zondag 31 maart 2013

Lady Gaga's chart?

Lady Gaga is no ordinary person. Maybe that is why her chart doesn't follow the 'ordinary' path and pattern to show artistic talent? Here is the chart, found on Astrotheme.fr with no mention of source for the very specific time of birth. Is it perhaps a guess chart?

The important angular Mars at the Descendant is 'calling' shows how driven and active she is. She is the typical 'workaholic'. Scorpio Moon mirrors a strong personality. The Sun is 105 d Uranus. Her Venus is trine Uranus. There is a wide square between her Sun and Mars! at Descendant. She is rather independent and loves surprises and falling in love (Venus-Uranus). Venus-Uranus also gives her artistic aspirations and sense of rhythm. Many pop singers have a Venus-Uranus aspect.

The usual pattern of aspects of Moon, Venus and Neptune, related to Midheaven, is missing. This chart has Sun/Moon square Venus and that means that art, entertainment, fun and love motivate her. Instead of the missing pattern, she has Moon/Neptune sesquisquare Venus and Sun/Moon. Pisces Midheaven is sextile Neptune.

How to relate her success to her natal chart? There is:
- Jupiter rising before the Sun for the positive and self assured international
- Vesta conjunct Midheaven helps her to focus on her career (just like Mars!)
- Moon trine Jupiter is a rather fortunate aspect. This Moon is also conjunct Pluto. The combination of Moon, Jupiter and Pluto increases popularity. Jupiter-Pluto aspect and midpoint combination help you to earn money and be 'valued'. See: http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2011/05/jupiterpluto-midpoint-and-aspect.html 

As soon as there is an AA rated chart of Lady Gaga, I'll be back on the subject.

Check what it means when your Sun/Moon or Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint is in hard aspect with one of the planets or Pholus or ...


vrijdag 15 maart 2013

Don Johnson and his chart

On Astropost I posted this Astropost: Don Johnson's chart and life (a Venus-Uranus thing) about the natal chart, the progressions and transits in the life of Don Johnson and the Venus-Uranus aspect that keeps coming back in this story by a fan:)

zaterdag 9 maart 2013

Chart and talent of Harisson Ford

Harrison Ford is the actor who impersonates Indiana Jones, the adventurer. Harrison Ford was born July 13, 1942, 11h41 a.m. CWT in Chicago Heights with this chart:


  • Mercury (using the voice: speaking,writing) is calling! (no major aspects in 5d orb or sign) and that means that he communicates at any possible level (and sometimes not at all:) and 
  • Mercury square Zero Aries (for being known) AND 
  • Mercury conjunct MC (for professional communications)
  • the Moon (keeping the memories alive or ... imitation, reflection) is ruler of the Cancer MC (history, pretending, feeding, educating) and 
  • Moon strong in Cancer (good for actors). 
Venus sextile Mars is the tightest aspect (it means: a passion or a passionate person).
Mercury is very prominent , so that he could not miss the theme of the 'messenger' or 'interpreter'.

Is there an astrological pattern for artistic talent here? Yes, but not the usual one. We see:

The Moon strong in Cancer and ruling Midheaven
Neptune angular
Moon wide sextile Neptune

Now it seems that Venus is not related to Moon or Neptune or MC. But there is a quindecile (=strong focus) of Venus with IC and Midheaven is in hard aspect with Moon/Venus. It is the professional axis (IC-MC) that unites Moon, Venus and Neptune like this:

MC in Cancer sextile Neptune = Moon/Venus 

And why movies? Neptune in angular placement close to the Ascendant is an important indication. It means impersonating or disguise or... arts and movies (the world of fantasies) is important.

Notice that Mars is conjunct the midpoint Ascendant/MC and Jupiter/Neptune (semi square MC). Jupiter/Neptune, again, is pointing at fans and followers, succesful 'fake' or 'make belief' etc. and very fortunate for an actor. I think that Jupiter/Neptune is the combination of the believing audience. This combination pops up in the charts of those who are on stage, before a public that 'believes' in them. See my site Astromarkt: http://www.astromarkt.net/jupiter-in-aspect-with-neptune.html

Susanne Pleshette's chart

In 2008 I wrote about Susanne Pleshette on Astropost.blogspot.com and I like to transfer this post to here now, with a chart drawing included.

Suzanne Pleshette died, age 70, early in the evening of the 19th of January of 2008, two weeks before her 71st birthday.

 She was born 31st January 1937 at 22h24 (Astrotheme.fr). Since August 2006 it was known that she was being treated for lung cancer (that was with P Moon square Pluto, just before the progressed New Moon and a few months after Sun semi sextile Saturn). 18 Months earlier the progressed Sun inconjunct Neptune announced a vulnerable health. Transit Pluto squared the Progressed MC last year. Progressed Mars inconjunct Uranus and transit Chiron trine Ascendant accompanied her final days. In the progressed chart Saturn is less than 1 degree from her IC. There will probably even more to discover but let's talk about her life and achievements.

She was a beautiful actrice. There were a number of indications for that:

  • Notice the MC in Cancer ruled by Moon in Libra
  • Moon in Libra on the Ascendant (attraction)
  • Ascendant ruled by Venus in Pisces
  • Venus in 6 conjunct Aries Point (known for beauty)
  • Neptune is final dispositor of the MC (arts)
  • Moon is square the MC (memorizing, actor)
  • Mercury crucial on the IC for the use of communication methods
Artistic or idealistic keeper of memories with on orientation on communications, that is what could be read in this chart of Susanne Pleshette. How about the astrological pattern for artists (Moon, Venus, Neptune and MC related and some placements in their signs)? We see:

the Moon in Libra, ruled by Venus and square MC
Venus in Pisces, ruled by Neptune
Neptune sextile MC

George W. Bush, the painter

The Huffington Post has a few messages about George W. Bush painting and now that I know about this, I want to know: does he have the same pattern of artistic talent as others on this blog have?
See the chart:
He has:

Moon in Libra
Moon wide sextile Venus
Venus semi square Neptune
Venus trine MC

So, the answer is: yes, he does. (Sorry, political enemies and critics!:)

He could have chosen for an artistic career when he was young. The 'calling' Saturn (no aspects, square Midheaven) points at the importance (to him) of ambition, the father and status, classical education stood in the way. I don't know if it is too lae (is it ever:) but Saturn also refers to old age, patience and time passing bye.

PS, a bit not on topic:
when he retired the progressed Midheaven inconjunct Pholus (link to my site Astromarkt) reflected a turning point in life with a loss involved. Pholus is in his 6th house of daily pattern. Maybe now he found a way to deal with that lost pattern.

Here is a blog with some of the pictures (brought into the world by a hacker) and comments about yes/no talent: http://www.vulture.com/2013/02/jerry-saltz-george-w-bush-is-a-good-painter.html