zondag 31 maart 2013

Lady Gaga's chart?

Lady Gaga is no ordinary person. Maybe that is why her chart doesn't follow the 'ordinary' path and pattern to show artistic talent? Here is the chart, found on Astrotheme.fr with no mention of source for the very specific time of birth. Is it perhaps a guess chart?

The important angular Mars at the Descendant is 'calling' shows how driven and active she is. She is the typical 'workaholic'. Scorpio Moon mirrors a strong personality. The Sun is 105 d Uranus. Her Venus is trine Uranus. There is a wide square between her Sun and Mars! at Descendant. She is rather independent and loves surprises and falling in love (Venus-Uranus). Venus-Uranus also gives her artistic aspirations and sense of rhythm. Many pop singers have a Venus-Uranus aspect.

The usual pattern of aspects of Moon, Venus and Neptune, related to Midheaven, is missing. This chart has Sun/Moon square Venus and that means that art, entertainment, fun and love motivate her. Instead of the missing pattern, she has Moon/Neptune sesquisquare Venus and Sun/Moon. Pisces Midheaven is sextile Neptune.

How to relate her success to her natal chart? There is:
- Jupiter rising before the Sun for the positive and self assured international
- Vesta conjunct Midheaven helps her to focus on her career (just like Mars!)
- Moon trine Jupiter is a rather fortunate aspect. This Moon is also conjunct Pluto. The combination of Moon, Jupiter and Pluto increases popularity. Jupiter-Pluto aspect and midpoint combination help you to earn money and be 'valued'. See: http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2011/05/jupiterpluto-midpoint-and-aspect.html 

As soon as there is an AA rated chart of Lady Gaga, I'll be back on the subject.

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