donderdag 9 mei 2013

The talent in the chart of Gabriel Fauré

Gabriel Fauré's chart has the astrologicial pattern of talent:

Moon in Cancer
Venus in Taurus
Moon sextile Venus
Moon inconjunct Neptune
Venus trine Midheaven

He was 72 when he was honored with an homage:

Here is his picture.
It seems that he was extremely attractive for the ladies of his days. He was married and had a mistress.

He has a Taurus Ascendant and Venus is square Saturn. For some reason, attractive males have a cool side (Capricorn, Saturn) and Taurus is often involved. See this:
Moon inconjunct Neptune and Mars sextile Uranus and the wider square Venus-Neptune are 3 of the 4 aspect combinations that make it hard to be true and stick to one partner. Moon-Neptune and Venus-Neptune also happen to be aspect combinations of artistic talent. Artistic talent and romantic affairs seem to have to belong together:)!

When he playes Pavane

See about divorce in a chart: