zondag 14 december 2008

Astrology chart Diana Ross

Diana Ross'chart is obviously the chart of an artist. Charts of artists usually have a prominent construction of Moon, Venus and Neptune in their hart, sometimes together with Jupiter/Neptune-influences for the fans (the devoted audience). The chart of Diana Ross is no different. Look what her chart shows us:

1. the Moon rising before the Sun
2. Venus on the IC
3. Jupiter semi square Neptune
4. Venus square Uranus (and Jupiter qiuntile Uranus)
5. The Moon within 1.5 degrees from Aries Point
6. Venus 22.5 degrees from Sun/Moon
7. Neptune opposition Sun/Moon
8. Venus is in Pisces
9. The Moon is in Pisces
10. Venus is opposition Jupiter/Neptune

I think those 10 indications are enough to tell us that her chart shows the importance of the public 'act', the crucial importance of style, the fans and followers, the sense of rhythm and the fact that she in heart and soul an artistic talent (Venus+Neptune with Sun/Moon).

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