zaterdag 13 december 2008

Astrology chart Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was born December 12, 1915 in Hoboken at 3:00 a.m. That places Neptune, the symbol of art, on the Midheaven of his chart. Neptune rules the Moon in Pisces, sitting on the cusp of the 5th Placidus house. And Neptune rules the Placidus 5th house. In other words: the artistic and sensitive Moon is in the house of entertainment (the 5th Placidus and equal house). There is a desire for 'show', the artistic way. And Sinatra is above all a man of 'show and entertainment'. He sang and he acted.

Notice that Jupiter is in Pisces with Moon Pisces and Sun Sagittarius. The Sun is square Jupiter and sesquisquare Neptune. Mercury is also connected to Jupiter and Neptune. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune is the combination of the 'believing audience' that is apparently needed in the charts of movie stars and popes. See Astromarkt...

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