donderdag 18 december 2008

Astrology chart of William B. Yeats

William B. Yeats was an Irish poet, born in Dublin om June 13, 1865 at 22h40 LMT and that is exactly with Mercury opposition Midheaven and rising before the Sun. Mercury is the symbol of the author.

The art in the chart can be found in the prominent Venus in Taurus, conjunct Pluto and Pallas. This trio is at the lowest (crucial) spot of the chart. If it is not enough to see communication talent and a talent to discover patterns, there is even more. The distance between Sun and Neptune is 72 degrees, a creative quintile. Moon and Neptune are connected by a septile. And see how Venus and Pluto are square Mars! This combination intensifies passion. Venus semi square Uranus tells us about his sense of rhythm.

William B. Yeats was not only an artist, he was also a senator. See Saturn, the most elevated planet...He just needed to have a decent position in society. With the Moon in Aquarius, trine Saturn, there is a need to contribute to the welphare of the society in a more practical way.

Interesting in this chart is the lack op positions in water signs. That might be the reason for the sentimental journey to poetry. Read all about the effect of missing elements on Astromarkt.

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