woensdag 28 januari 2009

Astrology chart of Enrico Caruso

Enrico Caruso is a legendary tenor. He was born in 1873 and we still recall his name. On this blog Art & Astrology I show the pattern of artistic talents in natal charts. Part of the pattern are aspects of Moon, Venus and Neptune, prominent placements of these planets and the signs that they rule. The talent in his chart shows by:

1. Venus conjunct Neptune (tightest aspect)
Venus and Neptune together reflect artistic (Neptune) talent (Venus)

2. Venus and Neptune opposition Midheaven
This aspect relates art to the position in society

3.The oriental Moon in Pisces
This means that he was focused on his romantic needs. The Moon in Pisces is part of the pattern of artistic talents.

4. Moon is semi square Neptune for sensitivity

5.Venus and Neptune are trine Jupiter
This says: "success in art or marriage' but the tight trine of Jupiter and Neptune also tells us that he had fans and followers or at least a devoted audience

6.Venus and Neptune are both semi square the vital midpoint Sun/Moon
He was in heart and soul an artist...

7. Sun, Moon and Mercury are in Pisces
He had a sensitive and empathic character

8. The Libra midheaven for a career in an atmosphere of style and ethics

9. Sun is semi square Venus and Neptune, biquintile Uranus and conjunct Moon
His life is dedicated to arts (Venus + Neptune), he has a creative way to make his family life hectic and exciting and to live an independent life.
He was 45 when he married.

Interesting is that Caruso had no placements in air signs. That makes us aware of the importance of communicating and relating at any level. There are at least 10 midpoint combinations that contribute to his successes.

The amount of indications, together with the number of midpoint combinations with Jupiter in this chart are reflecting the artist that we remember. The charts of famous persons are often easy to read. Their talents show immediately...

Astrology chart Winston Churchill

We all know Churchill. He is a famous politician. But he also was a painter and a writer. The artistic pattern in the chart is indicated in the drawing above. Moon and Neptune are in aspect with Midheaven and each other. The Moon is in a 112.5 (square + half semi square) with Venus.

See Astropost for the complete reading:http://astropost.blogspot.com/2009/01/project-reading-chart-of-winston.html

dinsdag 27 januari 2009

Astrology chart Frederico García Lorca

Frederico Garcia Lorca is a Spanish poet, executed during the Spanish Civil War (Guerra Civil). This blog Art & Astrology is about the 'artist in the natal chart'. The artistic talents of García Lorca are reflected by the prominence of the Moon, Venus and Neptune. These three objects do not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. Unaspected objects are what I name 'calling' planets or lights. They draw attention and have a prominent effect. The combination of Moon,Venus and Neptune refers to sense of art (Moon and Venus), sensibility and empathy (Moon and Neptune) and artistic talents (high sensitivity: Venus and Neptune). Jupiter is square Venus/Pluto and that is an indication for being successful as an artist.

Interesanting poems: http://www.los-poetas.com/a/lorca.htm

zaterdag 24 januari 2009

Astrology chart day of birth Samuel Barber

Samuel Barber, the man who composed 'Adagio for Strings',a very touching and popular work, wrote his mother that he wanted to be a composer when he was only 9 years old. It is a pity that his hour of birth is unavailable, but still, there is enough 'evidence' that the chart of 9 March 1910 is his.

The Moon is rising before the Sun and is in Aquarius, just like Venus is. Pallas is right in between Moon and Venus. Venus is inconjunct Neptune. Here you see part of the pattern of artistic talent. He was born on a day that indicated the possible birth of a person with artistical (Neptune) talent and sense of rhythm (Venus Aquarius) and feeling (Moon-Venus) for patterns (Pallas).

That artistic talent came from his mother (a pianist). His aunt (contralto) was married to a composer. Watch Ceres, rising before the Sun. Ceres is the symbol of genes and (as I believe) of the 'big mother-figure', just like the Moon reflects education (the early years) and private (family) situations as seen in the eyes of the 'beholder'. The importance influence of family and genes is evident and translated in the chart as the importance of the symbols of family, genes and education in the early years (Moon and Ceres).

Little more is known about his chart, so let the music play and see the alternative interpretation of Adagio for Strings by DJ Tiësto on You Tube.

