zondag 25 augustus 2013

Astropost: The chart of the crash and death of Randy Rhoads

On Astropost: The chart of the crash and death of Randy Rhoads, the young guitar playing member of the band of Ozzy Osbourne and http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2013/08/saturn-and-pholus-in-charts-of-johnny.html on the idea of retirement in the chart of Johnny Depp.

zondag 4 augustus 2013

Natal chart and talent of Louis Vuitton

There is a pattern in the charts of professionals with an artistic profession. That pattern consists of aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune with MC, often with one or more of the related signs Taurus, Libra, Cancer or Pisces involved. Design requires a visionary eye for fashion and style. Designers also have the astrological pattern of artistic talent in their charts. Here is some Vuitton design:

Look at the chart of Louis Vuitton, the man who started the expensive bag brand. With Pluto (price!), ruler 5 (creation) on the MC in Pisces and  Neptune, square Midheaven, quintile Moon in Libra and trine Venus in the sign of details and practical use (Virgo), his chart has all that it takes to become a person who makes handy, fashionable and arty stuff. 

Louis Vuitton was a Leo. Leo's don't intend to make cheap things, do they? His chart has Venus in aspect with Jupiter and Pluto (a sign of success, earning a lot of money).

Natal chart of Louis Vuitton (click for larger size)