vrijdag 5 december 2008

Astrology chart of Peter Paul Rubens

Painter Peter Paul Rubens is a fine example of the value of Venus and Neptune in the chart of an artist. Venus is angular on the Ascendant and Neptune is rising before the Sun. Those are two prominent positions in the natal chart. Venus is semi quintile Neptune. The natal Sun does not make major aspects, which is why he drew attention. And I like to point at the creative link between Moon and Venus. They are connected by biquintile, the most creative aspect. And Moon-Venus combinations reflect a sense of art. So what we see in the chart of Peter Paul Rubens is that he had a crucial style and a creative sense of art with an artistic orientation. Perfect for the chart of an artist, is not it?

Besides a painter, Rubens also was a diplomat. That explains the end dispositor Saturn in Capricorn. Venus, btw is also the astrological symbol of diplomacy (and peace).

PS Neptune in those days had not been discovered yet...

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