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Charts of Michael Jackson and Lenny Henry (born on the same day)

Lenny Henry was born on August 29, 1958, the same day as Michael Jackson. He is a British actor, writer and comedian.

"Henry has said he saw parallels between himself and Othello.
"I’m used to being the only black person wherever I go...There was never a black or Asian director when I went to the BBC. Eventually I thought ‘where are they all?’ I spent a lot of time on my own. Things have changed a bit, but rarely at the BBC do I meet anyone of colour in a position of power."

That special position is one of the parallels with the life of Michael Jackson, who was the first black world famous super idol (perhaps only beaten by Barack Obama:). Both men are/were used to being 'special' (Sun half semi square Uranus; being different or ...controversial) and making a change, changing their world (Sun half semi square Uranus AND square Pluto*). Another similarity is that Lenny Henry has six siblings. Lenny Henry 'did' Michael Jackson's Thriller in 1984, on stage. That was the year of the Pepsi Cola incident (Michael Jackson's hair was set on fire) but MJ also had his Victory Tour in 1984 and received eight awards.

Another similarity is their talent and generalism. Henry is an actor, writer, stand-up comedian, entertainer, and director and lately graduated in English literature and ...he is studying to be a screenwriter. Michael Jackson was a songwriter, dancer, singer, actor, screenwriter and choreographer. Was he also a director? Perhaps! They are 'multiple talents'!

Also, Lenny Henry cares about children (Children in Need) and so did Michael Jackson.

The artistic pattern in the chart of Lenny Henry is the artistic pattern in the chart of Michael Jackson, partly. Partly, because the hours of birth are not known. Both men have the Moon in Pisces for sensitivity and empathy. They both have Venus 75 degrees from Neptune (artistic talents), Venus conjunct Uranus (artistic aspirations, sense of rhythm) AND Venus 15 degrees from Pluto. Venus semi square Jupiter/Pluto promisses success in arts or entertainment.

Many positions in their charts are similar (though not the most important onces!). There are differences between them. They will not have the same Ascendant, Midheaven, position of the Moon and angularities and there will be other tight aspects and midpoint combinations (like Sun/Moon and ASC/MC). And of course: there is also a big difference in the way that they were educated and brought up. They have different genes, other backgrounds (and culture), other experiences in life...It is the fine combination of all that that makes a person an individual.

BTW As far as I can see the most important difference is that Lenny Henry looks so much happier than Michael Jackson ever did.

*) The combination of Sun, Uranus and Pluto is frequent in cases of arrests (cariac arrest AND imprisonment) as it refers to a sudden and unexpected dramatic change.
(No, Lenny Henry was never arrested).

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