zondag 11 januari 2009

Astrology chart of Ryan O'Neal

Ryan O'Neil is an actor. This blog is about astrological patterns indicating talents. In the natal chart of Ryan O'Neil you see the astrological pattern for artists like this:

1. Neptune conjunct Midheaven
2. Venus final dispositor of the Midheaven
3. Venus biquintile Neptune
4. Venus in Taurus
5. Moon in Pisces
6. Moon sextile Venus
7. Venus in the 5th house of entertainment

That is about enough to notice that he is above all an artist with talent, working in entertainment (with style, looking nice), with sense of art and style, sensitivity and having a preference for show, games and entertainment.

Today (see date of post) Ryan O'Neil is in the news. Watch the post on Astropost. to see the transits involved.

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