woensdag 31 december 2008

Astrology chart Steven Spielberg

Neptune is exactly square the Ascendant and ruling the Midheaven in the chart of director Steven A. Spielberg and Neptune is the symbol of the movies (things you see that are not really there). Venus is trine Midheaven and ruling Neptune. The Sun does not make any aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. Jupiter is rising before the Sun. How to read that? Like this, for example:

...he has a profession in the immaterial (amorphous) field of religion, fantasy, art or helping people. Fantasy is of crucial importance. There is also internationalism (travelling involved). And the possibility of heaving a believing and devoted audience (fans, followers: Jupiter and Neptune are both important).
The profession is related to style and estetics (Venus). And he wants to be the one drawing attention, leading and directing. Sagittarius (his Sun sign) symbolizes 'knowing better' and guiding.

Steven Spielberg is not acting or shaping material creativity. But you can see that sense of art is needed in his career by the minor and major aspects that the Moon, Venus and Neptune are making with the Midheaven (sesquisquare, trine and binovile). The position that he has (Midheaven) is related to the artistic pattern. The Moon in the 5th house, ruling the ASC indicates that he has a desire to be 'playing' or to be working in the field of entertainment and show, performing.

This is the chart. Notice that Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune are prominent. Combinations of those four are Moon/Venus with Jupiter/Neptune (sense of art + fans) or the successful artistic pattern...Like in all the chart of famous persons with artistic talents on this blog.

maandag 29 december 2008

Astrology chart Marc Chagall

Major and minor aspects link Venus, Moon and Neptune to the Midheaven of the chart of painter Marc Chagall. This combination of planets, often completed with the Moon and/or Venus in the signs of Taurus, Libra, Pisces or Cancer is frequent in the charts of all artists on this blog.

Astrology chart Chico and Harpo Marx

Here you see the natal charts of Chico and Harp Marx.
Harpo's Moon is in Cancer, ruling the Midheaven, septile Neptune.
Neptune is biquintile Venus (creative artistic talent).
Neptune links the Moon to Venus and Venus is on a crucial spot conjunct IC.
We see artistical talent related to public.

Mercury is not aspected by Ptolemaic aspects in orb 5 degrees or in sign. It means communicating at any possible level.

Chico Marx's Moon in Pisces is connecting Venus and Midheaven, while Neptune is on top of the chart, ruling the Moon. We see Moon-Venus-Neptune in contact with the MC again. It is the pattern of the artist.

In the charts of the artists on this blog Art & Astrology you will often find the Moon and/or Venus in Pisces, Taurus, Libra or Cancer and connections between Moon, Venus and Neptune.

zaterdag 27 december 2008

Astrology chart Alice Cooper

This blog is about the artistic pattern in natal charts of famous artists. The pattern is formed by Moon, Venus and Neptune (sometimes also Uranus) and linked to the Midheaven.

This pattern of artistic talent is clearly visible in the chart of Alice Cooper. Look at Neptune on the Ascendant, a prominent and crucial position for the planet of imagination, ideas, empathy and sensitivity, in aspect with the Midheaven. There is another meaning of Neptune on the Ascendant: hiding (yourself or secrets, yours or those of patients, for example). Alice Cooper is not a real name. Alice Cooper was born with the name of Vincent Furnier. And Alice Cooper, as you may see on the picture, loves disguise.

Jupiter, the international, is rising before the Sun and conjunct the Moon. Moon and Jupiter are connected to Venus and Uranus. Moon square Venus indicates sense of style and beauty. Venus in aspect with Uranus is fortunate for sense of rhythm and loving hectic situations. The most prominent positions in this chart are for Jupiter and Neptune, the combination of the fans and the devoted audience.

vrijdag 26 december 2008

Astrology chart Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt died yesterday. She was an American singer, who left the States after she offended Lady Bird Johnson and was not invited on stage anymore. That was in or around 1968, when she had progressed Sun square Saturn (for making a mistake) and later conjunct Jupiter (for the international...). In her natal chart Saturn is important. This planet is on the Ascendant, rising before the Sun and making a septile aspect with the Sun, so that any mistake would have a lot of impact.

The singer in her chart is reflected by the position of Venus in Aquarius (for sense of rhythm, confirmed by the semi square of Venus with Uranus). Venus is quindecile Neptune, the most elevated planet in her chart. One of the meanings of Neptune is 'the artist' (fantasy, empathy and vision). This combination means that she is above all an artistic talented person with sense of rhythm.

The Moon is strong in Cancer and there is a distance of 160 degrees between Moon and Venus. In the ninth harmonic her Moon is conjunct her Venus. Venus is related to the Moon and Neptune, by minor aspects and Neptune is on top of her chart. That shows the artistic pattern, like in all of the charts of artists on this blog.

Astrology chart Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter died yesterday. He was a famous writer, actor, poet and director. Directors need an important Sun in their charts to lead the play in their direction. Harold Pinter had the Sun on top of the chart, square Ascendant and in Libra, ruled by Venus (planet of esthetics and style). The chart of Harold Pinter shows various talents, and he used all of them.

In his chart Mercury (symbol of the messenger and the author) is important. Mercury is opposition Aries Point and rising before the Sun. Mercury rules the 5th house of plays and entertainment. And Mercury is tightly sextile Venus, the symbol of style and refinement. This aspect tells us that he had a talent (Venus) for communications (Mercury).

The pattern of the artist in the chart: Moon in Taurus (ruled by Venus and opposition Midheaven) 105 degrees from Neptune. It also can be found in the positions of Sun and Moon in signs ruled by Venus and in the position of Neptune.

The artist in the chart is in the elevated Sun in Libra, conjunct the midpoint Venus/Neptune and half semi square Venus/Jupiter and Venus/Pluto.

Also see the semi square of Jupiter and Neptune (for the devoted audience). Jupiter and Neptune are both in aspect with the Midheaven.

Sense of art is demonstrated by the Moon in Taurus, on a crucial angular spot in the chart. The Moon is the symbol of acting (of keeping memories alive and of 'pretending').

The successes as an artist are reflected by:
Jupiter trine Midheaven
Jupiter sesquisemisquare Venus/Pluto
Venus sesquisemisquare Jupiter/Midheaven
ASC 112.5 degrees from Venus/Jupiter and Venus/Pluto
Mercury sesquisemisquare Mars/Jupiter and Jupiter/Pluto
Jupiter is related to Sun/Neptune and Sun/Pluto
and more...

