woensdag 10 maart 2010

Astrology chart of Han van Meegeren

Now that Museum Boymans van Beuningen in Rotterdam Netherlands will be exposing paintings of Han van Meegeren, famous for his false ‘ Vermeer’ paintings, it is a good moment to have a look at his chart.
The chart of Han van Meegeren is the chart of a master copier or should we say: someone who was very good at copying another person’s style. Venus, making no major aspects, reflects the talents in the chart. That is pointing at capabilities and talents at any possible level. Venus and Mars (together the combination of passion) are rising before the Sun. He had a passion for a style that was the ridiculised by his critics. He took revenge by fooling them with a ' Vermeer' . That is how the fraud started. But he had talent...

This painting was famous, too, It was a Van Meegeren and almost every house in Holland use to have a copy of it on the wall, in the fifties of the past century. He was very popular (Moon trine Jupiter), in spite of the fraud.

Mercury in Libra is semi square Venus and biquintile Neptune and Pluto. That illustrates communication talents and a creative way to be discrete. He knew how to sell things and he knew how to lie. For years he lived in luxury, selling ‘ discovered’ paintings of Vermeer (for millions). His art was as good as Vermeer’s art was, but his name was different. He had to pay for the fraud and spent some time in jail (Sun afflicted by Saturn and Uranus, the combination of restricted freedom).

The chart of HAN VAN MEEGEREN has the same sort of combinations as most artist’s charts have. With Sun in Libra, Moon in Taurus and the Libra Ascendant the signs of beauty, entertainment and style were occupied. Moon was sesquisquare Venus; and Venus was semi square Midheaven. Neptune is sextile Midheaven. The pattern of artistic talents is there, but there is no direct connection between Venus and Neptune. The midpoint Venus/Neptune is in hard aspect with the Ascendant.
And watch the 2 biquintiles with Mercury (for creative thinking).

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