woensdag 18 februari 2009

Astrology chart Jeanne Moreau

Actress Jeanne Moreau has some interesting placements in her natal chart. She has Moon conjunct Mercury on top, reflecting the need to communicate above all. This conjunction shows curiosity and 'keeping memories alive' (Moon) together with (conjunction) communicating (Mercury). The Moon is also semi square Venus for sense of style and beauty.

Venus and Neptune are trine, but it is a wide trine. Both Venus and Neptune don't make a major aspect within 5 degrees. They are 'calling' (extra strong). This means that there is a vocation for arts (Venus-Neptune) at any kind of level. Neptune is more important than Venus is, as Neptune is on a crucial spot (square Ascendant). Neptune is the symbol of the movies. And Neptune is in aspect with Midheaven. Neptune is biquintile Midheaven. The biquintile symbolizes creativity.

Jeanne Moreau has the pattern of artistic talents in her chart and this pattern is constructed by the importance of Venus and Neptune, by the Moon on top conjunct Mercury and by Neptune biquintile MC and (wide) trine Venus with Venus semi square Moon.

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