The chart of Harold Pinter does not point at one strong direction only. The various ways that he showed his talents to the world go together with various indications in the chart. All together they indicate that on his day and hour of birth it was time for the birth of a man who had talents for communications, who could draw attention, who could 'pretend' or 'act' and who could make a success of it, either way helped by the prominence of Jupiter (symbol of progress), close to the Descendant and trine the Midheaven.

woensdag 24 december 2008

Astrology chart Rudolf Schock

Robert Stolz's compositions were often sang by Rudolf Schock, a tenor whose artistic talents are shown in the natal chart. Just like in the charts of other artistic talents on this blog, the Moon, Venus and Neptune are related to each other and to the Midheaven. The combination of Moon, Venus en Neptune contributes to sensitivity and sense of art, style and beauty.

Astrology chart Robert Stolz

Robert Stolz was a German composer. The artistic pattern in his natal chart and in the charts of other artistic talents on this blog, consists of the relationship between the Moon, Venus and Neptune. His career (symbolized by the Midheaven) is strongly involved with his talents: Moon and Neptune are opposition Midheaven and square Mercury (final dispositor of the Midheaven). Venus is sextile the MC.

Astrology chart Sissy Spacek

Sissy Spacek was born on Xmas day. She is an actrice and you can see that in her chart. Neptune is in aspect with Venus in Aquarius and the Moon in Pisces. Venus is sesquisquare the Midheaven. That relates her artistic talent to her career.
Sissy Spaces has a Gemini Midheaven. Often ‘double signed’ Midheavens refer to more than just one career. There is another activity of Sissy Spacek. She is an activist for women’s lib. Mars and Uranus are angular in her chart and Uranus is on top. She is above all a person who wants to change the world, and she wants those changes ASAP!:)

maandag 22 december 2008

Astrology chart of Freddie Mercury

The chart of Freddie Mercury is the chart of a communicating leader at any possible level, in the field of art and with sense of style. You can see that by:
1. The prominence of ruler 1, the Sun (not making Ptolemaic aspects) for show and leadership, drawing attention at any possible level
2. The prominence of Mercury in the first house, rising before the Sun and not making Ptolemaic aspects, for an orientation on writing or using the voice to be a messenger at any possible level
3. The Moon in the 5th house of games and play or entertainment (show)
4. The Moon sextile Venus for sense of beauty and style
5. The Moon and Venus in a Yod with the Midheaven for the need to be loved by the public
6. Venus strong in Libra, ruling the Midheaven in Taurus and end dispositor of the vocational routing through the Midheaven: this is perfect for a person who entertains.

The chart of Freddie Mercury has the prophile and pattern of the artist. We see Moon and Venus in aspect, the fifth house and the prominent Sun of a great performer (Sun Calling!) with sense of art and style (Moon-Venus) who was 'called' to be a communicating leader in the field of art (the lead singer).

Astrology chart of Leonard Cohen ('Hallelujah')

Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' is the number one hit in the UK Top 40. Maybe this hit helps to cover the losts that he had in 2005, when his manager ran off with millions of his pension fund. Jupiter was opposition Midheaven in his last solar return chart and transit Jupiter will soon be trine his natal Sun: those are good signs!

In his natal chart Venus and Neptune (conjunct) are rising before the Sun and 15 degrees away from the Sun to indicate artistic talents. The Moon is in Pisces for the need for romance and dreams.
This picture of the sky at the time of his birth corresponds with that in the charts of other famous artists and musicians. It is the pattern of the artist.

BTW Rythm is important for a poet (and he is a poet) and rythm is symbolized by Uranus, on the Descendant. Also notice that Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception (in each other's sign). That means that he has a beautiful voice. Venus and Mercury are the end dispositors of the MC vocational routing. And my final observation: his prominent Neptune rules the 5th house of entertainment...

zondag 21 december 2008

Astrology chart of Meryl Streep

Actress Meryl Streep has Venus in the sign of the Moon (Cancer) and the Moon in the sign of Venus (Taurus). The Moon and Venus are related to each other by mutual reception. Also, the Moon is sextile Venus. This is a double statement of 'sense of art'. Moon and Venus are related to Neptune. It is the same combination of artistic talent that is in the charts of all artists, actors, musicians, composers and painters on this blog.

(Now that I am doing the 50+ chart of an artistic or creative person with the pattern of artistic talents in her/his chart, I begin to wonder about the symbol of Pallas. Pallas is often angular, it seems, in the charts of artists. And so it is in Meryl Streep's chart.)

Jupiter is angular, too and Neptune is positioned on the North side of the chart, while the Moon is the most elevated planet. The combination of Moon, Jupiter and Neptune promises success as an actor, as both the Moon and Neptune are symbols of 'do-ing as if' and Jupiter symbolizes successes. The Moon is related to Jupiter by one of the aspect in the 15-degree range, a 105 degree aspect. That shows a strong need for success.

The Moon is important, also, because the Moon is semisquare Aries Point. Sun and Uranus are square Aries Point and Mercury is the final dispositor of the Midheaven. It is a lot of information, but let's see what information is the most important.

The Moon is two times prominent. All the other important placements are less important than the Moon is. The Moon is in mutual reception with Venus. And Venus is exactly square the Midheaven, that is ruled by Mercury.
Communications seem to go together with sense of art...And of course, the Sun (ruler 1 and square Aries Point) cannot be denied. The Sun adds 'drawing public attention' to the rest. This is obviously the chart of a person with sense of art or style who is communicating and performing (Sun!).

Meryl Streep is one of the few actors or actresses with a long lasting marriage. She married in 1978 with Don Gummer (born December 12, 1946 in Louisville). Even though ALL of the planets in their charts don't match (for example, she has Mars in Gemini, he in Sagittarius), they stick together. 'Goodwill and willingness to bend' is the secret, as Meryl Streep told the press one day. And as a matter of facts, her Venus is exactly trine his Venus! That makes it easy to get along and love each other.
Another interesting thing is that Don and Meryl share an aspect between Sun and Uranus (they both have such an aspect in their charts). One of the reasons for the long lasting relationship is what Meryl mentioned, the fact that they are both not used to standard life and living. Here you see the advantage of a disadvantage: the hectic way of living keeps them close!:) This way of living provides them the space they need to be independent.

Astrology chart Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, born December 21, 1937 in NY at 9:14 a.m. EST is an actrice and an activist. This blog is about the artist and the pattern of talents in the natal chart. We see the actrice in her chart in 10 ways:

1. Neptune oriental
2. Venus square Neptune
3. Moon inconjunct Neptune
4. Moon trine Venus (sense of art)
Those are the usual indications in the charts of artists and actors.

