zondag 11 januari 2009

Astrology chart Janet Jackson

Unfortunately the hour of birth of Janet Jackson is a well kept secret, but we know the date of her birth and on that day Venus was biquintile Neptune. Moon and Venus were conjunct at noon, in Aries. And the Moon is the first important object that rises before the Sun. What it means? It is part of an artistical pattern in charts, like you see on this blog. Venus, Moon, Neptune and the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Libra and/or Pisces belong to the pattern. Quintiles and biquintiles reflect a creative way to connect qualities. Venus with Neptune refers to artistical talents. Moon and Venus together reflect sense of arts and style. On the day of birth of Janet Jackson the possibility of having artistic talents was present. We don't know how Venus, Moon or Neptune are related to the Midheaven or other angles in the chart, because her HOB is unknown. But we know that she was born into an artistic family, so that the slightest talent would be able to grow.

The planets or Moon rising before the Sun show at what special qualities a person is 'orientated'. The Moon refers to children, but also to 'what is hot at the moment': popular versus Saturn (classical).

In her chart communications (by voice or written) are highlighted, because there is no placement in air signs. Without placements in air signs a person is looking for an exchange of ideas and for social contacts. With the risk that she will communicate at any possible level, anyway, anyhow...

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