dinsdag 27 januari 2009

Astrology chart Frederico García Lorca

Frederico Garcia Lorca is a Spanish poet, executed during the Spanish Civil War (Guerra Civil). This blog Art & Astrology is about the 'artist in the natal chart'. The artistic talents of García Lorca are reflected by the prominence of the Moon, Venus and Neptune. These three objects do not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. Unaspected objects are what I name 'calling' planets or lights. They draw attention and have a prominent effect. The combination of Moon,Venus and Neptune refers to sense of art (Moon and Venus), sensibility and empathy (Moon and Neptune) and artistic talents (high sensitivity: Venus and Neptune). Jupiter is square Venus/Pluto and that is an indication for being successful as an artist.

Interesanting poems: http://www.los-poetas.com/a/lorca.htm

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