Here is the link to DJ Tiesto's Adagio for Strings on YouTube

Astrology chart Mia Farrow

Art & Astrolog blogspot shows you the patterns of artistic talent in the natal chart. This pattern includes aspects of the Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven and s, a relation with Mia Farrow's birth chart has the artistic pattern like this:

1. Venus opposition Neptune
2. Moon square Venus
3. Moon square Neptune
4. Venus quintile Midheaven
5. Moon <> Saturn rule the Midheaven
6. Moon 15 degrees from Midheaven
7. Moon 67.5 ASC/MC (67.5 = 45 + 22.5)
8. Venus 67.5 Sun/Moon
9. and watch Mercury on top of the chart for communications

The natal chart of Mia Farrow is interesting enough to have a second look. For more about the chart of Mia Farrow, see the post on Astromarkt...

vrijdag 23 januari 2009

Astrology chart of Adrian Grock, clown

On this blog Art & Astrology most of the charts belong to top artists, classical or popular. This is the first chart of a clown, Adrian Grock. Is a clown an actor? It is anyway: an act.

Venus is the symbol of style, pleasure and leisure. Neptune is the symbol of all that must be imagined or 'empathized with', but also the symbol of all that is hidden or fake. In the chart of Adrian Grock, a famous clown, who was to bring joy and pleasure, Venus is conjunct Midheven and Neptune is on the bottom of the chart, square Ascendant. He presented himself anonymously, hidden behind a costume and schminck and there was a need to be positive and chearfull (the Moon in Sagittarius). It is all there, the pattern of the artist, in the prominence of the artistic trio Venus, Moon and Neptune.

donderdag 22 januari 2009

Astrology chart Amy Winehouse

There is more news in the papers about her drugs addiction, but Amy Winehouse DOES have a beautiful and special voice and...the pattern of artistic talents in the positions on the day that she was born (14 September 1983, London). Such a pattern is composed by Moon, Venus and Neptune (and the related signs). As her hour of birth is unknown, the angular positions and the sign on Midheaven are a mystery, but...

We see Moon conjunct Neptune, both trine Venus. We see the passionate couple Venus and Mars rising before the Sun. This is the picture of a passionate person prepared to live to the max (60% of the positions in fire signs!) and at the same time vulnerable because of the sensitive nature. The half semi square between Jupiter and Neptune is for the theme of the devoted audience.

The combination of Sun quintile Jupiter and semi quintile Pluto gives her the confidence to be on stage and is the root of success. In the 5th harmonic the Sun is conjunct Jupiter and opposition Pluto. This does not explane her fame. Prominent position in her individual chart would probably reveal more.

Now that I write this (January 2009) transit Saturn is conjunct her Sun. Saturn is 'calling' in her chart (not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign), so this transit is more important for her than for other persons. The newspapers report that her parents (Saturn) are relieved that the treatment against her drug addiction seems to have worked and that Amy is clean now. Last year transit Uranus was oppositon her Sun. That caused upheavel about her behaviour. As Uranus is coming back to make the same kind of oppositions, it is to be expected that she will be in the papers and magazines and shock the public in 2009 as well.
Saturn and Uranus together introduce the theme of restricted freedom or breaking free. For more about that see Astropost.

Astrology chart Burt Bacharach

On this blog Art & Astrology I show you the patterns of artistic talents in the charts of various artists. This time the example is the chart of Burt Bacharach. The pattern in his chart is made by Venus in Taurus, rising before the Sun, without major aspects and final ruler of the Midheaven. It would almost have been enough, but there is more. So let us see the complete picture (above is his chart).

Musician and composer Burt Bacharach was born with Neptune related to ASC/MC, a 'calling' Venus in Taurus , final dispositor of the Midheaven and rising before the Sun. He also had the Moon angular (on the ASCendant). So, Venus, Neptune and Moon were prominent in his chart. Is that enough to show artistic talent in this chart, or should I add that there is 108 degrees between Venus and Neptune and that that is 1 quintile + 1 semi quintile? Or that Jupiter (ruler MC) is trine Neptune?

Burt Bacharach's artistic pattern is shown by the prominence of the planets that indicate the sense of artistic talents (Moon, Venus and Neptune). This is the chart of a man who goes for the beauty and style in life at any level (Venus) and who related this to his carreer (Midheaven). He also has a certain feeling for what people want to hear (Moon in Aquarius on the angle for being in the mood for what is new and modern) and he also has a crucial fantasy or vision (Neptune with ASC/MC). And look at the conjunction of Moon and Pallas for sense of patterns! Also important is the position of Mercury, the communicator.

Of course it takes success to be able to live of artistic talents. There are at least 10 midpoint combinations reflecting possible successes. Most important: Midheaven yod with Jupiter/Pluto (MC 180 JUP/PLU) and Jupiter related to the midpoint Sun/Moon.

