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Astrology chart Charles (Charlie) Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin made us smile. Where in his chart is the clown, the director and the composer of the music of Smile? And where is the artistic pattern? Why was he the 'little man'?

The artistic pattern is constructed by Moon, Venus, Neptune, (the signs that they rule) and Midheaven for the professional output. In the chart of Chaplin the pattern is like this:

1. Crucial position of the Moon on the Ascendant (popular, being able to 'act')
2. Venus strong in Taurus (possible sense of beauty and arts)
3. Venus final dispositor of Midheaven (field of entertainment)
4. Venus square Midheaven (profession requiring style, looking good or making fun)
5. (Venus inconjunct Uranus for the sense of rhythm).

And that is it (or perhaps I should add Neptune trine AC/MC to the list). It is not much compared to the patterns in other artists' charts that you see on this blog. I think that that is because we known him most of all because of the character (Moon) of Charlie. The Moon is also a symbol of the family (imitation, upbringing, education). The important position of the Moon might reflect the importance of his familiy background. His parents were (poor) artists. His environment (ascendant) contributed to his talent and to the choice of his career.

Also: Charles Chaplin was a timeless and international icon. He is different from the artists on this blog. His performance is more fun than beautiful. To find the key to that perhaps we need to find another pattern. We need to combine the family background, the feeling for style and the strong character. It is that unique combination that made the little man famous. Ambition and drive were very important to get to the top.

First let's see how his Astro I.D. looks like. The Astro I.D. is the combination of the key positions in the chart. In his chart the calling Sun, oriental Jupiter, angular Moon and elevated Saturn are the keys. They tell us about the ups and downs of a man who was in the center of attention and who knew what the people wanted. They wanted a smile:)... See the specification of the Astro I.D. below.

His chart has Sun in Aries, Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio...That is the character of someone who is using force and influence with intense energy. It is a strong character. And he needed to be strong. He also had Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Leo. He was confronted with the disadvantages of his efforts and had to fight a lot of barriers (even the real ones). He was the little (Saturn) man (Mars)...

MARS SQUARE SATURN (the little man fighting against restrictions)
Mars square Saturn is the tightest aspect in the chart of Charles Chaplin. It is the aspect of 'hitting hard', 'working too hard', finding obstacles on your way and being limited in your drive (by law for example). Mars-Saturn aspects are frequent in the charts of those who fight (for or against) the law. There were many obstacles to conquer for Chaplin. He had no formal education and was a very poor boy. But as Capricorn is ruling the 3rd house of 'learning' he thought himself later and he managed to write his own scripts, books and soundtracks. He thought himself how to play musical instruments. He was a self made man and he HAD to fight the law. He had to pay for a child that was not his and he was a victim of the crusade against communists in the USA in the 50's. He could not return to the USA freely and chose to stay in Europe for the rest of his life, but not in England. He went to Switzerland (Jupiter oriental, first of all an international!).

1. Jupiter is the first outer planet rising before the Sun (oriental)
That makes him a traveler, an international, someone who wants to have success in the first place and wants to guide others (he was a director).

2. The important Moon in Scorpio, conjunct Ascendant
The Moon is important when memorizing (and acting) is involved. The Moon is also an important symbol of 'the people' and popularity. The Ascendant is the symbol of presentation and the Moon has many faces. That is why the Moon on the Ascendant shows a capability of acting.

3. Saturn is on top of this chart.
Saturn in Leo tells us that he had ambition and management talent. The position and aspects of Saturn tell us that there might be a lot of restrictions, limitations, barriers and goodbyes in the life of Chaplin. But his job was to make us smile (like a clown has to do).

4. The Sun does not make aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees (Sun is 'calling')
When the Sun is 'calling' you want to be in the center of attention as a leader or performer. Charles was a performer and he was a director.

From this Astro ID you clearly get the picture of an ambitious man who wanted to draw attention, presenting himself in different ways, but always in a positive (guiding way) teaching us how to keep on smiling and to make an advantage of a disadvantage. The little man that he used to be became the symbol of his success.

See Charlie on You Tube and Smile with the voice of Michael Jackson...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu-rLA4POkI

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