woensdag 10 december 2008

Astrology chart Elton John

Elton John is an artist and you can see that in his natal chart, easily.

1. Taurus Moon on top, ruled by Venus (for sense of art)
2. Venus in Aquarius (rhyme, rythm)
3. Venus angular (for the crucial importane of style)
4. Venus sesquisquare Neptune (for sometimes frustrating artistic talents)

Or try it this way:
1. Taurus Midheaven ruled by Venus in Aquarius in contact with Moon (a sesquisemisquare = semisquare + half semisquare)and Venus sesquisquare Neptune
2. Taurus MC - Venus - Uranus - Mercury - Neptune-Venus etc. for rythmic communications in art.

The fastest way is to conclude that Moon, Venus and Neptune are connected to each other by minor aspects and that there must be a potential for an artist.

And there are even more 'keys', like Jupiter ruler 5th house on a crucial spot square ASC. Or what about Mercury in Pisces inconjunct Neptune in Libra for romantic and idealized stylish communications?

All this is completed with midpoint combinations like:
Venus 22.5 Sun/Jupiter and 45 Sun/Neptune and conjunct Jupiter/MC and sesquisquare ASC/MC
MC sesquisquare Jupiter/Pluto and semi square Moon/Venus
Sun and Mercury in contact with Moon/Venus
Sun opposition Jupiter/Pluto (for success)

The talent is as obvious in the chart as it is in 'real life'. The tightest aspect is Moon in Taurus square Pluto in Leo for fanatic habits, like wearing odd glasses perhaps:)?

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