5. Neptune sextile Midheaven (a career related to the immaterial things in life)
6. Moon square Midheaven (a career related to family: her father is Henry Fonda)
7. Mercury (ruler of the 5th house of games and play) 'calling': creative communication at any possible level
8. Venus quintile Mars (creative passion)
9. Sun square Aries Point (drawing attention)
10. Venus and Neptune are on either side of the Midheaven (both elevated)

SUN, MARS, SATURN, PLUTO and Mercury...
There is a combination of Sun, Mars, Saturn and Pluto in her chart that might implicate 'having to deal with hard confrontations in life'. As Mercury is involved (Mercury is quindecile Pluto, for example) communications is involved and strong, fixed opinions and Mercury also relates 'younger years' to this combination. There is a triple midpoint combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in her chart! This means that unnatural death is a theme in her life. And it might just refer to the suicidal death of her mother (when she was only 12). The YOD of Sun and Mars with Pluto is very tight and refers to political struggle and perhaps also to being a fitness guru.

'Hanoi-Jane' was her nick name, because she travelled to Hanoi during the war in Vietnam. That made her a controversial person (see Uranus 'calling' in her chart: there are no Ptolemaic aspects within 5 degrees of orb and at the lowest spot in the chart). Nevertheless she managed to be accepted as an actrice again and I think she ought to thank the calling Jupiter on her Ascendant for that. Jupiter in Aquarius does not make a major aspect in sign, but IS making aspects out of sign with the Sun, Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Those are exactly the planets that indicate hard confrontations. Jupiter (ruling the house of friends) always helps.

If you didn't know that Jane Fonda was famous, you could know it by looking at the chart with Jupiter and Pluto on the horizon. Jupiter is the most prominent planet of those two and Jupiter promises confidence and progress. The Moon and Midheaven are related to the midpoint Jupiter/Pluto in the 22.5 degree range. So there is Jupiter and Pluto on the horizon, Jupiter/Pluto is related to the top of the chart and Jupiter/Pluto is related to the Moon. That makes her a special person among those born on December 21, 1937. Exactly at her time of birth fame was all around.

donderdag 18 december 2008

Astrology chart Paul Klee

Here is another example of an artist with the astrological pattern of artistic talents prominently in his chart. Venus is the planet of talent and style. Neptune is the planet of fantasy and arts. And in the chart of Paul Klee (born December 18, 1879 in Münchenbuchsee at 3:21 GMT you see Venus and Neptune on either side of the horizon. Need I say more?

Venus is the planet that keeps coming back in the vocational routing through the Midheaven
...the Moon is quintile Neptune for a creative sense of art (so Neptune is related to Venus AND the Moon)
...Jupiter is in Pisces, sextile Neptune and both Jupiter and Neptune are in contact with the Ascendant
...Neptune rules the 5th house of (pro-)creativity and is involved in the vocational routing through the Midheaven

Astrology chart Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was a painter, born in Albi (France) on November 24, 1864 at about 6 a.m. That places Pallas on the IC. On this blog I demonstrate the artistic pattern in the charts of artist. This pattern is obvious in this chart, by the relationship between Moon, Venus and Neptune. This relationship signifies sense of art and artistic talents, just like in the charts of other artists.

The artist in this chart can be found in the tightest aspect of this chart: Moon in Libra opposition Neptune and both square Venus. It is the combination that is frequent in the charts of people with artistic talents. Neptune is biquintile the Midheaven for the creative fantasy that is need to do his job.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec suffered from pycnodysostosis, a genetic disorder. Pluto, ruler of the Ascendant, is unaspected and retrograding in the 6th house (read it like: physical problems leading to illnesses at any possible level). Saturn is connected to the Ascendant by a half semi square (22.5 degree) aspect and Saturn is the oriental planet. There was a frustrating physical disadvantage.

This man had a difficult way to present himself (as the Ascendant is opposition Pluto and half semi square Saturn) and lived in difficult circumstances. He died at the early age of 36, due to alcoholism and syphilis*), - and still left us numerous paintings - with transit Saturn conjunct his progressed Sun, transit Neptune inconjunct natal Sun and Transit Saturn square his progressed Midheaven. This combination shows 'being ill' (Sun-Saturn-Neptune). In his birth chart the Sun and the Midheaven are related to the midpoint Saturn/Neptune.

*) The other side of the coin of a Moon-Venus-Neptune-affliction is addiction (being the slave of habits and desires), maybe because he had an endless need for love. When you read about his younger years, you can imagine why.

Astrology chart of William B. Yeats

William B. Yeats was an Irish poet, born in Dublin om June 13, 1865 at 22h40 LMT and that is exactly with Mercury opposition Midheaven and rising before the Sun. Mercury is the symbol of the author.

The art in the chart can be found in the prominent Venus in Taurus, conjunct Pluto and Pallas. This trio is at the lowest (crucial) spot of the chart. If it is not enough to see communication talent and a talent to discover patterns, there is even more. The distance between Sun and Neptune is 72 degrees, a creative quintile. Moon and Neptune are connected by a septile. And see how Venus and Pluto are square Mars! This combination intensifies passion. Venus semi square Uranus tells us about his sense of rhythm.

William B. Yeats was not only an artist, he was also a senator. See Saturn, the most elevated planet...He just needed to have a decent position in society. With the Moon in Aquarius, trine Saturn, there is a need to contribute to the welphare of the society in a more practical way.

Interesting in this chart is the lack op positions in water signs. That might be the reason for the sentimental journey to poetry. Read all about the effect of missing elements on Astromarkt.

maandag 15 december 2008

Astrology chart Horst Tappert

On this blog you find examples of artistic patterns in the charts of artist and actors, painters and composers, architects and others with a creative or entertaining profession. Venus, Moon and Neptune and the signs that they dispose of (Taurus, Libra, Cancer and Pisces) are always on a prominent place in the chart and there are various contacts between them. Just like in the chart of Horst Tappert.

Horst Tappert died today (December 15, 2008). He was famous as 'Derrick', a police investigator. Tappert was an actor. It is obvious in one blink of an eye. Just notice Venus, Jupiter and Neptune on the angles of the chart (success in arts)! But there is more...

