woensdag 24 maart 2010

Charts of Paul McCartney and John Lennon

Paul and John cooperated with George and Ringo and they were the major stars of the most famous group in the world: The Beatles. Both have an important Sun (symbol of the star) and perhaps that worked as having two captains on a ship.
What John and Paul share is an aspect between Moon and Venus and that is not unusual in the charts of artists as you can see on this blog Art&Astrology. In the composite chart (the combination of the two charts) Moon is trine Venus and semi square Neptune (opposition MC). Together they performed as artists.

The astrological pattern of artistic talents seems to be incomplete for the natal charts with the given data, but that is only at first sight and when you don’t use minor aspects.


Venus is half semi square Neptune
Venus is inconjunct Moon
Venus is trine Midheaven

His Moon in Aquarius, quite alone in the 10th house and opposition Pluto is maybe enough to demonstrate his influence on the public that was ready for something new.

John’s ‘ calling’ Sun on the Descendant is an indication for the leading role that he should have in the group and perhaps that is the reason why he started his own individual career later. Mars (ruler 1) is the planet of orientation, so that once upon a time in his life he needed to be an activist and ‘ do it on his own’. John Lennon was a Libra, too, so he needed a partner when he did that (and that was Yoko).


Paul’s Quaoar on the Ascendant and square Midheaven and Sun is another symbol of ‘ creating/shaping a new reality’. The astrological pattern of artistic talent consists of:
- the Moon square Venus and
- Moon novile Neptune
- Neptune square Midheaven
With the prominent Sun and Neptune angular in combination with the ‘ calling’ Jupiter and Saturn rising before the Sun you can see the man drawing attention in his field, having a devoted audience and … the man who is first of all ‘ classical’. I was surprised to see that. ..Until I noticed that he made at least 4 classical albums! Saturn is often an important player in the charts of those who play, perform or write classical music.

Fot their teamwork and for the symbols of innovation (shaping new worlds: Quaoar) and turning points (Pholus), see Astropost.blogspot.com for the day of this post with the chart drawings with progressions and transits for the days of the death of the mothers of the famous musicians like you see here. ' She loves you' was one of their early works. It is hard to believe today, that their hair cut (or hair no cut) was a revolution in the world of hair dressers, but it was...

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