maandag 25 mei 2009

Astrology chart Susan Boyle

Now that April 1, 1961 at 9h50 in Bathgate seem to be THE data for the birth chart of Susan Boyle (earlier June 15 seemed to be the proper date), I considered to give it a try with this chart. The artist is in the chart, so is the unmarried woman and so are the limitations. And there is a remarkably stronge disposition for artistic talents at that time, on that day.

The astrological pattern for artistic talent consists of aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune and the Midheaven and in the signs that belong to Moon, Venus and Neptune (Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces). It is all there:

1. Moon in Libra for sense of arts and style (!)
2. Venus quindecile (165d) Neptune for a strong focus on arts
3. Moon quindecile Venus (for a strong focus on the need for what is beautiful)
4. Neptune square Midheaven (a career related to arts or the 'amorphous' movies, religion and the sound of music)
5. Moon trine Midheaven (for keeping memories alive)
6. Venus quintile Midheaven (for a creative style or entertainment in the professional field)
7. Venus 157.5 Jupiter/Pluto for success in entertainment
8. Moon (Placidus) or Neptune (equal) in the 5th house of games, play and entertainment

Remarkable: her Venus is in the middle of Moon and Neptune, making quindeciles with both. The combination of the planets of the arts is being repeated three times in the 22.5 degree midpoint range (f.ex. Venus opposition Moon/Neptune, a 'midpoint yod', see the drawing of the chart). There is, in other words, a very strong focus on artistic talents, indicated by the two quindeciles, the midpoint yod and the 3 times repeated midpoint combination!

For more information about the chart and progressions of Susan Boyle, see Astropost.
For more about quindeciles, see Noel Tyl..

zaterdag 23 mei 2009

Astrology chart of Cat Stevens (Yousouf Islam)

Yousouf Islam (Cat Stevens) is an artist. The talent is obvious in his chart:

1. Neptune is conjunct Ascendant for prominent sensitivity
2. Cancer is the sign of the Midheaven and Cancer is one of the signs in the artistic pattern
3. Neptune is square Midheaven, relating the career to the 'amorphous' (like arts, movies, religion)
4. The Sun is 'calling' in the tenth house for drawing public attention at any kind of level
5. Venus is conjunct Uranus for sense of rhythm
6. Neptune is semi square ASC/MC for the crucial importance of arts (and spirituality)
7. Last but not least: Mercury is conjunct Midheaven for the crucial importance of communications (the voice/songwriting) for the career.

(added in 2013) 
Cat Stevens doesn't have the usual pattern of artistic talent (aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune related to Midheaven) at first sight. However: his angular Neptune square MC is an important planet for artist and in religion or in any other field that requires empathy, belief, fantasy or vision. This Neptune is in minor aspect with the Moon (112.5 degrees, a square and half semi square) and with Venus (105 degrees, a squine, see ). 

Also notice that Venus is 112.5 d from Jupiter/Pluto, for succesful entertainment.

What more information does an astrologer need? The Mercury-Neptune square on the angles refers to 'telling tales'. He is a poet. Mercury is in Cancer and Neptune is in Libra. The dispositors of Cancer and Libra are Moon and Venus. The square between Mercury and Neptune can be read as telling tales in an artistic way, because Cancer and Libra (as Moon and Venus) are the combination of sense of arts, style and beauty.

CONVERSION: Uranus in the 9th house
Cat Stevens was born with the name Steven Demetre Georgiou (a Greek Cypriot name). In the 70'ies Cat Stevens had a quest for spiritual truth, including the study of astrology. For this: see Moon in Aquarius in the 3rd degree of Aquarius, close to Algiedi, biquintile Uranus and the Midheaven semi square Jupiter/Uranus.
In the end of this quest he converted to Islam. Since then there were a lot of controversies (see Wikipedia). Note the placement of Uranus (planet of reverse, conversion and controversy) in the ninth house (the house of conviction). Uranus is the first outer planet rising before his Sun. This reflects rebellion, controversy and being 'different' from the rest. Uranus is semi sextile Sun and 15d from Midheaven. The fact that he drew the attention of the public (Sun and Midheaven) attributed to the upheavel, of course.

With Neptune on the Ascendant the use of an artist name doesn't come as a surprise. Neptune is the symbol of 'hidden things' and of fantasy, too. The presentation or name (Ascendant) goes together with (conjunction) fantasy (Neptune)...The name of his wife is not known. Maybe that can also be contributed to Neptune (keeping things a secret, discretion).

