woensdag 24 juni 2009

Astrology chart Antoni Gaudí

Who doesn't know Antoní Gaudí? He is the famous architect whose work can be admired in Barcelona. In his natal chart the Moon, Venus and Neptune are linked and related to the Midheaven in Taurus. That shows us that he had sense of art and style and artistic talents that he could use for his profession. In the chart above I noted the pattern. Here are some shots of his art (made by me in Barcelona).

2 opmerkingen:

Gerla Brakkee zei

Erg boeiend! Ik mis een fotograaf in je lijstje :-)

Astromarkt zei

Inderdaad, ze staan er nog niet op. Maar kom gauw eens terug, want ik ga over minstens twee fotografen bloggen:)