man fighting against restrictions)
Mars square Saturn is the tightest aspect in the chart of Charles Chaplin. It is the aspect of 'hitting hard', 'working too hard', finding obstacles on your way and being limited in your drive (by law for example). Mars-Saturn aspects are frequent in the charts of those who fight (for or against) the law. There were many obstacles to conquer for Chaplin. He had no formal education and was a very poor boy. But as Capricorn is ruling the 3rd house of 'learning' he thought himself later and he managed to write his own scripts, books and soundtracks. He thought himself how to play musical instruments. He was a self made man and he HAD to fight the law. He had to pay for a child that was not his and he was a victim of the crusade against communists in the USA in the 50's. He could not return to the USA freely and chose to stay in Europe for the rest of his life, but not in England. He went to Switzerland (Jupiter oriental, first of all an international!).

1. Jupiter is the first outer planet rising before the Sun (oriental)
That makes him a traveler, an international, someone who wants to have success in the first place and wants to guide others (he was a director).

2. The important Moon in Scorpio, conjunct Ascendant
The Moon is important when memorizing (and acting) is involved. The Moon is also an important symbol of 'the people' and popularity. The Ascendant is the symbol of presentation and the Moon has many faces. That is why the Moon on the Ascendant shows a capability of acting.

3. Saturn is on top of this chart.
Saturn in Leo tells us that he had ambition and management talent. The position and aspects of Saturn tell us that there might be a lot of restrictions, limitations, barriers and goodbyes in the life of Chaplin. But his job was to make us smile (like a clown has to do).

4. The Sun does not make aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees (Sun is 'calling')
When the Sun is 'calling' you want to be in the center of attention as a leader or performer. Charles was a performer and he was a director.

From this Astro ID you clearly get the picture of an ambitious man who wanted to draw attention, presenting himself in different ways, but always in a positive (guiding way) teaching us how to keep on smiling and to make an advantage of a disadvantage. The little man that he used to be became the symbol of his success.

See Charlie on You Tube and Smile with the voice of Michael Jackson...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu-rLA4POkI

dinsdag 7 juli 2009

Astrology chart Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was born with a beautiful voice on December 18,1980 at 10:46 EST in New York (Staten Island). The artistic pattern is like this:

1. Midheaven ruler Jupiter in Libra and Venus (ruler of Libra) in Sagittarius
This mutual reception of Venus and Jupiter promisses fun and pleasure or success in entertainment. Mercury's semi square with Venus/Jupiter relates the voice to this success.

2. One of the rulers of Midheaven is Venus and Venus is 'calling'! (not making aspects in sign or in orb 5 degrees). Venus is the symbol of entertainment and style. The fact that Venus is not aspected makes it possible to be an artist at any kind of level.

3. Venus is half semi square (22.5d) Neptune: that is a combination for artistic talent!

4. Moon quindecile Venus: a strong focus on her sense of style and art

5. Moon in Taurus (ruled by Venus)

6. Neptune is the first outer planet rising before the Sun. That means that she has an idealistic, romantic or artistic orientation

7. Venus is semi square JUpiter/Pluto for great success in love or ...as an artist

8. Moon opposition Jupiter/Neptune for the fans and followers

Is that enough? The ruler of Midheaven is connected with Moon in Taurus and Neptune AND Venus is calling! That is an astrological pattern of artistic talent. There are many more on this blog Art&Astrology.

maandag 6 juli 2009

Chart of Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey (27th March 1970, 11h45 a.m. NY) is a born artist and her chart shows it. Venus - for talents - is on top of her chart, in an obsessive quindecile of 165 degrees with Uranus and in mutual reception with the dispositor of the Midheaven (Mars). Venus-Uranus combinations are most of the time present in the charts of singers. It also happens to be one of the combinations in a females' chart that is reflecting a possible divorce.

The artistic pattern is constructed by Moon conjunct Neptune in the fifth house, by the passionate mutual reception of Venus and Mars (the rulers of the Midheaven routing), starting with the MC in Pisces. Neptune is 157.5 degrees from ASC/MC and Mercury (for writing or singing) 67.5 degrees from Sun/Moon. The Moon is in the fifth house of performance and show, conjunct Neptune (the planet of arts).

donderdag 2 juli 2009

Astrology chart Cilla Black

Cilla 'You're My World - Anyone who had a heart Black was born on May 27, 1943 and that is 66 years ago. She is a singer, a television presenter and an actress, so I expected to find the astrological pattern of artistic talent and carreer in her chart. The pattern relates Moon, Venus, Neptune (often in related signs) with Midheaven. This is hers:

Moon in Pisces
Venus is in Cancer and so is the Ascendant
The Moon is trine Venus
The Moon is quindecile Neptune
Venus is quintile Neptune
Neptune inconjunct Midheaven

It is a complete line (see the chart drawing) that shows talent sense of style and arts or entertainment.