Astrology chart Edouard Manet

Edourd Manet was a painter, born in a 'bourgeois' family. Being an artist was rather controversial in such a family and that is reflected by the importance of Uranus, 'calling' (not making aspects in a 5 degree orb). Uranus symbolizes rebellion. The artist in his chart can be found these ways:

1. MC in Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus (symbol of talents)

2. Venus inconjunct Midheaven (it is a possible relation of talents with profession).

3. Moon sextile Venus for sense of art and beauty

4. Neptune square Moon
Need to dream away...

2,3 4: The combination of Moon, Venus and Neptune shows artistic talents.

The Sun is 'calling' (not making Ptolemaic aspects) so he knows how to draw attention

6. Jupiter on the Descendant
Sign of success and support

7. Neptune oriental (rising before the Sun) for a not materialistic orientation

5, 6, 7: The combination of Sun, Jupiter and Neptune reflects the 'devoted audience' of fans and followers

Again you see the pattern of artistic talent, supported by indications for successes in the chart of a well known artist. There are more of those charts on this blog, that is dedicated to the artistic pattern in astrology charts.

vrijdag 16 januari 2009

Astrology chart Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens has the pattern of artistic talents. Venus is on the Descendant, square Moon and Neptune on the IC. And Venus is in Pisces, sesquisquare ASC/MC. The Gemini Midheaven makes hard aspects with Moon, Neptune and Venus. This all shows us that there is possible artistic talent.

Charles Dickens's Venus in Pisces on the Descendant is related to the Moon, Neptune and Midheaven. With the Midheaven in Gemini and Jupiter on top, 'calling' (= not making aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) the publishing and writing becomes part of the pattern. Another interesting observation is that the Sun is right in the middle of Mercury and Venus (Sun = Mercury/Venus) and that means that he was a communication talent. The prominent placements of Jupiter and Pluto make us aware of great success.

PS Dickens always ended his books in a positive way (all is well that ends well:) but he always started describing poverty and ill situations. Saturn is his oriental planet, rising before the Sun. That makes a person look at bad things, responsibilities and disadvantages, first. But as he was above all (Jupiter on top) an optimist, things ended well.

donderdag 15 januari 2009

Astrology chart Edgar Fauré

Saturn is on top because Fauré's music is classical (conservative). And in the chart above you clearly see the astrological pattern of artistic talents in the way the Moon, Venus and Neptune are related to each other and to Midheaven. Or look at it this way: Moon in Taurus is related to Venus and Neptune.

But there is even more 'proof' that this chart must be his or that it belongs to an artist. Watch the crucial importance of the signs ruled by the planets of art (Moon, Venus and Neptune). Pisces is on the Midheaven, Cancer on the Ascendant, the Moon is in Taurus and Venus is in Cancer again. All of the possible components for an artist were there, in the natal chart. Besides, Pluto is square Midheaven and Pluto rules the 5th house of (pro-)creativity...And Venus is 105 degrees from the MC. That means a strong focus on his talent.

Astrology chart Marlene Dietrich

This is the chart of Marlene Dietrich. In the drawing I indicated the astrological pattern of talents, made by Moon, Venus and Neptune connected with the Midheaven. The Midheaven of Marlene Dietrich is in Taurus (a sign ruled by Venus) and connected to the Moon, Venus and Neptune as to be expected in a chart on this blog:).

Astrology chart George Gershwin

Another example of the astrological pattern for artistic talent is to be found in the chart of George Gershwin, who had Neptune square MC and trine Moon and Moon square Venus. When the Moon, Venus and Neptune go together, related to the Midheaven, there is a big chance of having the chart in hands of an artist. Gershwin was or wished to be a respected, classical artist. Saturn is conjunct his Ascendant. That is a crucial spot in the chart and on that crucial spot is the symbol of ambition and of everything that is ...classical.

Other indications for talent in his chart:

Venus 22.5 (half semi square) Sun/Moon (a talent in heart and soul)
Moon 112.5 AC/MC (a crucial sensuality)
Sun in Libra, Moon in Aquarius...the combination of their rulers (Venus and Uranus) reflects sense of rhythm.

woensdag 14 januari 2009

Astrology chart of Cristina Deutekom

Here you see the chart of Christina Deutekom, Dutch soprano. Watch the pattern of artistic talent in her chart and see how Mercury (disposing of the Midheaven)points at communications (using voice or pen). Of course there is more in the chart of Christina Deutekom that leads the astrologer to the idea of talent. Neptune, for example, is square Sun/Moon. That means that she is in heart and soul an artist.

