donderdag 15 januari 2009

Astrology chart Edgar Fauré

Saturn is on top because Fauré's music is classical (conservative). And in the chart above you clearly see the astrological pattern of artistic talents in the way the Moon, Venus and Neptune are related to each other and to Midheaven. Or look at it this way: Moon in Taurus is related to Venus and Neptune.

But there is even more 'proof' that this chart must be his or that it belongs to an artist. Watch the crucial importance of the signs ruled by the planets of art (Moon, Venus and Neptune). Pisces is on the Midheaven, Cancer on the Ascendant, the Moon is in Taurus and Venus is in Cancer again. All of the possible components for an artist were there, in the natal chart. Besides, Pluto is square Midheaven and Pluto rules the 5th house of (pro-)creativity...And Venus is 105 degrees from the MC. That means a strong focus on his talent.

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