donderdag 4 december 2008

Astrology chart Jimi Hendrix

Keep it simple, stupid! That is the slogan of Noel Tyl and of course he is right. In particular when it is about simple (evident) charts, such as the chart of Jimi Hendrix and when we want to know the main issues and the important facts. This is the chart.

The essentials of what we know about him (a famous artist, died after taking sleeping pills with wine) are highlighted in the chart drawing. Neptune on top, Jupiter square Midheaven very tightly, and Mars oriental - first important planet rising before the Sun - for an orientation on activities, energy, muscles...When I saw that I was surprised, until I read in Wikipedia that his FIRST job was in the army. Sometimes it is easy to keep it simple.

Of course there is more to be said about the chart of Jimi Hendrix. But I like to keep it simple today. Neptune is the symbol of the amorphous and the arts. Libra on the Midheaven tells us about estetics.And where is the music? Sun square Venus/Uranus for feeling the rythm.

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