Just like the other persons on this blog, he has the artistic pattern prominently in his chart, together with indications for having an audience and fans:

Neptune elevated and on the Midheaven (above all an artist)
Venus angular and oriental (first of all a person with style)
Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus) (sense of art)
Venus in Taurus (ruled by Venus) (strong estetics)
Moon sextile Neptune (sense of arts...)
Jupiter conjunct Ascendant, sesquisquare Venus/Neptune and sesquisquare Sun/Moon (successful presentation as an artist in heart and soul)

Mercury is end dispositor of the Midheaven routing. Mercury is the symbol of the voice and communications. And Sun-Neptune is quintile for being creative in faking things (like an actor does).

zondag 14 december 2008

Astrology chart Diana Ross

Diana Ross'chart is obviously the chart of an artist. Charts of artists usually have a prominent construction of Moon, Venus and Neptune in their hart, sometimes together with Jupiter/Neptune-influences for the fans (the devoted audience). The chart of Diana Ross is no different. Look what her chart shows us:

1. the Moon rising before the Sun
2. Venus on the IC
3. Jupiter semi square Neptune
4. Venus square Uranus (and Jupiter qiuntile Uranus)
5. The Moon within 1.5 degrees from Aries Point
6. Venus 22.5 degrees from Sun/Moon
7. Neptune opposition Sun/Moon
8. Venus is in Pisces
9. The Moon is in Pisces
10. Venus is opposition Jupiter/Neptune

I think those 10 indications are enough to tell us that her chart shows the importance of the public 'act', the crucial importance of style, the fans and followers, the sense of rhythm and the fact that she in heart and soul an artistic talent (Venus+Neptune with Sun/Moon).

Astrology chart Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart's chart has Pluto on top conjunct Midheaven and it is easy to see why when you see his act. Sexuality is of great importance on stage.

Of course, Rod Stewart has the pattern of the artist in his chart, too. This pattern consists of important placements and aspects of and from Moon, Venus and Neptune and/or the signs of Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces.

1. Venus is in Pisces; artistic talent
2. Venus is inconjunct Neptune; artistic talent with a 'but'...
3. Moon is septile Neptune: sensitivity
4. Venus is opposition Jupiter/Pluto: great success in love and/or arts

Neptune is connected to Moon and Venus. Venus is connected to the Moon and in the sign of Neptune (Pisces). The picture of the artist is complete.

Rod Stewart is very popular. The Moon is sextile Jupiter and Jupiter is square Mercury; a combination for a positive opinion of the public. Notice that his Sun does not make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. This 'calling' Sun likes to draw attention any way and rules the Midheaven.

Astrology chart Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton's chart of course has the same artistic pattern as the charts of other artists have. He has:

1. The Moon on the Ascendant (for the 'act')
2. Venus on the Descendant (for the vital importance of style)
3. Moon opposition Venus (for sense of art)
4. Venus strong in Taurus
5. Venus inconjunct Neptune (for artistic talents)
6. Venus is the final dispositor of the MC in Leo
7. Mercury and Jupiter are calling! (not making aspects in orb 5 degrees in sign) and Pluto is on top...that creates a prominent combination of planets indicating success
8. Venus is semi quintile Uranus (for sense of rhythm)

The placement of the opposition of Moon with ruler 10 Venus on the horizon of this chart made it hard to miss the sense of art in Eric Clapton...

I have noticed that when 'hitting' is involved in arts (drums or guitars) Mars is important. The Mars of Eric Clapton is related to Sun/Moon and in Pisces, the sign of arts. That could be read like this: striking the artistic way is what he wants deep in his heart. It has something to do with sexual attraction as a male and when you think of all those men pretending to play the guitar and feeling good at it, maybe that explains:) With Mars trine Saturn it must be easy for him to hit hard. He started his career working in the world of construction (Mars-Saturn), together with his grandfather (Mars-Saturn again). Another interesting aspect is Sun opposition Neptune, often symbolizing secrets and the ability to fake and be empathic that is very welcome in the charts of actors. 'A vivid imagination' is another way of reading this aspect.

Wikipedia mentions 1966 as the year of great development (and founding of The Cream). That was when his progressed Sun changed sign (together with his life style). The sign of the progressed Sun was Taurus, ruled by Venus, planet of the artist.

Astrology chart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

On this blog I show the pattern of artistic talent in the charts of artists and here is the chart of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Special person, special chart...And what is it that makes the chart of Mozart that special?

1. Venus is calling!
Venus is not making aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That makes the planet of style, beauty and talents a prominent planet in this chart. Venus is one of the components to create artistic skills. The other one is Neptune...

2. Mercury-Neptune with MC
Neptune is sextile Midheaven
Mercury is trine Midheaven
Mercury rules the Midheaven and is opposition Neptune. This again illustrates art related to the career. Together they symbolize artistic communications.

3. Venus AND Uranus important...
Music often is related to Venus-Uranus for sense of rhythm. The chart of Mozart has it: Venus is 'calling'(see 1.) and Uranus is angular (on a prominent spot on the Descendant).

4. Moon-Venus
The Moon is quintile Venus. The quintile is a creative aspect. Moon-Venus combinations symbolize sense of art. Moon quintile Venus shows a creative sense of art and beauty.

5. Sun/Moon related to Venus
I almost forgot to mention that Venus is in Aquarius and related to the midpoint Sun/Moon: he was in heart and soul a talented person!

6. Saturn rules the 5th house of (pro-)creativity. Mozart was creative and procreative. He had a lot of children and unfortunately some of them died young.

So far the artistic pattern. But there is more...

7. Lots of combinations for successes
The amount of midpoint and aspect combinations for success is amazing! I counted 18, and that is a lot and that is why he is still a success today.

8.The Ascendant in the 13th degree of Virgo is a degree of harmony and serenity.

And here are indicated circumstances:

9. The background...
Moon is exactly conjunct Pluto in the 4th house and quintile Venus, sextile Jupiter. This is not only a combination for success (Moon, Jupiter, Pluto and Venus, Jupiter,Pluto) but also gives us information about his early years. He had to go on tour with his father at age 8 years old! Today we should call this exploitation. Another thing is that his environment and education (Moon) was important as a background. His father was a composer, too.

Notice that pnly people born around the hour hat Mozart was born have such a combination and in those days, few people were born at the same hour. But what does it mean? You could read the pattern like this: enormous (Pluto) progression (Jupiter) with an artistic (Venus) ingenuity (Moon), an great potential of sense of art as a background (the 4th house).

10. Unlimited ideas...
Sun and Mercury are in opposition with Neptune. Besides unlimited fantasy this combination also creates delusions like the ones he had in his last years. Though this overload of ideas made him very productive (also notice that Mars is square Aries Point for production), it certainly may have made him vulnerable, too.

What makes this chart so special is the unique mixture of great talent, genes, education and a busy life full of chances with the tragedy of every days life on the background.

For more about Mozart's chart, life and progressions, see my site Astromarkt...

