vrijdag 23 januari 2009

Astrology chart of Adrian Grock, clown

On this blog Art & Astrology most of the charts belong to top artists, classical or popular. This is the first chart of a clown, Adrian Grock. Is a clown an actor? It is anyway: an act.

Venus is the symbol of style, pleasure and leisure. Neptune is the symbol of all that must be imagined or 'empathized with', but also the symbol of all that is hidden or fake. In the chart of Adrian Grock, a famous clown, who was to bring joy and pleasure, Venus is conjunct Midheven and Neptune is on the bottom of the chart, square Ascendant. He presented himself anonymously, hidden behind a costume and schminck and there was a need to be positive and chearfull (the Moon in Sagittarius). It is all there, the pattern of the artist, in the prominence of the artistic trio Venus, Moon and Neptune.

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