donderdag 4 december 2008

Astrology chart Frida Kahlo

In July 2007, 100 year after the day that Frida Kahlo, the famous and tormented artist, was born, I wrote about her chart on my site Astromarkt. The complete translated reading of her natal, transits and progressions related to her vocation, her suffering, her marriages and relationships and the accident that crippled her can be found on

Frida Kahlo was born July 6, 1907 at 8h30 a.m. in Coyoacan Mexico and died without children on July 19, 1954, shortly after she became only 47. She had a life full of love and pain. Venus conjunct Pluto is the tightest aspect in her chart and that combinatiion links pain to love and art and produces intense feelings.

Her chart shows the artist. Notice Taurus on the Midheaven, disposed by Venus in Gemini and the routing ending in Venus again. Neptune rises before the Sun for an orientation on the immaterial world, like the world of arts. Jupiter is not making major aspects in sign and orb 5 degrees. Jupiter rules the 5th house of creativity and is parallel with Neptune. So is the Sun with Venus…
The elevated position of the Moon in Taurus is another sign for sense of beauty.

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