woensdag 1 juli 2009

Astrology chart Annie Lennox

In 'Who's that girl?' writes CNN.Quote:
....expressing her passion has always been the motivating factor ...

That is what she said. How well does she know herself! And how well does her chart describe her quote!

Translated into 'astrological':
Art : Neptune
Passion : Venus and Mars together
Motivating factor (heart and soul) : midpoint Sun/Moon

Positions in the chart of Annie Lennox:
Sun/Moon semi square Venus
Sun/Moon sesqui semi square Mars
Sun/Moon sesqui semi square Neptune

More of the artistic pattern in her chart:

Moon quintile Neptune (for creative sense of art)
Venus half semi square Neptune (for artistic talent)
And the Sun/Moon combination with Venus and Neptune mentioned above
+ Venus inconjunct Midheaven

What more is needed to see that the chart of Annie Lennox contains the potential of an artist?

PS The midpoint Sun/Moon is the place between Sun and Moon.

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