Astrology chart Felix Mendelssohn

Today I heard Midsummer Night's Dream, composed by Mendelsson. Felix Mendelssohn composed the ouverture of Midsummer Night's Dream at age 17. He was a natural talent with a very rich father who gave him the opportunity to practise and develop his skills. He started young and he died young, after many heart attacks, with progressed Sun inconjunct Mars (disposing of the eight house).

His natal charts has the same ingredients for astrological talent as the charts of the other artists on this blog. The Moon, Venus and Neptune are part of the recipe, always. In the chart of Felix Mendelssohn you see them as follows:

a. as an orientation on art or ideals (Neptune oriental),
b. as a crucial education and ability to 'act' (Moon),
c. as sense of art (Moon opposition Venus),
d. added with important support and fans (Jupiter in Pisces on the DESC) and
e. not to forget: the potential for artistic talent (Venus in Pisces).
f. Neptune, conjunct Sun/Moon tells us that he was in heart and soul a romantic person or an artist...
g. There is also a potential for success in the arts symbolized by the prominence of Sun, Jupiter and Neptune and by a midpoint combination like Jupiter = Venus/Pluto.

When he started life on February 3, 1809, at about 20 hours in Hamburg, Jupiter was conjunct the Descendant in Pisces and Jupiter rules the IC. This refers to the rich family background, supporting him to become the best composer he could be. He also had Sun (semi square Aries Point) trine Midheaven, and that is an indication for a 'star status' from the start. With the Sun trine Midheaven it is easy to 'perform' and to show yourself to the public the best way possible.

Notice that the Moon is opposition the midpoints Venus/Jupiter and Jupiter/DESC so that he was loved and encouraged from the start. There is also a quintile between Sun and Saturn, for being respected the creative way and creating a relationship between himself and his parents to his benefit.

The Sun and Pluto are both related to the Midheaven. Even though the Sun is trine the MC, the combination of Sun-Pluto-MC illustrates living intensively and getting 'it all' out of yourself, with exhaustion as the price to pay. And unfortunately not only Neptune, but also Saturn is conjunct Sun/Moon! The combination of Saturn and Neptune symbolizes possible illnesses.

There is much more to say about his health and death, but this blog concentrates on art. And art is what is to be found in the chart of Mendelssohn, more than once!

zaterdag 13 december 2008

Astrology chart Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was born December 12, 1915 in Hoboken at 3:00 a.m. That places Neptune, the symbol of art, on the Midheaven of his chart. Neptune rules the Moon in Pisces, sitting on the cusp of the 5th Placidus house. And Neptune rules the Placidus 5th house. In other words: the artistic and sensitive Moon is in the house of entertainment (the 5th Placidus and equal house). There is a desire for 'show', the artistic way. And Sinatra is above all a man of 'show and entertainment'. He sang and he acted.

Notice that Jupiter is in Pisces with Moon Pisces and Sun Sagittarius. The Sun is square Jupiter and sesquisquare Neptune. Mercury is also connected to Jupiter and Neptune. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune is the combination of the 'believing audience' that is apparently needed in the charts of movie stars and popes. See Astromarkt...

Astrology chart Curd Jürgens (Curt Jurgens)

Curd Jürgens (born December 13, 1915 at 5 a.m. in München) was a German actor. In his chart the artistic capabilities and profession is seen this way:

1. Neptune is calling! (Neptune does not make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees)
2. The vocational routing starts with Mercury an dends with Sun-Neptune-Jupiter, the combination of the audience with imaginatio
3. The Moon is on the cusp of the 5th equal house
4. Moon is sesquisquare Neptune
5. Mars, disposing of the 5th Placidus house is conjunct Midheaven and in Leo (games, show, plays)
6. Moon sextile Venus
7. Moon is in Pisces
8. Neptune opposition Sun/Moon
9. Moon is related to Neptune AND conjunct Jupiter (for successul 'acts')

Or: Moon in Pisces sextile Venus and sesquisquare Neptune (calling! and opposition Sun/Moon)...

You can read that as being (sometimes too) sensitive for art and style and being an artist in heart and soul.

vrijdag 12 december 2008

Astrology chart Fréderic Chopin

Fréderic Chopin's artistic talents are noticible in his chart. First of all, he had a sensitive character with Sun in Pisces/Moon in Libra. Neptune and Venus (the combination of artistic talent) dispose of Pisces and Libra.

The pattern in his chart is also visible in:

1. the fact that Venus is 'calling' (not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 d)
2. the oriental position of Venus
3. the angular position of Neptune
(so that the combination of artistic talents is in a prominent position in the chart)
4. the Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus; for sense of style)
5. Moon in Libra sesquisquare Venus; another indication of sense of art
6. Venus in Aquarius (related to the Moon); sense of rhythm

Astrology chart Edgar Allen Poe

It takes fantasy to invent tales and Edgar Allen Poe had fantasy. Neptune is rising before his natal Sun and related to the Moon in Pisces. We see the pattern of artistic talent in his chart in various ways:

1. The oriental Neptune
2. The Moon is in Pisces
3. Venus in Pisces
4. Moon conjunct Venus
5. Venus square Neptune
6. Jupiter and Neptune in mutual reception (Jupiter in Pisces, Neptune in Sagittarius)
7. Jupiter and Neptune on the end of the vocational routing through the Midheaven (for having a public with fantasy)
8. And why not: Sun septile Neptune for being inspired by fantasies.
9. Venus trine Uranus (sense of rhythm, he was also a poet)
10. Sun, Neptune and Pluto are parallel (on the same level) for 'magic' and 'mystery'
And of course several midpoint combinations complete the picture of an artist who uses fantasy and 'mystery' for a believing audience.

The tightest aspects in his chart are Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus trine Uranus. He was an intellectual and fond of tension. Moon/Venus square Uranus symbolizes sense of art related to rhythm or sensations and having the need of new sensations. He had several bad habits and died young. But that is not what THIS blog is about.

donderdag 11 december 2008

Astrology chart of Boy George

Boy George is a musician and a disc jockey, too. He has technical skills (Mars-Uranus conjunction) and he has artistic talents (Venus opposition Neptune). And that is not all.
Boy George's chart has an impressive pattern of aspects that relate Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune to each other in various ways. It makes you think of artistic talents that can be used in various ways.

The contact between Venus and Neptune and between Jupiter and Neptune is frequent, if not necessary, in the charts of artists. Venus, planet of talent and style, is strong in Taurus. And the Moon is strong in Cancer, square Aries Point and also final dispositor of the vocational routing through the Midheaven (Sagittarius, Jupiter, Aquarius, Uranus, Leo, Sun, Gemini, Mercury, Cancer, Moon in Cancer). The Moon is the symbol of keeping memories alive and of 'pretending'. In fact, Boy George is an act.

