vrijdag 12 december 2008

Astrology chart Fréderic Chopin

Fréderic Chopin's artistic talents are noticible in his chart. First of all, he had a sensitive character with Sun in Pisces/Moon in Libra. Neptune and Venus (the combination of artistic talent) dispose of Pisces and Libra.

The pattern in his chart is also visible in:

1. the fact that Venus is 'calling' (not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 d)
2. the oriental position of Venus
3. the angular position of Neptune
(so that the combination of artistic talents is in a prominent position in the chart)
4. the Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus; for sense of style)
5. Moon in Libra sesquisquare Venus; another indication of sense of art
6. Venus in Aquarius (related to the Moon); sense of rhythm

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