donderdag 8 januari 2009

Astrology chart Francisco de Goya

On this blog I show you how the same patterns of Moon, Venus and Neptune and the signs related to them (Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces) are prominent in the charts of artists and how this artistical pattern is connected to the Midheaven (the public, the career). Sometimes also Jupiter-Neptune combinations are involved, too (for fans and followers).

That artistical pattern is also visible in the chart of Goya. Francisco de Goya's chart shows his talents as follows:

1. The Moon is angular
2. Moon is strong in Cancer
3. Moon is conjunct Neptune
4. Moon is square Venus
5. Venus is square Neptune
6. Jupiter is inconjunct Neptune
7. Neptune rules the Midheaven and is trine Midheaven
8. Venus is the most elevated planet (square ASC) and rising before the Sun

You see Venus and the Moon prominent in this chart. The combination of Moon and Venus means 'sense of art'. And when you look at the chart drawing you will immediately notice that Sun, Venus, Moon and Neptune are angular and that there is an aspect with Midheaven.

Like a lot of artists in history, de Goya had a bad health. The Moon (ruler of the Ascendant) is square Saturn and conjunct Neptune. This is an indication for being ill.

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