zaterdag 9 maart 2013

Chart and talent of Harisson Ford

Harrison Ford is the actor who impersonates Indiana Jones, the adventurer. Harrison Ford was born July 13, 1942, 11h41 a.m. CWT in Chicago Heights with this chart:


  • Mercury (using the voice: speaking,writing) is calling! (no major aspects in 5d orb or sign) and that means that he communicates at any possible level (and sometimes not at all:) and 
  • Mercury square Zero Aries (for being known) AND 
  • Mercury conjunct MC (for professional communications)
  • the Moon (keeping the memories alive or ... imitation, reflection) is ruler of the Cancer MC (history, pretending, feeding, educating) and 
  • Moon strong in Cancer (good for actors). 
Venus sextile Mars is the tightest aspect (it means: a passion or a passionate person).
Mercury is very prominent , so that he could not miss the theme of the 'messenger' or 'interpreter'.

Is there an astrological pattern for artistic talent here? Yes, but not the usual one. We see:

The Moon strong in Cancer and ruling Midheaven
Neptune angular
Moon wide sextile Neptune

Now it seems that Venus is not related to Moon or Neptune or MC. But there is a quindecile (=strong focus) of Venus with IC and Midheaven is in hard aspect with Moon/Venus. It is the professional axis (IC-MC) that unites Moon, Venus and Neptune like this:

MC in Cancer sextile Neptune = Moon/Venus 

And why movies? Neptune in angular placement close to the Ascendant is an important indication. It means impersonating or disguise or... arts and movies (the world of fantasies) is important.

Notice that Mars is conjunct the midpoint Ascendant/MC and Jupiter/Neptune (semi square MC). Jupiter/Neptune, again, is pointing at fans and followers, succesful 'fake' or 'make belief' etc. and very fortunate for an actor. I think that Jupiter/Neptune is the combination of the believing audience. This combination pops up in the charts of those who are on stage, before a public that 'believes' in them. See my site Astromarkt:

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