Astrology chart Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was an artist and a peculiar one. He was born in Figueras, on May 11, 1904 at 8h45 a.m. with Moon conjunct Midheaven, Jupiter oriental, Uranus square Aries Point and 'calling'(not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). Moon, Jupiter and Uranus- combinations bring up flashing good insights and ideas. He had them. And he was controversial and excentric at any possible level (the 'calling' Uranus!). But where is the artist in his chart?

Venus is in Taurus and rules the Midheaven. Venus is sextile Neptune. That is it.

Salvador Dali was about 10 when he started to draw with the help of Ramón Pichet, an artist and friend of his father. That was when his progressed sun sign - and so his life style - changed and when progressed Venus and Mercury came together in conjunction. A conjunction is the start of a process. In this case of 'schooling - Mercury - in arts - Venus-'. Chiron was on the DESC in the progressed chart. Chiron is often involved in a life changing meeting.

In 1921 he started his studies in Madrid with Jupiter ruler 5 conjunct Midheaven in the progressed chart. He started to become known.
In 1929 he went to Paris and met Pablo Picasso. That is when the sign on his progressed Midheaven changed into Taurus, sign ruled by the planet of talent and style Venus.

Salvador Dali's progressed chart shows that he GREW into his position as a professional artist, and that circumstances and other persons contributed to developping an artistic careeer. Maybe that is why the Moon, planet of education, is on his natal MC and Jupiter, planet of studies, is on top.

The midpoint combinations in Dali's chart that point into the direction of arts are

Neptune 67.5 Sun/Moon and 22.5 Sun/Venus and 45 Sun/Jupiter and 67.5 Jupiter/MC

and for his enormous successes:

MC 22.5 Jupiter/Pluto and 45 Jupiter/ASC

woensdag 10 december 2008

Astrology chart Elton John

Elton John is an artist and you can see that in his natal chart, easily.

1. Taurus Moon on top, ruled by Venus (for sense of art)
2. Venus in Aquarius (rhyme, rythm)
3. Venus angular (for the crucial importane of style)
4. Venus sesquisquare Neptune (for sometimes frustrating artistic talents)

Or try it this way:
1. Taurus Midheaven ruled by Venus in Aquarius in contact with Moon (a sesquisemisquare = semisquare + half semisquare)and Venus sesquisquare Neptune
2. Taurus MC - Venus - Uranus - Mercury - Neptune-Venus etc. for rythmic communications in art.

The fastest way is to conclude that Moon, Venus and Neptune are connected to each other by minor aspects and that there must be a potential for an artist.

And there are even more 'keys', like Jupiter ruler 5th house on a crucial spot square ASC. Or what about Mercury in Pisces inconjunct Neptune in Libra for romantic and idealized stylish communications?

All this is completed with midpoint combinations like:
Venus 22.5 Sun/Jupiter and 45 Sun/Neptune and conjunct Jupiter/MC and sesquisquare ASC/MC
MC sesquisquare Jupiter/Pluto and semi square Moon/Venus
Sun and Mercury in contact with Moon/Venus
Sun opposition Jupiter/Pluto (for success)

The talent is as obvious in the chart as it is in 'real life'. The tightest aspect is Moon in Taurus square Pluto in Leo for fanatic habits, like wearing odd glasses perhaps:)?

Astrology chart Lord Tennyson

As when it seem`d far better to be born
To labour and the mattock-harden`d hand,
Than nursed at ease and brought to understand
A sad astrology, the boundless plan
That makes you tyrants in your iron skies,
Innumerable, pitiless, passionless eyes,
Cold fires, yet with power to burn and brand
His nothingless into man.

Those are famous words about astrology and they are written by Lord Tennyson in 'Maud'. He is considered to be the second best poet of England (Shakespeare is number one:). In his natal chart there are indications for his talent:

1. Neptune is 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees)
2. Moon is oriental for the emotional approach
3. Moon and Mercury are in mutual reception: mood and intelligence, emotions and communications go together
4. Sun opposition Jupiter/Neptune: drawing attention to an audience using imagination
5. Moon/Venus is related to Mars and Uranus for a sense of art related to techniques and rythm.

If this very round hour of birth is correct, his techniques should have been crucial for his position and fame. In this chart you see a man with a vocation for the amorphous (belief, ideals or arts) and an emotional orientation. He has an audience or public. And techniques related to sense of art defined his position. What I missed in this chart was the planet of estetics and style, Venus, but my computer told me that Venus is exactly in the middle of ASC/MC.

And of course there is 'astrology' in the chart:
Uranus connected to Sun/Jupiter
MC connected to Jupiter/Uranus
Uranus on the IC
But I have no idea if he knew how to calculate or read a chart.

BTW Venus inconjunction Saturn: he married late (as his father seemed to have tried to stop it) and he had a late 'coming out' as a poet he daren't not.

zondag 7 december 2008

Astrology chart of George Händel

The natal chart of George Händel has a lot of the same pattern as can be found in the charts of the other artists on this blog. You see:

1. Venus is on top (above all goes style, estetics and talent)
2. Neptune is rising before the Sun (first of all an artist, romantic person or believer)
3. Moon and Venus are in mutual reception (for sense of art)
4. Venus is square Uranus (for sense of rythm)and both are at the end of the vocational routing through the Midheaven in Capricorn (Händel was an official composer)
5. Sun in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) with Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus) highlight a sensitive character.

zaterdag 6 december 2008

Astrology chart of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso's natal chart contains information about his artistic talents. Most gifted persons have a combination of Moon and Venus and Neptune in their natal chart. So has Pablo Picasso.

1. Venus is the final dispositor of the Midheaven routing (Aries, Mars in Cancer, Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Taurus, Venus in own sign Libra). That links the 'technique' of Aries MC to esthetic styling.

2. Venus is sextile Moon, reflecting the possibility of sense of art

3. Neptune is semi square Aries Point. That makes Neptune a prominent planet in this chart. Neptune is the symbol of the spiritual, immaterial and visionary world of fantasy and beliefs. Neptune's influence cannot be missed in the chart of an artist.

4. Midheaven is square midpoint Venus/Neptune. That relates the profession to arts.

5. Moon/Venus is square the Ascendant. He was a good looking and beloved young man and he was situated in the right environment to express his talents.

Picasso was a modernist, a controversial person. Uranus, planet of the controversy, is the oriental planet in his chart (rising before the Sun and Venus). His artistic parents thought him to draw by the rules. But in 1898, with progressed Venus opposition MC, he developed his own style. He knew how to draw attention (Sun without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees, 'calling', square ASC).

