dinsdag 13 januari 2009

Astrology chart David Cerný

David Cerný is known as a controversial rebel in the world of arts.

On the birthday of David Cerný (December 15, 1967, Prague) Neptune and Venus (15 degrees apart) were rising before the Sun for the artistical orientation. As his hour of birth is unknown, little we know about the position of the Midheaven, angular placements or aspects with the Moon. But it is easy to see that on his day of birth the symbol of the rebel, Uranus, was prominently opposition Aries Point and 'calling' (that is that Uranus doesn't make Ptolemaic aspect). Mercury is also prominent. The combination Mercury-Uranus (in this chart 75 degrees apart) reflects controversial ideas or opinions. As both Mercury and Uranus are 'calling' this issue is prominent in his life and works. How prominent? Read Astropost...

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