vrijdag 27 februari 2009

Astrology chart Ruth Rendell

Neptune and Pluto, I said it before on Astropost.blogspot.com, often have a starring role in the charts of authors of detectives. As an example I named Agatha Christie. In her chart, that you can see on Astropost (click the link), Neptune and Pluto are on top. I found another great example: Ruth Rendell.

The midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven in her chart is 3d45m Pisces. Neptune is situated on 2d19 Virgo (opposition Asc/MC, Neptune is the apex of a midpoint 'yod', the finger is pointing at Neptune). Pluto is on 17d47 Cancer (semi square Neptune and related to ASC/MC.Venus is 157.5 degrees from Neptune/Pluto and Mars (ruler 1) is opposition Neptune/Pluto for a passion (Venus+Mars) for mystery (Neptune/Pluto). And there is even more Neptune/Pluto in her chart. Neptune is 112.5 and Pluto is 157.5 degrees from Sun/Moon so that she is in heart and soul mysterious:)

Pluto is (on his own) the symbol of power, influence, money and politics. Ruth Rendell is a member of the House of Lords for the Labour Party. Please see Saturn on the Midheaven for the importance of ambition, status, administration and career making.

Now take a good look at her chart and see which planets are prominent. Mars is oriental (= rising before the Sun). Pluto has a crucial spot down under. Saturn is on Midheaven. The combination Mars, Saturn and Pluto is the combination of unnatural death, danger of death and violent death. It is what she writes about.

The artistic pattern is made by Moon, Venus, Neptune and the signs they rule (Taurus, Libra, Cancer and Pisces), in connection with Midheaven (for the career). We see Venus in Pisces in her chart. We see the Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus). Venus is opposition Neptune. And Neptune is 112.5 degrees from Sun/Moon and opposition Ascendant/Midheaven.


And why is she a writer? Because Mercury is the most elevated planet in this chart.

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