maandag 25 mei 2009

Astrology chart Susan Boyle

Now that April 1, 1961 at 9h50 in Bathgate seem to be THE data for the birth chart of Susan Boyle (earlier June 15 seemed to be the proper date), I considered to give it a try with this chart. The artist is in the chart, so is the unmarried woman and so are the limitations. And there is a remarkably stronge disposition for artistic talents at that time, on that day.

The astrological pattern for artistic talent consists of aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune and the Midheaven and in the signs that belong to Moon, Venus and Neptune (Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces). It is all there:

1. Moon in Libra for sense of arts and style (!)
2. Venus quindecile (165d) Neptune for a strong focus on arts
3. Moon quindecile Venus (for a strong focus on the need for what is beautiful)
4. Neptune square Midheaven (a career related to arts or the 'amorphous' movies, religion and the sound of music)
5. Moon trine Midheaven (for keeping memories alive)
6. Venus quintile Midheaven (for a creative style or entertainment in the professional field)
7. Venus 157.5 Jupiter/Pluto for success in entertainment
8. Moon (Placidus) or Neptune (equal) in the 5th house of games, play and entertainment

Remarkable: her Venus is in the middle of Moon and Neptune, making quindeciles with both. The combination of the planets of the arts is being repeated three times in the 22.5 degree midpoint range (f.ex. Venus opposition Moon/Neptune, a 'midpoint yod', see the drawing of the chart). There is, in other words, a very strong focus on artistic talents, indicated by the two quindeciles, the midpoint yod and the 3 times repeated midpoint combination!

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For more about quindeciles, see Noel Tyl..

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