Pablo Picasso was also a sculptor. Saturn's top position and the 50% of the placements in earth signs might be debit to that.

vrijdag 5 december 2008

Astrology chart of Walt Disney

Walt Disney had a special kind of magic art and still the main pattern for an artist is visible in his chart. Venus, Neptune and Moon in a sign ruled by Venus or Neptune are linked or prominently placed in the charts of artists and so it is in the chart of Disney.

1. Neptune is elevated and 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees)
2. Venus is inconjunct this prominent Neptune
3. The Moon is in Libra

For the audience and public we see the connection between Jupiter and Neptune, a quindecile telling us that there is a strong focuss (almost an obsession) to have that public and those fans.

For the magic in his art I see the Midheaven between Neptune and Pluto. The Neptune-Pluto connection is the 'silent force' and often prominent in the charts of magicians and all those who impress with what others consider to be miracles.

Neptune and Pluto combinations

Astrology chart Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was a jazz musician and an artist. The pattern of the artist in the chart of Louis Armstrong is indicated by the same planets as in most of the charts of artists: Venus and Neptune for artistic talents. And the relationship Moon-Venus for a sense of art.

1. An angular (and crucial) Venus opposition MC
2. Venus half semisquare Neptune
3. Venus in mutual reception with the Moon in Libra (a sign ruled by Venus)
4. Venus and Moon are connected by a 75 degree quindecile (aspect in a 15 degree range) that reflects a kind of a strong focuss or obsession.
5. Venus is the only planet in a Ptolemaic (major) aspect with the MC

These are more than 3 indications and for the moment I think that is enough.

Astrology chart Jim Morrison (Doors)

Jim Morrison was an artist and the pattern of Venus-Neptune, joined with a Moon in a sign ruled by Venus or Neptune, is visible in his chart.

Venus is on top, Neptune is the 'oriental' planet (the first planet to rise before the Sun, not included Venus or Mercury unless they are 'calling' or related to an angle or Aries Point). And the Moon is in Taurus.

Also notice the creative biquintile (144 d) between Venus and Uranus. The combination of Venus and Uranus (and/or Neptune) is frequent in the charts of those who make an art of the sound of music. Like Jim Morrison did.

Astrology chart of Robert de Niro

The natal chart of Robert de Niro is such a good example of the Venus-Neptune pattern in the charts of artist, that I just had to post this chart. Venus and Neptune are each on one side of the axis MC-IC. Neptune rules the Midheaven and is also opposition Aries Point. Neptune does not make any Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. And that makes Neptune even more prominent than Venus is.

There is more of course. The Moon is in Pisces, square Mercury and Mercury conjunct Venus. Jupiter is the oriental planet in this chart. The prominence of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune reflects the crowd of female fans.

Astrology chart Neil Diamond

Look at the birth chart of Neil Diamond and you notice the potential for the artist in his chart. Venus is square Ascendant, the Moon is the oriental planet and Neptune is calling. There is a 105 degree quindecile between Venus and Neptune to complete the picture.

Venus is the planet of talents and Neptune is the planet of arts (fantasy, the amorphous). The Moon is a handy tool for an act or an actor. And a quindecile (range of 15 degree) aspect makes one very focussed, if not obsessed by an idea and in this case it is a strong focus on arts and the life of an artist.

Astrology chart Jack Nicholson

The birth chart of Jack Nicholson has a strong potential for an actor. He draws attention and is a star (a calling - no major aspect in sign - Sun on top) and a calling*) Neptune (for the amorphous or for the romantic life) joins the Sun in prominence. They are a sesquisquare away from each other for a sometimes frustrating double life in a different role. The Moon in Virgo is opposition Aries Point and Saturn. An important Moon is perfect for anyone who needs to 'pretend'.
The Midheaven leads us to Venus in Aries and we see Neptune inconjunct the Midheaven and semi square Ascendant. Venus is semi square the midpoint ASC/MC.

So there are several indications that this man had a 'call' to be an actor in the movies (Sun with Neptune in prominence) and that he had the need to be known as a 'pretender'(Moon opposition Aries Point). With Venus related to ASC/MC he is all in all an artist.

I like to point at ruler Midheaven (Mars) in the fifth house in Sagittarius that does not only lead us to his professinal field (plays) but also relates to his life as a play boy. It seems he had sex with over 2000 women. Mind if I blame Venus square Pluto? This aspect intensifies sympathies and antipathies. As Jupiter is opposition Pluto an astrologer could be challenged to read this as being loved by many and have his ideas about that. Generally it just means that you are very very popular. And he is.

See the article on Astromarkt about Venus and Pluto

*) I name a planet 'calling' when the planet doesn't make tight Ptolemaic aspects like conjunctions and trines, squares, oppositions or sextiles. It means that the planet's function will be mirrored at any possible level, somehow, anyhow. When it is Neptune, there will be an enormous fantasy and ability to fake, (make) belief etc.

Astrological chart of Molière

Venus and Neptune, often with Moon and Venus, are part of the pattern for artistic talent that I found in many charts of artists. Molière, writer and actor, has the pattern of the artist in his chart, too.

Neptune is the first important planet that is rising before the Sun (Neptune is the oriental planet). Venus is in mutual reception with Neptune (they rule each others' sign) and both are final dispositors of the Midheaven. Moon in Pisces conjunct Venus adds sense of art in a romantic or fantastic way.

Just like Rubens he knew how to draw attention (unaspected Sun) and notice the creative quintile between Mercury and Mars, telling us that he is skilled in communication techniques.

Astrology chart of Peter Paul Rubens

Painter Peter Paul Rubens is a fine example of the value of Venus and Neptune in the chart of an artist. Venus is angular on the Ascendant and Neptune is rising before the Sun. Those are two prominent positions in the natal chart. Venus is semi quintile Neptune. The natal Sun does not make major aspects, which is why he drew attention. And I like to point at the creative link between Moon and Venus. They are connected by biquintile, the most creative aspect. And Moon-Venus combinations reflect a sense of art. So what we see in the chart of Peter Paul Rubens is that he had a crucial style and a creative sense of art with an artistic orientation. Perfect for the chart of an artist, is not it?

Besides a painter, Rubens also was a diplomat. That explains the end dispositor Saturn in Capricorn. Venus, btw is also the astrological symbol of diplomacy (and peace).

PS Neptune in those days had not been discovered yet...

