zondag 29 juli 2012

Onslow (Geoffrey Hughes) died

Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow in 'Keeping up appearances') died last Friday. The actor's chart, transits and progressions are here.

The natal chart has a 'calling' Mercury (Mercury has no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). That means that communicating, somehow, anyhow was very important to him. As Mercury happens to be rising before the Sun, the voice (means for communication) is important. With Venus square Neptune and the Moon in Taurus we can see part of the astrological pattern of artist talents*). There are three inconjunctions with Venus in the natal chart (coming from Mars, Uranus and Pluto). Quincunxes (and especially three of them) often refer to illnesses.

Progressed Mercury was square Pluto when he found out (on October 4, 2010) that there was a (prostate) cancer relapse.
At the time of his death we see transit Saturn sextile natal Jupiter. Also transit Pluto was inconjunct natal Mars (in the natal chart there is a tight sextile between Mars and Pluto; the resonation intensifies the nature of the aspects). Transit Pluto is inconjunct his natal Pluto. Progressed Mars is opposition natal Venus (natal chart: inconjunct) and semi sextile Node (natal chart: sextile).
The combination of Venus, Mars, Node and Pluto might refer to a gender related problem. The inconjunctions (and semi sextile) refer to illnesses (and losses). A sextile (IMO) mirrors the easy way out (he died peacefully in his sleep). May he rest in peace!

*) The astrological pattern of artistic talents consists of aspects between Moon, Venus and Neptune, placements in the related signs Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces and a connection with Midheaven (for the professional). See the examples on this blog.

vrijdag 20 juli 2012

Talent of David Bowie

On Astropost I write about the Mars-Saturn issue in the chart, transits and progressions of David Bowie. Mars-Saturn is the theme of discipline, ended energy and blocked activity, but also the theme of heroes. There are rumors about his health AND there are rumors about a concert during the Olympics. The Mars-Saturn energy requires hard work and strict measures. Let us see how this energy pops up in real life.

Here I have a look at the artist in the chart. David Bowie is a man of many talents. Maybe that is why there are so many prominent placements in the chart.

We see:
  • Uranus calling! (and inconjunct Sun and Mars)
  • Jupiter calling!
(Jupiter and Uranus symbolize the sudden windfall. It is a lucky combination).
  • Venus is elevated (entertainment)
  • Mars rises before the sun (activist, enterprise)
This shows us that there is passion (Venus and Mars) and that there are party's (Venus and Jupiter) and maybe a short fuse (Mars-Uranus) but also always successful action (Mars-Jupiter).
  • Moon, Saturn and Pluto are on the Descendant (for difficulties to reach out)
Those are 70% of the placements. Among them: Moon, Neptune and Venus, part of the pattern of artistic talents.

The Moon is trine Venus and half sesquisquare (67.5d) Neptune. Venus is septile Neptune. Venus is conjunct Midheaven, the Moon is trine Midheaven and Neptune is sextile Midheaven. All three are prominent in the chart. It is unmistakable the chart of someone with a great professional artistic career.

zaterdag 14 juli 2012

Astropost: Chart of Mick Jagger

On Astropost: Chart of Mick Jagger about the talent AND the women in his chart.

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woensdag 11 juli 2012

Chart of Giorgio Armani

It is rather easy to see the fashion, the style and being special in the chart of Giorgio Armani. Water signs use to go with the flow and fashion is such a flow. Do designers create fashion or do they follow a trend? I am not sure. Anyway, what a designer needs is sense of beauty and style with vision. He or she needs to be creative. They also need to be special and draw attention (or else, who would notice their creations?). It is also important to meet the right guys and be in the right place. All that is in the chart of Giorgio Armani.

The Pattern
The astrological pattern of artistic talent consists of aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven and placements in the signs corresponding with Moon (Cancer), Venus (Libra, Taurus) and Neptune (Pisces. In this chart the Moon in Cancer is semi sextile Venus and sextile Neptune. Venus is square Neptune. Neptune is Trine the Taurus Midheaven.
Of Moon, Venus and Neptune, the Moon is the most important one. The Moon is in own sign and rises before the Sun. The Sun is highlighting the issue of 'needs'. The Moon is also the final dispositor of Midheaven (Taurus, Venus in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer, Moon in Cancer).

There are two quintiles with Midheaven. Sun is quintile Midheaven and so is Mercury. That is telling us that he is a creative thinker and merchandiser or communicator.  He also knows how to draw attention. And he is creative in selling himself!

He started his business during an opposition of Saturn with Sun (questioning yourself if you really are a business man) and with progressed Venus on Midheaven (a wish coming through and the career related to women, style and beauty).

One of the keys to success is self confidence and belief in your own value. That is why Jupiter-Pluto aspects and midpoints are abundant in the charts of people who moved a few steps on the ladder. Armani has the Sun in aspect with Jupiter and Pluto (wide) and within 2 degrees orb semi square the midpoint Jupiter/Pluto. He completes that with the drive to work hard (Mars trine Saturn).

Here is where I found his photo:

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