More info? See Wikipedia.

Astrology chart Keith Haring

Popular pop artist Keith Haring was born May 4, 1958 in Reading PA with Venus at Aries Point, rising before the Sun and probably Moon trine Venus. That is part of the pattern of artistic talent. Because we don't know at what time he was born, we don't know all the rest of the pattern, unfortunately. But...there are minor aspects between Venus and Neptune (biquintile) and between Mercury and Venus (half semi sextile) and there is an inconjunction between Venus and Pluto. Aspects between Venus and Pluto are not uncommon in the world of arts and probably they reflect the inner battle between art and what sells best or maybe it just means 'the price you pay for love, fun and gain'. The inconjunction often symbolizes a problem with health. Keith Haring died of AIDS.
For more about Venus and Pluto in combination...

The Sun in Taurus (sign ruled by Venus, symbol of talents) is semi square Venus and does not make Ptolemaic aspects in orb 5 degrees. I name that a 'calling' Sun and it means that Keith Haring wanted to be in the centre of attention, as a star, performing or leading. One of the indications for fame is the opposition of Venus with the midpoint Jupiter/Pluto. The three planets together reflect the possibility of intense (Pluto) success (Pluto) in love and/or arts (Venus).

dinsdag 13 januari 2009

Astrology chart David Cerný

David Cerný is known as a controversial rebel in the world of arts.

On the birthday of David Cerný (December 15, 1967, Prague) Neptune and Venus (15 degrees apart) were rising before the Sun for the artistical orientation. As his hour of birth is unknown, little we know about the position of the Midheaven, angular placements or aspects with the Moon. But it is easy to see that on his day of birth the symbol of the rebel, Uranus, was prominently opposition Aries Point and 'calling' (that is that Uranus doesn't make Ptolemaic aspect). Mercury is also prominent. The combination Mercury-Uranus (in this chart 75 degrees apart) reflects controversial ideas or opinions. As both Mercury and Uranus are 'calling' this issue is prominent in his life and works. How prominent? Read Astropost...

Astrology chart Catherina Valente

Catherina Valente's astrological pattern of artistic talents is easy to see in the chart above. Such a pattern consists of connections between Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven and the signs that they rule. In this chart ruler Midheaven is related to Venus and Neptune. Sense of rythm is reflected by Venus-Uranus.
Yes, the chart of Catherina Valente shows that she was born on a day that the 'stars' indicated talent by the pattern that is in line with the other charts on this blog.

maandag 12 januari 2009

Astrology chart Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock, the famous director of mysterious thrillers, the 'master of suspense' has the same astrological pattern in his chart as most of the artists on this blog have. Neptune is related to Midheaven, Moon and Venus. Moon is square Venus. This means that he has a crucial artistic talent and sense of style and arts.

On Astropost you find more about the combination of mystery and silent force, Neptune and Pluto. This combination is important in the chart of Hitchcock. He has Neptune and Pluto on either side of the meridian. There are also important combinations of Neptune and Pluto in the charts of Agatha Christie, Helena Blavatsky, Chris Angel and Hans Kok. Click the link to find out more about the Neptune-Pluto combination.


zondag 11 januari 2009

Astrology chart Janet Jackson

Unfortunately the hour of birth of Janet Jackson is a well kept secret, but we know the date of her birth and on that day Venus was biquintile Neptune. Moon and Venus were conjunct at noon, in Aries. And the Moon is the first important object that rises before the Sun. What it means? It is part of an artistical pattern in charts, like you see on this blog. Venus, Moon, Neptune and the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Libra and/or Pisces belong to the pattern. Quintiles and biquintiles reflect a creative way to connect qualities. Venus with Neptune refers to artistical talents. Moon and Venus together reflect sense of arts and style. On the day of birth of Janet Jackson the possibility of having artistic talents was present. We don't know how Venus, Moon or Neptune are related to the Midheaven or other angles in the chart, because her HOB is unknown. But we know that she was born into an artistic family, so that the slightest talent would be able to grow.

The planets or Moon rising before the Sun show at what special qualities a person is 'orientated'. The Moon refers to children, but also to 'what is hot at the moment': popular versus Saturn (classical).

In her chart communications (by voice or written) are highlighted, because there is no placement in air signs. Without placements in air signs a person is looking for an exchange of ideas and for social contacts. With the risk that she will communicate at any possible level, anyway, anyhow...

