zondag 13 februari 2011

Movie about an astrologer (Nicholas Culpeper)...

A movie is art and Nicholas Culpeper was a herbalist and an astrologer. This blog is about art and astrology. That is why I pay attention to Tony White's project to make a movie about the life and works of Nicholas Culpeper. He does need  some support to get started.

Tony White is an award-winning animator. He launched a Kickstarter page to invite individuals to help him get it going with donations. US tax payers will be able to make tax-deductable donations (throught the registered Animaticus Foundation). You can see more about the idea and the contents and/or back the project. You find all information on:

 If you want to know more about Culpeper's chart, go to Astropost.

UPDATE: the project has been removed from Kickstarter. A pity!