I read that her husband was also her manager (Capricorn on the cusp of the seventh house). And that he died ten years ago. That was when her progressed Sun was changing sign. That is reflecting a changing life style, perhaps even the end of her (old) world. Somewhere between Progressed Sun inconjunct Midheaven and opposition Juno (symbol of marriage) she lost her husband after over 30 years of marriage.

Cilla Black (real name: Priscilla Maria Veronica White) is still popular, watch this interview.... I recently saw her getting dressed, in a fashion program.

Astrology chart Diana Ross

The natal chart of Diana Ross has the Moon in Pisces rising before the Sun. The Moon is sesquisquare Jupiter/Pluto and half semi square Venus/Uranus. This alone tells us that there is a need to escape real life issues and to dwell in the house of romance, dreams, fantasy and arts. Her friend Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and many other artists have the Moon in the visionary and sensitive sign of Pisces*).
The chart also reveals that she is very successful. Her sense of rhythm helps her on the way. There is of course more in the chart of such a famous singer, like Venus half semi square Sun/Moon (for entertainment as the motivating factor). venus is opposition Jupiter/Neptune (for success in entertainment and for the fans!). Mercury's positon opposition ASC/MC tells us about the pen or the mouth as a crucial factor. Jupiter is sesquisquare Sun/Moon (for expansion, travelling, success) and we also see the manager/businesswoman in the 112.5 degree aspect of Saturn with ASC/MC. If this is not enough to convince the astrologer of the fact that this is a very successful artist, there are also Neptune opposition Sun/Moon and 112.5 degrees from Sun/Jupiter, Pluto sesquisemisquare Venus/Jupiter and the very important half semi square of Midheaven with Jupiter/Pluto. In fact, the successful artist is being described in more than one way. For example, have a look at the most important placements (the Astro ID) of the chart: Jupiter is on top of the chart, Venus in Pisces is close to the IC and Moon in Pisces oriental. Moon, Venus and Jupiter together...That is the combination of sense of art, style and entertainment or feeling for what the public needs with the symbol of success.

Or just look at the aspects. There is sesquisquare between Sun and Jupiter. The Sun is also opposition Neptune, tightly. The Sun, Jupiter,Neptune combination is the combination of fans and followers (an audience). As there is also a trine between Sun-Mercury and Pluto this combination is intensified. She has a strong voice (Mercury-Pluto).

Diana Ross is 3 times a successful singing lady. On October 16, 2009 there will be a performance in Arnhem (Netherlands) for 30.000 people in the Symphonica in Rosso (with Marco Borsato).

PS I found Venus in aspect with Neptune and/or Uranus and combinations of this, like Venus in Pisces in aspect with Uranus or Venus in Aquarius in aspect with Neptune in the charts of singers. Examples: Anita Meijer, Gordon (European Songfestival), Lee Towers, Rob de Nijs, Frans Bauer, Lenny Kuhr, Paskal Jacobsen, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Liesbeth List, Lenny Kuhr and Marco Borsato. Roy Orbison is an exception, but...he has a Sun Taurus conjunct Uranus. Esmee Denters has Venus trine Uranus, Robbie Williams has Venus square Uranus, Diana Ross (Venus in Pisces in aspect with Uranus), Elton John (Venus in Aquarius trine Uranus), Alice Cooper (venus in Pisces square URanus), David Cassidy (Venus in Pisces trine Urnaus), Rod Stewart (venus in Pisces square Uranus), Mick Jagger (Venus square Uranus) and Venus in Aquarius for Peter Gabriel and Zarah Leander.

Venus square Uranus is one of the aspects in the charts of divorced women, too...

*)When two people have the Moon in the same sign, they often are 'soulmates'.

woensdag 1 juli 2009

Astrology chart Annie Lennox

In 'Who's that girl?' writes CNN.Quote:
....expressing her passion has always been the motivating factor ...

That is what she said. How well does she know herself! And how well does her chart describe her quote!

Translated into 'astrological':
Art : Neptune
Passion : Venus and Mars together
Motivating factor (heart and soul) : midpoint Sun/Moon

Positions in the chart of Annie Lennox:
Sun/Moon semi square Venus
Sun/Moon sesqui semi square Mars
Sun/Moon sesqui semi square Neptune

More of the artistic pattern in her chart:

Moon quintile Neptune (for creative sense of art)
Venus half semi square Neptune (for artistic talent)
And the Sun/Moon combination with Venus and Neptune mentioned above
+ Venus inconjunct Midheaven

What more is needed to see that the chart of Annie Lennox contains the potential of an artist?

PS The midpoint Sun/Moon is the place between Sun and Moon.