donderdag 18 december 2008

Astrology chart Paul Klee

Here is another example of an artist with the astrological pattern of artistic talents prominently in his chart. Venus is the planet of talent and style. Neptune is the planet of fantasy and arts. And in the chart of Paul Klee (born December 18, 1879 in Münchenbuchsee at 3:21 GMT you see Venus and Neptune on either side of the horizon. Need I say more?

Venus is the planet that keeps coming back in the vocational routing through the Midheaven
...the Moon is quintile Neptune for a creative sense of art (so Neptune is related to Venus AND the Moon)
...Jupiter is in Pisces, sextile Neptune and both Jupiter and Neptune are in contact with the Ascendant
...Neptune rules the 5th house of (pro-)creativity and is involved in the vocational routing through the Midheaven

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