zaterdag 27 december 2008

Astrology chart Alice Cooper

This blog is about the artistic pattern in natal charts of famous artists. The pattern is formed by Moon, Venus and Neptune (sometimes also Uranus) and linked to the Midheaven.

This pattern of artistic talent is clearly visible in the chart of Alice Cooper. Look at Neptune on the Ascendant, a prominent and crucial position for the planet of imagination, ideas, empathy and sensitivity, in aspect with the Midheaven. There is another meaning of Neptune on the Ascendant: hiding (yourself or secrets, yours or those of patients, for example). Alice Cooper is not a real name. Alice Cooper was born with the name of Vincent Furnier. And Alice Cooper, as you may see on the picture, loves disguise.

Jupiter, the international, is rising before the Sun and conjunct the Moon. Moon and Jupiter are connected to Venus and Uranus. Moon square Venus indicates sense of style and beauty. Venus in aspect with Uranus is fortunate for sense of rhythm and loving hectic situations. The most prominent positions in this chart are for Jupiter and Neptune, the combination of the fans and the devoted audience.

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