When he became a muslim, he altered his artist name in Yousouf Islam. That was with the progressed Ascendant (symbol of presentations and nicknames or names) changed sign. When the Sun, the Ascendant or the Midheaven change sign in progression, vital changes in life are to be expected, like when a new 'Morning has broken'.

zondag 17 mei 2009

Astrology chart Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak is the man who won the European Songfestival 2009 for Norway. He was born in Minsk on May 13 1986. His parents are musicians and he studied to play the piano and the violin since he was only 5 years old. He won the contest with transit Saturn square progressed Sun, and that is reflecting duties and obligations, maybe as a result? There are disadvantages of winning a contest, too:)

The artistic pattern in his chart looks like this:
1. Moon in Cancer
2. Venus quindecile Neptune
3. Sun Taurus with Moon Cancer (ruled by Venus and Moon)
4. Venus opposition Uranus

With 3 quindeciles there is a strong focus on a subject. And with Sun inconjunct Uranus he wants to draw attention with being different from the rest. He managed to win the contest that way. His song drew attention because of the violin and the classical Norwegian theme. See his song here:


zaterdag 16 mei 2009

Astrology chart Jim Sheridan

After seeing 'In America' (a beautiful tear jerker) I got interested in the chart of the director, Jim Sheridan. He was born February 6, 1949 in Dublin. I couldn't find an hour of birth, so I had to see the pattern of artistic talent in the positions of the day of birth.

Here it is:
1. The Moon is in the artistic sign of Taurus
2. Venus doesn't make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees'(Venus is 'calling' and that means that there is a vocation for style and arts or entertainment at any level)
3. Mercury is also 'calling': communications are important
4. Venus is 105 degrees from Neptune: focus on arts
5. Venus square Jupiter/Pluto (success in art)

He is a director, because:
1. Jupiter is the first outer planet rising before the Sun. Jupiter is the planet of the international (and he emigrated to New York, like the main character in the movie:). But Jupiter is also the planet of guidance.
2. Another reason for directing: Saturn! Saturn is 'calling' (making no major aspects). That is an indication for ambition, administration, business and management.

When 'In America' was realesed, progressed Uranus was conjunct the natal Uranus. That is because Uranus was retrograding in his natal chart and started going direct. In 2002 Uranus had returned to the natal position. Perhaps from that moment on 'new life' in New York started for Jim Sheridan, too.

Another observation: he lacks placements in water signs. That is an indication for 'sentiments' at any level (for a person who usually will be rather cool). His movie has that effect...Emotions at any level, moving you, even if you resist:)

vrijdag 15 mei 2009

Astrology chart Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley (Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous) was born 01051946 193000 IST in Srinagar (India). I found her data on

The pattern of artistic talent is clearly visible in her chart. Neptune is biquintile Moon (in Taurus), trine Venus and semi square Midheaven. She shares this connection between Moon, Venus and Neptune (and the related signs) with Midheaven in her chart with the charts of all other artists on this blog.

Joanna Lumley has a busy Sun/Moon midpoint. She is an actor and she defends the rights of the environment, animals and Nepalese Ghurkas. Pluto is the symbol of politics, sex, defense, money, challenges, danger and influence. Pluto is elevated in her chart. And Pluto is square her Sun: she surely doesn't make it easy on herself. In fact, she seems to be the opposite of Patsy:)

dinsdag 12 mei 2009

Astrology chart Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono is an artist. We can see that by her chart. An astrological artistic pattern consists of aspects and other relations between Moon, Venus and Neptune (and the signs that belong to them) with Midheaven. In the chart of Yoko Ono Cancer is on the Midheaven and the Moon in Sagittarius is square Neptune and sextile Venus. Neptune is sextile MC. Also Venus is half semi square Sun/Moon. It is a complete pattern that reflects sense of art and style.

Venus is 67.5 (sesquisemisquare) Uranus, so that both Venus and Uranus are in aspect with Sun/Moon in the 22.5 degree range. The Venus-Uranus connection is rather common in the charts of pop musicians*) as rhythm is an important component of modern music.