Astrology chart of Ryan O'Neal

Ryan O'Neil is an actor. This blog is about astrological patterns indicating talents. In the natal chart of Ryan O'Neil you see the astrological pattern for artists like this:

1. Neptune conjunct Midheaven
2. Venus final dispositor of the Midheaven
3. Venus biquintile Neptune
4. Venus in Taurus
5. Moon in Pisces
6. Moon sextile Venus
7. Venus in the 5th house of entertainment

That is about enough to notice that he is above all an artist with talent, working in entertainment (with style, looking nice), with sense of art and style, sensitivity and having a preference for show, games and entertainment.

Today (see date of post) Ryan O'Neil is in the news. Watch the post on Astropost. to see the transits involved.

zaterdag 10 januari 2009

Astrology chart Dave Dee (no hour of birth)

Davy Dee, one of the members of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich (Bend it, The Legend of Xanadu) was born in Salisbury, December 17, 1943 with a 'calling'*) Venus and Neptune rising before the Sun. Venus is semi square the Sun, Neptune binovile Sun. Venus is semi quintile Neptune. Venus and Neptune are part of the artistic pattern that is found in so many charts of people with artistic talent, as you may see on this blog. It is because we don't know the hour of birth of Dave Dee, that we don't know his Midheaven, the aspects with Midheaven or angular positions in the chart.

More about his death in early January 2009 can be found on Astropost.

donderdag 8 januari 2009

Astrology chart Natalie Wood and Diana Rigg

Natalie Wood and Diana Rigg were born on the same day: 20 July 1938, but at different moments and places. Both have patterns of artistic talents in their charts. The artistic pattern consists of related Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven and/or the signs that Moon, Venus and Neptune rule.

The signs that are ruled by Moon, Venus and Neptune are Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces.
Diana has a Cancer Ascendant and Pisces Midheaven with Sun in Cancer. Natalie has Libra Ascendant and Cancer Midheaven.

Both have Venus 'calling'. Diana's Moon is connected to Venus and ruler Midheaven, Neptune. Natalie's Moon is quintile Midheaven and Neptune is related to ASC/MC. Both have the Black Moon angular and Uranus oriental. They are/were controversial, 'apart', different from the rest. Diana does not want to be remembered for her role in 'The Revengers' but we cann't help it when we remember her for that in particular.

Diana is still alive. Natalie Wood died in November 1981. This blog is about patterns for artistic talents only, so I won't go into that...I just noticed that there is another significant indication for the career of the ladies. It is the Midheaven in Cancer or in Pisces. One of the meaning of both signs is 'to act as if', 'to pretend' and 'to seem to be'. And acting is one of the ways to do so.

Astrology chart Prince Charles (watercolour artist)

Prince Charles of England is a watercolour artist as you will see when you click on the link. He does his garden 'starting from a dream'. And that is a statement for artistic ideas.

Where in his chart is the artist, I thought. Here is the chart and it is pretty obvious. The pattern of artistic talent is prominent in his chart! Venus conjunct the oriental Neptune in Libra, opposition Midheaven and Neptune quindecile the Moon on top, in Taurus. Ruler Midheaven is Mars and Mars is in the 5th house of games and pleasures.

He is really a professional. He sells his paintings and the money goes to one of his welfare foundations and organizations. The documentary (for his 60th birthday) showed that he is a man of ideas. I also heard that he is interested in architecture. Pallas (patterns...) is related to ASC/MC. I see Pallas in a prominent place in many charts of artists. And Prince Charles is one, too.

Of course there is more to say about his chart (Sun 'calling' for leadership and drawing attention, for example). But this blog is about artistic patterns only.
For more about the chart of Prince Charles...

Astrology chart Francisco de Goya

On this blog I show you how the same patterns of Moon, Venus and Neptune and the signs related to them (Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces) are prominent in the charts of artists and how this artistical pattern is connected to the Midheaven (the public, the career). Sometimes also Jupiter-Neptune combinations are involved, too (for fans and followers).

That artistical pattern is also visible in the chart of Goya. Francisco de Goya's chart shows his talents as follows:

1. The Moon is angular
2. Moon is strong in Cancer
3. Moon is conjunct Neptune
4. Moon is square Venus
5. Venus is square Neptune
6. Jupiter is inconjunct Neptune
7. Neptune rules the Midheaven and is trine Midheaven
8. Venus is the most elevated planet (square ASC) and rising before the Sun

You see Venus and the Moon prominent in this chart. The combination of Moon and Venus means 'sense of art'. And when you look at the chart drawing you will immediately notice that Sun, Venus, Moon and Neptune are angular and that there is an aspect with Midheaven.

