maandag 22 december 2008

Astrology chart of Freddie Mercury

The chart of Freddie Mercury is the chart of a communicating leader at any possible level, in the field of art and with sense of style. You can see that by:
1. The prominence of ruler 1, the Sun (not making Ptolemaic aspects) for show and leadership, drawing attention at any possible level
2. The prominence of Mercury in the first house, rising before the Sun and not making Ptolemaic aspects, for an orientation on writing or using the voice to be a messenger at any possible level
3. The Moon in the 5th house of games and play or entertainment (show)
4. The Moon sextile Venus for sense of beauty and style
5. The Moon and Venus in a Yod with the Midheaven for the need to be loved by the public
6. Venus strong in Libra, ruling the Midheaven in Taurus and end dispositor of the vocational routing through the Midheaven: this is perfect for a person who entertains.

The chart of Freddie Mercury has the prophile and pattern of the artist. We see Moon and Venus in aspect, the fifth house and the prominent Sun of a great performer (Sun Calling!) with sense of art and style (Moon-Venus) who was 'called' to be a communicating leader in the field of art (the lead singer).

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jpbenney zei

I've always noticed Freddie Mercury's chart for the extreme lack of water signs. A lack of water, especially with sun and moon in signs like Virgo and Sagittarius, suggests to me Mercury simply could not form deep emotional bonds.

Only two planets being in water houses adds even further to this problem. The result may have been his undoing, as he moved from partner to partner without a definite goal.

Astromarkt zei

JP Benney you are correct! On this blog I only show the artist in the chart. Another reading of Freddie Mercury's chart is on my site 'Astromarkt': (in Dutch)