Astrology Chart Leonardo da Vinci

Artistical capacities seem to have been related to Venus and Neptune throughout the ages. Because, even the chart of Leonarda da Vinci has a prominent Neptune, and in those days they did not even know it was there:) Leonardo's Neptune is conjunct Midheaven and the most elevated planet in this chart. Venus in own sign Taurus is the final dispositor of the Midheaven in Virgo and trine MC.And the oriëntal planet is Jupiter, conjunct Moon, in Pisces (ruled by Neptune). Moon in Pisces expresses a need for romance, fantasy and staying in a world full of dreams.

One of the interesting things about Da Vinci is his futuristic technical aproach. Mars in Aquarius semi square Aries Point certainly produces the man ahead of his time. And look at the position of Pallas on the Ascendant for the crucial importance of patterns...

And this would just be the beginnings of the reading of Da Vinci's chart..

Astrology chart Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson (Twilight), born in London on May 13, 1986, meets crowds of screaming girls wherever he goes while I write this (with transit Jupiter trine his natal Sun, at the time of the international release of 'Twilight')..

In his natal chart there is already a potential for having an audience or public:
- Jupiter is quintile Neptune,
- Sun sextile Jupiter and sesquisquare Neptune.
And Venus opposition Uranus and quindecile (165 d) Neptune refers to being an artist and to music, too. The sense of art is also reflected by the position of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer (a good sign for anyone who needs to 'pretend' or 'act').

So again, for arts we find Taurus/Cancer, Venus-Neptune and Jupiter-Neptune (for the audience).

Just like Daniel Craig, Robert Pattinson does not seem to be the 'usual guy'. Both have a difficult distance between Sun and Uranus (Craig a quindecile, Pattinson an inconjunction). Remember the controversy about Craig being James Bond?

donderdag 4 december 2008

Astrology chart Barbara Streisand

Barbara Streisand is a famous singer. What made her a star? Her astrological chart does not seem to reveal this at first sight. It is a chart without angular placements and most of the placements are below the horizon. Well, I very much doubt if that is important when you were born at night and Venus is shining brightly. As it happens Venus is the symbol of estetics and style and talents. And Venus is the ruler of the Sun who keeps coming back in the vocational routing through the Midheaven (Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces, Virgo, Taurus). Venus is also of importance because if the 4 placements in Taurus. And...because nothing else matters much in this chart. Why not? There are no 'calling planets' - all planets have aspects - and there are no angularities at all. At that moment in time and place, all that mattered was Venus!

Consider this:
If you don't think about houses and consider the placements as they are seen from the spot on earth were Barbara was born, looking up to the sky, what do you see? You see Venus above the horizon. And you know that Venus is biquintile Moon in Leo and biquintile Uranus and square Jupiter, still semi square Sun AND sesquisquare Pluto) what do you see? You see that Venus is connected to Jupiter and Pluto for great succes in entertainment. You see Moon and Venus related for sense of arts. And Venus is in a creative relationship with Uranus. This combination of Venus and Uranus is frequent in the charts of singers. There is also Moon and Sun with Jupiter and Pluto and the possible combination of Jupiter-Uranus with Venus, Moon and Sun for an inventive and creative style.

Astrology chart of André Rieu

Tonight I saw a special about André Rieu, a world famous Dutch violin player, who plays popular classical music for the masses with complete orchestras and beautiful stages (with castels, flying divas and golden carriages). His son and wife take care of the show and decoration. Rieu is a million seller (25 million albums a year world wide from Japan to Canada and Australis.

Rieu (born 1st October 1949 in Maastricht, The Netherlands, unknown time) has a managing Saturn oriental (rising before the Sun). Mars is sesquisquare Zero Aries and makes a narrow sextile with Neptune. Could I read that as: musical (Neptune) instrument (Mars), please:)?

Saturn is calling and oriental, so most prominent in his chart. Where in his life do we see Saturn (symbol of management, the elderly, parents and parenthood, conservative and classical)? Of course in his music, first. He used to play in homes for the elderly first! His father conducted joyfull concerts for carnaval! André had classical (!) education in music. And his music is the music of another time period.

The combination of the rulers of Sun Libra and Moon Aquarius (ruled by Venus and Uranus), is what I find for musical talent. I find the connection between Venus and Uranus in almost all of the charts of popular artists/singers/musicians. Venus is sesquisquare Uranus in his chart.

No HOB was available and of course not everybody born that day ends up living in a sort of a castle with millions of devoted fans.
Still, on his day of birth there were so many indications in the midpointcombinations. One of them I mention here: the midpoint youd of Mercury with Jupiter and Uranus, telling us that he is inventive. And like in every chart, let us take into account that he descends from musical parents and so does his wife. Genes, circumstances and talent...added with a genuine chart produces a lot of succes in teatre. In Mozart you see the same combination of inherited talents, education and capabilities and potentials shown in the natal chart.

Astrology chart Jimi Hendrix

Keep it simple, stupid! That is the slogan of Noel Tyl and of course he is right. In particular when it is about simple (evident) charts, such as the chart of Jimi Hendrix and when we want to know the main issues and the important facts. This is the chart.

The essentials of what we know about him (a famous artist, died after taking sleeping pills with wine) are highlighted in the chart drawing. Neptune on top, Jupiter square Midheaven very tightly, and Mars oriental - first important planet rising before the Sun - for an orientation on activities, energy, muscles...When I saw that I was surprised, until I read in Wikipedia that his FIRST job was in the army. Sometimes it is easy to keep it simple.

Of course there is more to be said about the chart of Jimi Hendrix. But I like to keep it simple today. Neptune is the symbol of the amorphous and the arts. Libra on the Midheaven tells us about estetics.And where is the music? Sun square Venus/Uranus for feeling the rythm.

Astrology chart Rabindranath Tagore

I know nothing about Rabindranath Tagore, born 7th May 1861 at 4:02 LMT in Calcutta. He was in my Astrolab database and the subtitle was: philosopher and a poet. In his birth chart, using the Astro I.D. method, I can see that he was, easily, even though I use western astrology:).

Look at Sun conjunct Venus, both prominent (as they are semi square Aries Point). Look at Neptune, calling (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees), spot on Aries Point!^ With that, Neptune is two times important and prominent...
The important Neptune is semi square the important Venus. And look at Mercury <> (Mutual reception) Mars, the end dispositors of the MC! Here we already have it all:
- a call for arts at any possible level
- a life going together with estetics
- discussions, techniques (for the philosopher)

Pluto is oriental. I wondered what the meaning of Pluto here was, as Pluto is the symbol of life and death, politics, influence, prizes (and the price to pay) and power, etc. So I searched for it on Wikipedia. There I found that he also had political significance and was the first person born in India who won a Nobel Prize.