maandag 15 december 2008

Astrology chart Horst Tappert

On this blog you find examples of artistic patterns in the charts of artist and actors, painters and composers, architects and others with a creative or entertaining profession. Venus, Moon and Neptune and the signs that they dispose of (Taurus, Libra, Cancer and Pisces) are always on a prominent place in the chart and there are various contacts between them. Just like in the chart of Horst Tappert.

Horst Tappert died today (December 15, 2008). He was famous as 'Derrick', a police investigator. Tappert was an actor. It is obvious in one blink of an eye. Just notice Venus, Jupiter and Neptune on the angles of the chart (success in arts)! But there is more...

Just like the other persons on this blog, he has the artistic pattern prominently in his chart, together with indications for having an audience and fans:

Neptune elevated and on the Midheaven (above all an artist)
Venus angular and oriental (first of all a person with style)
Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus) (sense of art)
Venus in Taurus (ruled by Venus) (strong estetics)
Moon sextile Neptune (sense of arts...)
Jupiter conjunct Ascendant, sesquisquare Venus/Neptune and sesquisquare Sun/Moon (successful presentation as an artist in heart and soul)

Mercury is end dispositor of the Midheaven routing. Mercury is the symbol of the voice and communications. And Sun-Neptune is quintile for being creative in faking things (like an actor does).

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