maandag 15 juni 2009

Astrology chart Jean Sibelius

Jean Sibelius was a composer born December 8, 1865 at 21h30 in Tavastehus in Finland. The astrological pattern of artistic talent is like this:

1. Taurus Midheaven
2. Moon biquintile Venus (for creative sense of style)
3. Crucial position of the Moon (popularity and 'sense for what the people need')
4. Venus biquintile Uranus (for sense of rhythm)
5. Venus quindecile MC (obsession or focus on an artistic profession)
6. Neptune square ASC/MC (crucial vision, fantasy and empathy: art)
7. Jupiter semi square Venus/Pluto (great success in art or in love)

Sibelius is the Finish composer who is the most characteristic for the Finish identity. Why?
1. Pluto (symbol of politics) is on the Midheaven.
2.The Moon (symbol of the people and roots) is on the Ascendant.
3. The Sun sheds her light in the fourth house of family, country and background.

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