donderdag 15 januari 2009

Astrology chart George Gershwin

Another example of the astrological pattern for artistic talent is to be found in the chart of George Gershwin, who had Neptune square MC and trine Moon and Moon square Venus. When the Moon, Venus and Neptune go together, related to the Midheaven, there is a big chance of having the chart in hands of an artist. Gershwin was or wished to be a respected, classical artist. Saturn is conjunct his Ascendant. That is a crucial spot in the chart and on that crucial spot is the symbol of ambition and of everything that is ...classical.

Other indications for talent in his chart:

Venus 22.5 (half semi square) Sun/Moon (a talent in heart and soul)
Moon 112.5 AC/MC (a crucial sensuality)
Sun in Libra, Moon in Aquarius...the combination of their rulers (Venus and Uranus) reflects sense of rhythm.

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