*) More specific: I found Venus in aspect with Neptune and/or Uranus and combinations of this, like Venus in Pisces in aspect with Uranus or Venus in Aquarius in aspect with Neptune in the charts of singers. Examples: Anita Meijer, Gordon (European Songfestival), Lee Towers, Rob de Nijs, Frans Bauer, Lenny Kuhr, Paskal Jacobsen, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Liesbeth List, Lenny Kuhr and Marco Borsato. Roy Orbison is an exception, but...he has a Sun Taurus conjunct Uranus. Esmee Denters has Venus trine Uranus, Robbie Williams has Venus square Uranus, Diana Ross (Venus in Pisces in aspect with Uranus), Elton John (Venus in Aquarius trine Uranus), Alice Cooper (venus in Pisces square URanus), David Cassidy (Venus in Pisces trine Urnaus), Rod Stewart (venus in Pisces square Uranus), Mick Jagger (Venus square Uranus) and Venus in Aquarius for Peter Gabriel and Zarah Leander.

zondag 10 mei 2009

Astrology chart Jim Kerr (Simple Minds)

The Simple Minds have their come back with the Album 'Graffiti Soul' in this month. Reason enough to have a look at the astrology chart of Jim Kerr, the leader and singer of the band. Why is he the leader? Because his Sun does not make Ptolemaic ascpect in sign or orb 5 degrees. This prominent ('calling') Sun tells us that he is a performer, in the centre of attention, (pro-)creative or the leader...This is confirmed by Sun conjunct ASC/MC (leadership and performance is of crucial importance).

This is the artistic pattern in his chart:
1. Taurus Midheaven (ruled by Venus, planet of style and talent)
2. Venus sextile Neptune (artistic talent)
3. Venus square Midheaven
4. Moon square Midheaven (Moon and Venus with Midheaven for a sense of art needed in the profession)
5. Neptune 157.5 (sesquisquare and half semisquare) Midheaven
6. Venus semi square ASC/MC (style, talent)
7. Neptune square Sun/Moon (in heart and soul an artist)

For his success, see the angular positions of Jupiter and Pluto...For using his voice, notice that there are no placements in air signs. That implicates 'communications at any kind of level'.

The Simple Minds were established in 1977, with progressed Venus square progressed MC, activating the existing square of Venus and Midheaven in the natal chart. The band is over 32 years old and still alive and kicking! Taurus midheaven and the 70% of fixed signs in the chart of Kerr surely contribute to that fact.

In 2005 they had their first album in years: Black & White. That was when Kerr's progressed Sun had changed sign and was immediately conjunct his natal Venus. His life changed in a harmonious way!
Now transit Pluto is trine his progressed Midheaven and that is a fortunate sign for a come back. It means that there is a good opportunity (trine) to restore or transform (Pluto) the professional career (Midheaven).

zaterdag 9 mei 2009

Astrology chart Oriana Fallaci

Oriana Fallaci was a writer and a journalist. She was more a publisher and a journalist than a poetic writer. That is why the planet of the messenger and the facts, Mercury, is very prominent in her chart (more than the astrological pattern of artistic talents).

Mercury, the symbol of communications is:
1. Opposition Midheaven
2. Strong in Gemini
3. Rising before the Sun
4. Not making aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees ('calling')
That is why Mercury is the most prominent planet in her chart.

The artistic talent (or should I say her style and empathy) is reflected by the position of:
1. Venus in Taurus,
2. Venus conjunct Sun/Moon and
3. Venus in aspect with ASC/MC
4. Moon biquintile Neptune
5. Moon 105 degrees from Midheaven

Her father fought against the facist regime of Benito Muselini. During WWII she had progressed Sun conjunct Pluto. Her life was in danger, too, because she helped him. When she was 16, with Progressed Sun sextile Venus, she started writing. But the experiences during the war made her active and alert against any sort of decay in liberty. (Sun square Uranus) Later in life the same aspect made her rather controversial. After 0911 she started writing against islam and the sharia.

She was a heavy smoker, just like Obama (Has he quit smoking yet?)
In his chart the signs for smoking are: Neptune on top, square Mars with Moon square Pluto. In her chart the Pisces Ascendant and Mars conjunt Neptune might be blamed.

vrijdag 8 mei 2009

Astrology chart Gerrit Rietveld

Architect and designer Gerrit Rietveld was trained to produce fourniture. He didnot like the fourniture at all. Good taste is very important in his chart. There are no aspects within 5 degrees of orb or in sign with Venus. Venus is rising before the Sun. Venus is the symbol of style and prominent in his chart. Perhaps that is why he didn't like the old fashioned fourniture of his father.

The pattern of artistic talent in the chart consists of the prominent Venus, the aspect between Moon and Neptune and the sign of Pisces on Midheaven. And Mars is in a crucial spot in the chart to show us the importance of tools, machinery and handcraft.

Astrology chart Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland is an actor and a director. The astrological pattern of artistic talent is visible in his chart (December 21, 1966, 9 a.m. in Marylebone UK).

