vrijdag 26 december 2008

Astrology chart Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter died yesterday. He was a famous writer, actor, poet and director. Directors need an important Sun in their charts to lead the play in their direction. Harold Pinter had the Sun on top of the chart, square Ascendant and in Libra, ruled by Venus (planet of esthetics and style). The chart of Harold Pinter shows various talents, and he used all of them.

In his chart Mercury (symbol of the messenger and the author) is important. Mercury is opposition Aries Point and rising before the Sun. Mercury rules the 5th house of plays and entertainment. And Mercury is tightly sextile Venus, the symbol of style and refinement. This aspect tells us that he had a talent (Venus) for communications (Mercury).

The pattern of the artist in the chart: Moon in Taurus (ruled by Venus and opposition Midheaven) 105 degrees from Neptune. It also can be found in the positions of Sun and Moon in signs ruled by Venus and in the position of Neptune.

The artist in the chart is in the elevated Sun in Libra, conjunct the midpoint Venus/Neptune and half semi square Venus/Jupiter and Venus/Pluto.

Also see the semi square of Jupiter and Neptune (for the devoted audience). Jupiter and Neptune are both in aspect with the Midheaven.

Sense of art is demonstrated by the Moon in Taurus, on a crucial angular spot in the chart. The Moon is the symbol of acting (of keeping memories alive and of 'pretending').

The successes as an artist are reflected by:
Jupiter trine Midheaven
Jupiter sesquisemisquare Venus/Pluto
Venus sesquisemisquare Jupiter/Midheaven
ASC 112.5 degrees from Venus/Jupiter and Venus/Pluto
Mercury sesquisemisquare Mars/Jupiter and Jupiter/Pluto
Jupiter is related to Sun/Neptune and Sun/Pluto
and more...

The chart of Harold Pinter does not point at one strong direction only. The various ways that he showed his talents to the world go together with various indications in the chart. All together they indicate that on his day and hour of birth it was time for the birth of a man who had talents for communications, who could draw attention, who could 'pretend' or 'act' and who could make a success of it, either way helped by the prominence of Jupiter (symbol of progress), close to the Descendant and trine the Midheaven.

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