donderdag 8 januari 2009

Astrology chart Prince Charles (watercolour artist)

Prince Charles of England is a watercolour artist as you will see when you click on the link. He does his garden 'starting from a dream'. And that is a statement for artistic ideas.

Where in his chart is the artist, I thought. Here is the chart and it is pretty obvious. The pattern of artistic talent is prominent in his chart! Venus conjunct the oriental Neptune in Libra, opposition Midheaven and Neptune quindecile the Moon on top, in Taurus. Ruler Midheaven is Mars and Mars is in the 5th house of games and pleasures.

He is really a professional. He sells his paintings and the money goes to one of his welfare foundations and organizations. The documentary (for his 60th birthday) showed that he is a man of ideas. I also heard that he is interested in architecture. Pallas (patterns...) is related to ASC/MC. I see Pallas in a prominent place in many charts of artists. And Prince Charles is one, too.

Of course there is more to say about his chart (Sun 'calling' for leadership and drawing attention, for example). But this blog is about artistic patterns only.
For more about the chart of Prince Charles...

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