1. Neptune is the first outer planet rising before his Sun
2. Venus is conjunct the Ascendant
3. The Moon is on a crucial spot (down under in the chart)
4. Neptune is square Sun/Moon
5. Moon is inconjunct Midheaven, Venus is sextile Midheaven
6. Mercury is 67.5 degrees from Sun/Moon (for being communicative)
7. The Sun is square Aries Point (for directing and being a star)
8. He has a cool Venus in Capricorn, like other male movie stars have. See the post about male beauties...

So that the prominent Moon and Venus ('sense of art') are related to the career (Midheaven) and he is in heart and soul (Sun/Moon) an artist. For more about Kiefer and Rachel Sutherland, see my blog Astropost... or go directly to the post about Kiefer and his twin sister...HERE.

donderdag 7 mei 2009

Astrology chart Gina Lollobrigida

Gina Lollobrigida (La Lollo) is a famous Italian movie star. In the last months of 2006 she was in the news because of a plan to get married to a 45-year old Spanyard (she was almost 80 then). But the marriage was delayed.

With her Gemini Ascendant Gina Lollobrigida remained 'young' for long. Jupiter conjunct Uranus, elevated, promissed her sudden successes and made her inventive. Venus and Neptune are biquintile Jupiter and Uranus. The (bi)quintile is a creative aspect. Venus and Neptune together reflect artistic talents and sensitivity. They are also the components of a romantic nature. The two planets are opposition the Midheaven. The Moon (acting, attracting) is quindecile Midheaven and positioned at the lowest spot of the chart, in a crucial position.

Gina Lollobrigida (born 4th July 1927 Subiaco at about 3 o'clock at night. End of 2006 progressed Venus was sextile Sun. The sextile is the harmonious aspect of 'letting go' and 'acceptance'. Transit Saturn was conjunct progressed Ascendant and approaching to Venus. That is more the reflection of love ending than of a mariage. Anyway, she did not marry the man after all.

Files of 2006:
Wikipedia about La Lollo

Astrology chart Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry is a guitar player, a singer and a songwriter, but he is also a jailbird. He was convicted 3 times. He also has 3 midpoint combinations of Sun, Saturn and Uranus in his natal chart. This combination reflects the issue of limited freedom. Also notice the Sun in 12 semi sextile Saturn.

But let's talk about rock and roll and the astrogical artistic pattern*). It is in this chart:

1. Moon in Pisces
2. Venus in Libra
3. Venus final dispositor of the Midheaven routing
4. Moon inconjunct Venus
5. Neptune half semi square ASC/MC
6. Neptune the first outer planet rising before the Sun
7. Moon in the fifth house of creativity
8. Neptune is in the 10th house of profession

For the very tight square between Venus and Pluto I recommend my site Astromarkt, about Venus-Pluto (the beauty and the beast). Venus and Pluto together are the money-axis (earning money, financial problems or desire) and a tight aspect shows the importance of this subject.

*) All of the charts of artists on this blog have connections (aspects) between Moon, Venus and Neptune and/or the related signs (Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces) with Midheaven - MC -. Moon, Venus and Neptune contribute to artistic talents, sense of style and arts. The Midheaven or 10th house adds professional use of these talents. For creativity (games, play and show) there is also often involvement of the 5th house.

woensdag 6 mei 2009

Astrology chart Esmee Denters

Esmée Denters has become famous through YouTube. Esmée was born in Holland on September 28, 1988. On that day the position of Venus was rather similar to those of other 'diva's' and singers who's charts I studied. She has Venus in Sagittarius, trine Uranus and sesqui square Neptune. The Moon is in Taurus. The fact that she is aiming at the international field could be related to the oriental Jupiter. Jupiter trines the Sun and makes a sextile with Mars. That is a combination for successes, just like Venus conjunct the midpoint Jupiter/Pluto.

With Sun in Libra and Moon in Taurus Esmée must be a woman with good taste and talents. Notice the opposition between Sun and Mars for enterprise. Without having an hour of birth there is not much more to say. On the day of her birth, there was artistic talent in the air.

Astrology chart Pjotr Tchaikovsky

The natal chart of Pjotr (Peter) Tchaikovsky demonstrates the artistic talent as follows:

The Moon is in Cancer (that makes him more sensitive)
The Moon is square Venus (for sense of art)
Venus is quintile Neptune (for creative artistic talents)
Ruler Midheaven is in Pisces (for a career related to fantasy, vision or ideas)

And for the fact that he was a classical composer with a decent education we see Saturn oppposition Sun/Moon. Saturn is the symbol of what is classical and 'official'.

His Midheaven in Aquarius could point at peculiarities or modern ideas. Wikipedia mentions that he wanted to remain 'independent'. Independence is symbolised by Aquarius.