Like a lot of artists in history, de Goya had a bad health. The Moon (ruler of the Ascendant) is square Saturn and conjunct Neptune. This is an indication for being ill.

maandag 5 januari 2009

Astrology chart Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is a very succesful actor. He has two Oscars. He was born 9 July 1956 at 11:17 in Concord CA. Venus was conjunct the Midheaven when he was born and on top of the chart. Moon, Mercury and Jupiter do not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. The 'calling' Mercury is the oriental planet (meaning that he has an orientation on communications at any possible level) and he convinces at any level (successful communications: Mercury-Jupiter).
The pattern of artistic talent consist of Moon, Venus and Neptune and the signs they rule, related to the Midheaven. Here is the chart of Tom Hanks:

In the chart of Hanks we see Venus on top, conjunct Midheaven and trine Neptune, Venus semi square ASC/MC and Neptune square Sun/Moon. Jupiter is not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. We see Mercury, Venus and Jupiter prominent in this chart for a successful person with communication talents (Mercury-Venus) who is an artist in heart and soul with style and talents as crucial gifts. Sun conjunct Moon/Venus, BTW, is a midpoint combination that I have seen in more charts of artists/actors. This chart has the artistic pattern (like all of the charts on this blog). Venus on Midheaven is related to Neptune on Sun/Moon and Sun<>Moon are the dispositors of the Midheaven.

zondag 4 januari 2009

Astrology chart Ronald Reagan

Of course, Ronald Reagan was a president. You can find more about his chart compared to other presidents on Astromarkt.net.

But Ronald Reagan was an actor, before he became a president. In the chart drawing above you see the artistic pattern. Moon in Taurus, Venus in Libra and Neptune are connected to the Midheaven in Libra. On this blog you find a lot of artists with the same sort of signs and patterns.

On Astropost, about the Reagans and astrology.

zaterdag 3 januari 2009

Astrology chart John Denver

John Denver was a folk singer, playing the guitar. He was an artist and it is easy to see why:

1. Moon in Pisces on top (romantic feelings, artistic needs on top),
2. Moon binovile Neptune (high sensitivity)
3. Venus + Neptune oriental (orientation on his artistic talents)
4. Moon opposition Jupiter/Neptune (rich fantasy and ... a period of having fans and followers)
5. Moon half semi square Midheaven
6. Moon-Venus 105 degree from each other (within 2 d orb)
7. Venus-Neptune septile (within 2 d orb)

The Moon in Pisces is connecting Midheaven and Venus. Artistic patterns consist of the relationship between Moon, Venus, Neptune and/or the sign that they dispose of with the Midheaven. All of the charts on this blog show such a pattern, in various ways.

Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn are prominent in his chart. There was success but it was not easy to get and there were ups and downs.

John Denver drank too much alcohol. For addiction we see Sun square Neptune (vulnerability) and Moon in Pisces biquintile Pluto (a creative way to stick to habits). The same qualities (empathy, sensitivity) that lead to music, led to addiction...
(Notice the Sun-Pluto inconjunction reflecting the difficulties with his father and problems with self value and self control).

John Denver died in a private airplane crash. Notice that he has Mars conjunct Uranus. Mars-Uranus conflicts are often involved in accidents. Read the article on Astromarkt about Mars-Uranus.

Astrology chart John Travolta

John Travolta was born 18 February 1954 at 14:54 EST in Englewood. He is known as an actor with sense of rhythm ('Grease').

The artistic pattern in his natal chart is composed like this:

1. Neptune is on a crucial spot square the Ascendant
2. Venus and Neptune are in mutual reception
3. Venus is in Pisces
4. Moon is semi square Neptune
5. Venus is sesquisquare Uranus

Venus, Neptune and Moon symbolize artistic talents and sense of art and style. Venus with Uranus indicates sense of rhythm.

Other astrological qualities that are important in the chart of a actor:

- Venus and Neptune are on the end of the vocational routing (Aries, Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury in Pisces, Neptune in Libra and Venus in Pisces)
- Mars ruler 10 is in the 5th house of games, plays and entertainment
- Venus is square Sun/Moon (for being an artist in heart and soul) and sesquisquare Jupiter/Pluto (for great successes as an artist)

The Moon in the second house is an important placement for a person who wants to be in the spotlight.

That is how the sky at the moment and place of John Travolta's birth reflects that there is a possible artistic talent...