donderdag 22 januari 2009

Astrology chart Edouard Manet

Edourd Manet was a painter, born in a 'bourgeois' family. Being an artist was rather controversial in such a family and that is reflected by the importance of Uranus, 'calling' (not making aspects in a 5 degree orb). Uranus symbolizes rebellion. The artist in his chart can be found these ways:

1. MC in Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus (symbol of talents)

2. Venus inconjunct Midheaven (it is a possible relation of talents with profession).

3. Moon sextile Venus for sense of art and beauty

4. Neptune square Moon
Need to dream away...

2,3 4: The combination of Moon, Venus and Neptune shows artistic talents.

The Sun is 'calling' (not making Ptolemaic aspects) so he knows how to draw attention

6. Jupiter on the Descendant
Sign of success and support

7. Neptune oriental (rising before the Sun) for a not materialistic orientation

5, 6, 7: The combination of Sun, Jupiter and Neptune reflects the 'devoted audience' of fans and followers

Again you see the pattern of artistic talent, supported by indications for successes in the chart of a well known artist. There are more of those charts on this blog, that is dedicated to the artistic pattern in astrology charts.

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